🔥👉 Which films/TV shows do you like that everyone else hates?

"✅👉 I like Tim Allen's show Last Man Standing and I know a lot of people hate it."

Prof. Rahul Schuster DDS
Prof. Rahul Schuster DDS

Why is the temperature recorded in my car higher than the national temperature?

The temperature in a car is oftentimes hotter than the temperature outside because the car's windows trap sunlight and heat.

Are you an American citizen—possibly average, possibly a genius, or possibly a dunce—better qualified to run the US than either Trump or Biden?

If so, you should have say a shot at the Presidency, who knows…

Would you be prepared to spend a minimum $5.5 billion and up to four years seeking the nomination of a major party? How about that much to mount an independent campaign in 2020, which three dozen major figures have discussed? In brief, having less prestige than establishment candidates, but being more popular with the populace, would you make analogies to Dwight Eisenhower and Andrew Jackson? That's a no-brainer way to win among voters—would you press it if politics were largely honest or based on the merits instead of careers or saboteurs? Perhaps your fellow Americans with voting rights would actually get their two cents' worth of actual governance this time—more effective than Trump selling the presidency to Russia and oligarchs, or Biden selling it to Big Oil.

To summarize your promising proposition: America deserves better than either Trump or Biden, so vote for me—I appear as a realistic alternative. Supposedly I need less campaign money than either major Party candidate because my popularity will continue to grow until election day while they peak months before that date both in support from their own party base and the mass media. If I win the election by focusing on the fall debates when voters pay more attention, then it adds unnecessary pressure for me to become even more well known in advance. This doesn't seem difficult since neither Trump nor Biden are particularly strong today despite each costing more than a billion dollars for electoral propaganda. I'll be using means other than television ads to reach them.

A factor in my success that isn't appreciated is that many voters trust people without campaign funds to be among them rather than billionaires distantly out of touch with real America. Trump is lying when he says he's self-funding; his debt continues because Credit Suisse turned down his loan Requests. Bizarrely enough the mass media wrongly describes Donald's self-serving electoral patter as "populism" while its own political behavior makes a lie of everything they say in order to continue its monopoly power: Russian oligarchy style domination. They've just launched quite ridiculous smears against Cory Booker who has had an excellent debate history but no speeches or fundraising as compared with Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren with stunningly low poll numbers in spite of raising literally billions dollars between them'. Exploiting Mr. Booker as only being Rhodes Scholar smart isn't working—voters perceive it as only another example of elite four

Why is my turn signal never in sync with other cars’ signals?

This is a difficult question to answer without more information. Some possibilities include:

-The other cars have their turn signals calibrated differently than your car
-There is a problem with your car's turn signal system
-The other cars on the road are not using their turn signals correctly

Whenever I am in the midst of a conversation, I feel judgement or anger within me sometimes even though I like to promote peace, unity and well-being. They don't come in words like most other people; instead, they come as feelings arising. Since they don't come in words, what is a good way to track down these inner subconscious judgements so I can self-reflect instead of projecting? I want to help people without "me" getting in the way.

Judgement and anger are both forms of projection. If you find yourself feeling judgement or anger towards someone, it is likely that you are projecting your own feelings of insecurity, inadequacy, or hurt onto them. In order to prevent yourself from projecting, it is important to be aware of your own triggers and insecurities. Once you are aware of what sets you off, you can begin to work on addressing those issues within yourself. Additionally, it is helpful to practice mindfulness and to be present in the moment. This will help you to be less reactive and more likely to catch yourself before you start projecting.

What is the going rate to give a premiere of a half-hour-long major work for piano and orchestra with a top pianist and top orchestra?

The cost of commissioning and premiering a half-hour-long work for piano and orchestra by a top pianist and top orchestra can range from $10,000 to $50,000.

What is the difference in liveability and operation considerations between powered yachts and catamarans in the 40-60 foot range?

There are a few key differences between powered yachts and catamarans in the 40-60 foot range in terms of liveability and operation considerations. For one, catamarans tend to have more interior space and thus may be more comfortable for extended cruising. Additionally, catamarans often have shallower draft than yachts, making them better suited for exploring shallow waters. Finally, catamarans typically have two hulls which makes them more stable than yachts; however, this can also make them more difficult to maneuver.

What are the Characteristis of network society?

The network society is a term coined by social theorist Manuel Castells. It is used to describe the current social, economic, and cultural conditions of our world. The network society is characterized by the following features:
* The rise of the networked individual: With the advent of the Internet and the proliferation of mobile devices, individuals are increasingly connected to each other and to information.
* The rise of the networked enterprise: Businesses are using networks to communicate, collaborate, and compete.
* The rise of the networked state: Governments are using networks to interact with citizens and deliver services.
* The rise of the networked city: Cities are using networks to connect individuals, businesses, and government agencies.

What would cause a steering wheel to turn fully before the tires begin to turn?

A broken or worn-out steering linkage is the most common cause of a steering wheel that turns fully before the tires begin to turn. Other possible causes include a broken or worn-out steering rack, a leaking power steering pump, or a faulty power steering control module.

Is it normal for a mother to ask her daughter (18) "What is there to praise you for?" when a daughter asks the mother why she's never praised? The mother was previously joking about praising the washing machine before the question was asked.

It is not normal for a mother to ask her daughter why she deserves to be praised. However, it is not uncommon for parents to joke around about praising their children for mundane tasks. In this instance, it is likely that the mother was