🔥👉 Why weren't Ant-Man and Wasp in the first Avengers movie?

"✅👉 This is a difficult question to answer definitively as it requires knowledge of the inner workings of Marvel Studios, which is not publicly available. However, there are a few potential reasons that have been speculated:

1) At the time of the first Avengers movie, Ant-Man had not yet been released. This is the most likely reason, as it would not make sense to introduce a character that audiences were not yet familiar with.

2) The rights to the characters may have been held by another studio at the time. This is unlikely, however, as Marvel Studios has since regained the rights to most of their characters.

3) The characters may not have fit into the plot of the first Avengers movie. This is also unlikely, as Ant-Man and Wasp are both members of the Avengers in the comics and their abilities would have been useful in the battle against Loki and his army."

Alberta Pfannerstill
Alberta Pfannerstill

Has Seth MacFarlane ever been confronted by a celebrity he's satired on Family Guy?

Yes, but it is unclear exactly how Seth MacFarlane reacted.

If the Sun suddenly ceases to exist, will the Earth be pulled by other stars? Are they massive enough to pull it even from such a large distance?

No, other stars are not massive enough to pull the Earth from such a large distance.

Why don't Democrats believe we should drill for oil in Alaska? And do they realize that protecting wildlife is not the same as protecting, you know, taxpayers?

Many Democrats do support drilling for oil in Alaska, but there are a variety of reasons why some do not. One reason is that drilling in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) could potentially damage delicate ecosystems and harm wildlife. Others argue that it would take years for the oil from ANWR to start flowing, and that in the meantime, we should focus on developing renewable energy sources that will not contribute to climate change. Finally, some Democrats believe that the revenue generated from drilling in ANWR should go towards deficit reduction, rather than being used to fund tax cuts for the wealthy or other Republican priorities.

What is the logic behind nationalism? Why should your country be better than others?

There is no one answer to this question as there are many different types of nationalism with different underlying philosophies. Generally speaking, nationalists believe that their country is uniquely special and deserving of respect and admiration. This pride in one's country can be seen as a positive force, motivating people to work hard to make their country a better place. It can also lead to negative attitudes towards other countries and a willingness to use violence to defend one's nation.

Why there is no investigation on how arms (Like tanks) fell into the hands of ISIS/ISIL?

Some people have speculated that the Iraqi government may have intentionally allowed ISIS to capture these weapons in order to make them look like the bad guys. However, there is no evidence to support this claim.

How do you see the future of woodworking, schools, and getting younger people interested? Where do people see this craft heading?

I think woodworking is definitely heading in a more modern and technical direction. Designers and architects are always looking for new ways to incorporate wood into their projects, and I think that as technology advances, we will see more and more innovative applications for wood.

As far as schools go, I think the future of woodworking education is definitely headed online. More and more people are getting their education and training online, and I think that trend is only going to continue. There are already some great online woodworking courses available, and I think we will see even more of these in the future.

As for getting younger people interested in woodworking, I think it is important to show them that it is a viable career option. There are so many different avenues that you can take with a career in woodworking, from furniture design to cabinetmaking to carpentry. I think if more young people knew about all of the different options available to them, we would see a lot more interest in woodworking.

What tower networks do the “discount” cell providers such as Consumer Cellular and others use? Is it that of one of the major providers or do they pick and choose towers from place to place?

The "discount" cell providers tend to use the networks of the major providers.

How can I get good at 3D organic modeling?

The best way to get good at 3D organic modeling is to practice as much as possible. There are also many helpful online tutorials that can guide you through the process.

People say I look ugly because I wear hoodies, chains, and stuff. Am I?

There is no definitive answer, as beauty is subjective. However, if you feel confident and comfortable in your appearance, then that is what truly matters.

When a woman gives birth and tested positive let's say for opiates (baby doesn't) and the medical staff are mandatory reporters, how are they not violating HIPAA when they call CPS?

HIPAA does not apply in this case because the health care provider is required by law to report this information to CPS.

Can artificial light create rainbows like natural sunlight, or do we have to wait for the Sun to come out?

Rainbows can only be created by natural sunlight.

Why, in the so-called Kelvin timeline, is Captain Kirk's mother giving birth on a spaceship? Jim Kirk said he was born in Iowa. Did the timeline change before the Narada arrived from the future?

In the Kelvin timeline, Captain Kirk's parents were killed when the Romulans attacked the Kelvin. George Kirk, Captain Kirk's father, was able to save his wife and son by getting them onto a evacuation vessel. The ship was attacked and badly damaged, forcing George Kirk to make a decision to save his wife and son by jettisoning the section of the ship they were on. This section of the ship was caught in the backwash of the warp core explosion, which hurled it into deep space. George Kirk was killed in the explosion.

Captain Kirk's mother, Winona Kirk, gave birth to Jim Kirk on the evacuation vessel as it was drifting through space. It is unknown how long the vessel drifted before it was found by a Starfleet vessel.

How can congressmen be so without a clue over how internet companies make their money through ads?

There is no one answer to this question. Some congressmen may be without a clue because they are not familiar with the internet or how it works. Others may be aware of how internet companies make their money through ads but choose to ignore it because it is not relevant to their own interests.

President Trump has shown his willingness to speak with Kim Jong Un, why can't he do the same with the leaders of Iran?

There can be a number of reasons why President Trump is unwilling to speak with the Iranian leaders. One reason may be that the Iranian leaders have repeatedly expressed hostility towards the United States and its allies, and have taken actions that contribute to regional instability. Additionally, the Iranian government has been accused of supporting terrorist groups and engaging in human rights abuses. Therefore, it is possible that President Trump believes that engaging in diplomacy with the Iranian leaders would not be productive or constructive.

How can you tell a dog’s disposition when choosing a puppy?

One way to tell a dog's disposition is by looking at the dog's mother. If the mother is friendly and relaxed, it's likely that the puppy will have a similar disposition. Another way to tell a dog's disposition is by how the puppy interacts with you. If the puppy is shy or scared, it's likely that the dog will have a similar disposition.

What are the effects of liberalization on Indian economy?

The effects of liberalization on the Indian economy can be both positive and negative. On the one hand, liberalization has led to increased foreign investment and trade, which has boosted economic growth. On the other hand, it has also led to increased inequality and corruption.

Is the Irene scandal responsible for Red velvet's weird outfits all the time?

The Irene scandal is not responsible for Red Velvet's weird outfits all the time.

My recent eye prescription increased from -1.5 to -2.0D but it is difficult to read a book without glasses. Can you explain?

There are a few potential explanations for this. First, it is possible that your vision has changed and you now need a slightly stronger prescription in order to see clearly. Additionally, it is possible that your eyes are tired from reading and you simply need to take a break. Finally, it is also possible that the book you are reading is printed in a smaller font size, which makes it more difficult to read without glasses.

Is it possible the US dollar could lose its reserve currency status within 10 years and collapse the economy?

The US dollar has been the reserve currency for many years, but it is possible that it could lose its status within the next 10 years. If this were to happen, it is possible that the US economy would collapse.

How could a person produce l-ephedrine via biosynthesis with minimal access to pre-cursors or no access economically?

Assuming that the person has some sort of bacteria that can be used for biosynthesis, one method would be to use phenylalanine as a starting material. The first step would be to convert phenylalanine to cinnamic acid using the enzyme phenylalanine ammonia-lyase. Next, cinnamic acid would be converted to Janus Green B using cinnamate 4-hydroxylase. Finally, Janus Green B would be converted to l-ephedrine using epochlorohydrin synthase.

Does Charleston, WV have any high rises planned?

Older buildings in Charleston's downtown area are being converted into high-rise apartments and condominiums. New construction is also underway for high-rise apartments, condominiums, and hotels.

Why does China treat dogs so badly?

There are a number of reasons why China might be perceived to treat dogs badly. These include the country's high demand for dog meat, as well as its lack of animal protection laws. Additionally, there have been a number of cases of abuse and neglect of dogs in China that have garnered media attention.

Is a QA role in software looked down upon, since it requires less technical skills than a developer?

Some people may look down upon QA roles since they require less technical skills than a developer, but this is not universally true. QA roles can be highly technical and require a great deal of skill and knowledge.

Why does my wife get irritated, feel uneasy, and increase her heartbeat whenever she sees me despite the fact that she used to love me deeply until a few months ago?

There could be a variety of reasons why your wife is now irritated by your presence and has an increased heartbeat when she sees you. It's possible that she is experiencing some sort of anxiety or stress in her life that is causing her to react this way. Alternatively, she may be feeling overwhelmed by her emotions and is having difficulty coping. If your wife has never expressed these types of feelings before, it's possible that something has changed in her life that is causing her distress. If you're unsure what might be causing your wife's reaction, you could try asking her directly if she's willing to talk about what's going on.

How do I deal with athletic expectations that cause performance anxiety before a race?

You may want to try some relaxation techniques such as deep breathing or visualization. You should also avoid any negative self-talk and instead focus on your positive qualities and abilities. Additionally, it may be helpful to set realistic goals for yourself and to talk to a trusted friend or coach about your anxiety.

How can a UPSC aspirant be focused and divide his time which includes gym?

There is no easy answer when it comes to dividing time between the gym and preparing for the UPSC exams. However, aspirants can try to be more focused by prioritizing their time and setting a schedule. They can also try to use their time at the gym to help them focus on their studies by listening to audio files or reading while on the treadmill.

Is Arabic more vast in vocabulary than English?

There is no definitive answer to this question since there are no official counts of words in either language. However, it is generally agreed that Arabic has a larger vocabulary than English. This is largely due to the fact that Arabic has been used as a literary and religious language for centuries, while English only became a major global language in the last few hundred years.

Which nation can police the world if America should fall?

There is no other nation that has the power or ability to police the world if America should fall. America's military, economic, and political power is unrivaled.

How would I start a company that sells socks?

To start a company that sells socks, you would need to find a sock manufacturer, choose the designs and colors of the socks you want to sell, and create marketing materials to promote your business. You would also need to create a website and set up an online store.

Is it possible for HIV antibodies to not get developed/detected for the lifetime of a person with HIV? Are there any reliable tests to find the HIV presence for life which tests for the virus and not antibodies?

There is no one answer to this question as it can vary depending on the individual. However, it is generally considered that HIV antibodies will develop within a few weeks to months after infection and will be detectable by most HIV tests. There are some tests that can detect the virus itself, but these are not typically used for routine testing as they are more expensive and complex.

Wild animals grab their children as well as any prey by their necks, yet their children are safe but the prey gets killed. What is the reason for it?

The main reason that animals grab their young by the neck is to protect them. By holding them close to their body, the parent can keep them away from danger and make sure they are safe. Additionally, grabbing prey by the neck is one of the most effective ways to kill it.

Does hadoop allow old nodes into the new cluster?

Generally, hadoop does not allow old nodes into the new cluster. There may be some exceptions, but in general, it is not recommended.

When home builder uses waferboard in place of plywood for external wall sheathing for residential homes are they cost cutting and providing inferior house to the buyer?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it can vary depending on the specific circumstances. Waferboard is generally less expensive than plywood, so builders may use it to save costs. However, waferboard is not as durable as plywood and may not provide the same level of protection for a home's exterior.

Are we trying to pretend crime is not running rampant in major U.S. cities due to crazy Democrat political party defund-the-police policies, right before the mid-terms in November? American voters aren't stupid.

Crime has been running rampant in U.S. cities for years, even decades. It is not a recent phenomenon.

Can you predict how long it will take to drive somewhere based on current traffic conditions and your average speed driving that route previously with GPS tracking turned on (Google Maps)?

Yes, it is possible to predict how long it will take to drive somewhere based on current traffic conditions and your average speed driving that route previously with GPS tracking turned on (Google Maps).

What steps can I take to stop eating food for almost 2 weeks without feeling hungry?

1. Make sure you are getting enough protein and fat. A high protein and fat diet will help to keep you feeling full.

2. Eat small, frequent meals throughout the day. This will help to keep your metabolism going and to avoid feeling too hungry.

3. Avoid processed foods, sugary snacks and drinks, and junk food. These foods are more likely to make you feel hungry.

4. Drink plenty of water. Staying hydrated will help to keep your appetite down.

5. Get plenty of exercise. Exercise can help to boost your metabolism and to make you feel less hungry.

Who are some great people who inspire us because of their persistence and courage?

Some people who inspire us because of their persistence and courage are Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., and Nelson Mandela.

Jim Crow was enforced until 1965, how would’ve Captain America worked with civil rights leaders to end it earlier?

Captain America would have worked with civil rights leaders to end segregation and racial discrimination in the United States. He would have fought for the equal rights of all people, regardless of race. Captain America would have been a strong ally to those fighting for civil rights, and he would have used his platform to advocate for change.

Why did China restrict foreign imports until the early 19th century?

The restrictions were placed due to the belief that foreign influence was a source of strife and corruption.

Do movie makers purposely/knowingly choose actors of opposite zodiac signs to be featured/play off each other?

There is no evidence that movie makers choose actors of opposite zodiac signs to be featured or play off each other.

Could I use the word “precentenary” to mark an event that occurred one century before another?

If the two events you are comparing are both centennials, then yes, "precentenary" would be appropriate. If not, then no.

Is the Aakash study material hard?

There is no clear answer to this question since it can vary depending on the person's individual level of understanding and learning. However, in general, the Aakash study material is designed to be comparative ly easy to follow and understand.

Can online work bring in 30,000,000?

No, online work cannot bring in 30,000,000.

Has anyone's school gone on a "scared straight" field trip to a jail, prison, or penitentiary?

I attended a high school in the early 2000s where such a trip was a mandatory part of the senior experience. Every student had to go on a tour of a local prison and listen to lectures from inmates about the realities of life behind bars. The purpose of the trip was to deter students from engaging in illegal activity that could lead to their incarceration.

Why must a baby's towel be very personal even if one has several babies?

A baby's towel must be personal because it will absorb the baby's body oils and sweat, and will therefore become a breeding ground for bacteria. If one has several babies, each baby should have his or her own towel to prevent the spread of bacteria.

How should one develop a thick skin in order to survive in the big bad world?

There is no one answer to this question as everyone's threshold for what they can handle vary greatly. However, some methods for developing a thicker skin may include: focusing on your own accomplishments and positive qualities, accepting constructive criticism from others, learning to laugh at yourself, and not taking things personally. Additionally, it can be helpful to remember that everyone makes mistakes and has bad days - everyone is human.

Do Halo extensions fall out easily?

No, Halo extensions are designed to stay in place and can be worn for up to 6 weeks at a time.

I don't find my partner taking efforts for our relationship. How should I tell him that where he is lacking back?

If you feel that your partner is lacking in effort, it's important to have an honest conversation about it. Explain to your partner how you feel and why you think more effort is needed. Be specific about what you would like to see change. After having this conversation, if you still don't see any improvement, it may be time to reconsider the relationship.

Is there a music website where you can search each genre’s most successful songs?

Yes, there are several websites that allow you to search each genre's most successful songs. However, these websites may not always have accurate information.

Do you have a preference for eating steak off of ceramic or metal plates at restaurants (steakhouse)? Why or why not?

I prefer to eat steak off of metal plates because I think the steak tastes better that way.

How long does the shingles shot last?

The shingles vaccine is reported to be effective for approximately four to five years.

How do I understand what girls want without them saying it out loud?

There is no surefire way to know exactly what any given girl wants without her explicitly telling you, but there are some general things you can do to try to get a better sense for what she might be looking for. First, pay attention to the way she talks about herself and the things she values - this can give you some clues as to what she cares about and what kind of person she is trying to attract. Additionally, ask her friends or people who know her well for their opinions on what she might be looking for - they may have some helpful insights. Finally, if all else fails, you could always just ask her directly!

What is the proportion of people joining the Indian police?

The proportion of people joining the Indian police is about 1%.

How biased, comparatively, are Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC?

There is no definitive answer to this question as all three networks have been accused of bias at various points. However, a study by the Pew Research Center found that Fox News viewers were more likely to perceive the network as biased than CNN or MSNBC viewers.

As a modern feminist, are you satisfied with the idea of Galadriel being considered a strong female character?

Yes, I think Galadriel is a strong female character. She is confident, wise, and capable. She is also unafraid to speak her mind and stand up for what she believes in. I think she is a great role model for modern feminists.

How death is born? And why ?

When a person dies, their body breaks down into smaller and smaller pieces. Eventually, all that is left is dust.

Should a graphics designer be able produce in every type of graphics designing field? If I am only interested in art & illustrations for books & albums, concept art, pattern designs.Can I just opt for that? And still call myself a graphic designer?

No, a graphics designer should not be able to produce in every type of graphics designing field. They should be able to produce in the field that they are interested in and that they are good at.

Are our souls returning to god after death?

There is no one answer to this question as people have various religious beliefs. Some believe that our souls go to Heaven or another peaceful afterlife after we die, while others believe that our souls are reincarnated into new beings.

I am 22. Is it too late for me to start learning motion design?

It's never too late to learn motion design!

If you use Toon Boom, there's nothing artistically that you can do that's original, is there? Don't all animated cartoons done with Toon Boom look similar in certain ways?

There isn't necessarily one specific Toon Boom "look" that all cartoons share. However, certain aspects of the software may result in some cartoons sharing some similar qualities. For example, Toon Boom does not allow for traditional hand-drawn animation, so all characters and backgrounds must be either scanned or created digitally. This can give cartoons made with Toon Boom a more polished look than those that are hand-drawn. Additionally, Toon Boom's vector-based software can make characters and objects appear less detailed and more flat than those in cartoons that are created with bitmap-based software.

How can I keep my cat happy when I'm away from home 14 hours a day?

There is no one definitive answer to this question since all cats are different and have different needs. However, some tips that may help keep your cat happy when you're away include: investing in toys and activities that will keep your cat entertained and engaged (such as scratching posts, puzzle feeders, etc.), establishing a regular routine and sticking to it as much as possible, leaving out plenty of food and water, and making sure your cat has a safe and comfortable place to rest.

Why are the hot ones always so crazy?

There is no definite answer to this question, as people can be judged as "hot" for a variety of reasons. Some people may find individuals who are considered to be "hot" to be more attractive and thus be more likely to pursue them, while others may find that those considered "hot" are more challenging and thus more interesting. Additionally, some people who are considered "hot" may act more confidently and aggressively because they are used to receiving positive attention, which can lead to them being perceived as "crazy."

Why did the USA criminalize hemp when the first internal combustion engine ran on hemp oil and the production of hemp would put big oil companies out of business?

The USA criminalized hemp because the industrial production of hemp would put big oil companies out of business.

Does music help you express yourself more than talking does when you have depression (singing, listening, anything)?

There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone experiences and copes with depression in different ways. Some people may find that music helps them to express themselves and communicate their feelings more effectively than talking, while others may find the opposite to be true. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide what works best for them in terms of managing their depression.

What should be the best business in small town of India ..of which people will be find it new and attractive; and have willingness to buy that thing?

A business that would be new and attractive to people in a small town in India would be a clothing boutique. People in small towns often do not have access to the same variety of clothing as people in larger cities, so a boutique that offered a wide range of stylish clothing would be very popular.

How do top writers 2018 feel for their achievement? What topics might have fetched their top writer badge?

There is no one answer to this question as every writer experiences their success differently. Some may feel extremely proud and accomplished, while others may feel more humble and grateful. Some topics that may have fetched a top writer badge in 2018 include: personal growth, self-improvement, travel, lifestyle, wellness, and mental health.

How does evolutionary theory explain the maternal instinct?

This is a difficult question. One possibility is that the maternal instinct is a by-product of selection for other traits, such as the ability to care for offspring. Another possibility is that the maternal instinct itself is subject to selection pressure.

How do I choose the best quality face mask in Australia?

This is a difficult question to answer because there are so many face masks available on the market and it is hard to know which ones are the best quality. However, some things to look for when choosing a face mask include how well the mask fits your face, how comfortable it is to wear, and how effective it is at filtering out particles. Additionally, it is important to choose a mask that is made from high-quality materials and that has been designed to be comfortable and breathable.

If the United States adds Space Force as a military branch, who besides China poses the biggest threat in space?

The Russian Federation poses the biggest threat in space.

What does it mean when I dream often about my teeth breaking? Also, one day I dreamt all my teeth bleeding and me tightening them from fear of them breaking.

If you are dream often about your teeth breaking, it may symbolize some insecurity or fear in your waking life. Perhaps you are worried about something happening to your teeth or your health in general. Alternatively, this dream may be a manifestation of some real dental problems that you are experiencing. If you dream that all of your teeth are bleeding, this may symbolize some deep-seated anger or rage that you are holding onto. Alternatively, this dream may be a warning from your subconscious mind to take better care of your teeth.

How do UFC fighters pass USADA testing?

There is no single answer to this question as each fighter will have their own unique method or methods of passing USADA testing. Some common methods include using diuretics, masking agents, and blood transfusions.

Hey INFJs. May some of you guys drop your personalityHQ results? Everyone has different results but I'd like to see how similar/different we are.

Here are my results:

- Myers-Briggs Type Indicator: INFJ (Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, Judging)

- Big Five personality traits: Openness to Experience, Conscientiousness, Extraversion, Agreeableness, and Neuroticism

- Enneagram Type: 1 (The Perfectionist)

I have an idea for a startup by using old technology in a completely new way. How can I create barriers to entry?

There are a few things you can do to create barriers to entry:

1. Make your technology proprietary: if your technology is unique and not available to others, it will be difficult for them to replicate your business model.

2. Develop strong relationships with key suppliers: if you have good relationships with key suppliers, they may be less likely to work with your competitors.

3. Create a brand: a strong brand can make it difficult for customers to switch to a competitor.

4. Invest in marketing and promotion: a well-executed marketing campaign can raise awareness of your company and make it harder for potential customers to consider alternatives.

Why do film stars sell their body for getting a role in a film? It's unworthy.

There is no one answer to this question, as different actors have different motivations for selling their bodies for roles in films. Some actors may do it for the fame and fortune that comes with being a successful film star, while others may do it simply to support themselves and their families financially. Still others may do it because they enjoy the physical and sexual gratification that comes with having sex on camera. Whatever the reason, it is ultimately up to each individual actor to decide whether or not selling their body for a role in a film is worth it to them.

How do cables that have multiple wires for data and power tell which is which?

What methods are used to determinewhich cable is which?

The most common method is to use different colored wires for different purposes. Power cables are often color-coded red, black, or green, while data cables are often color-coded blue, orange, or white. Cables that carry both data and power may have one wire of each color.

What can I replace Mr. Number (caller ID/Call Blocker) with?

There are many alternatives to Mr. Number, including Hiya, Call Control, and TrueCaller.

Why did Betsy DeVos want to redefine what assault means?

Some people believe that Betsy DeVos wanted to redefine what assault means in order to protect people who may have been falsely accused of sexual assault.

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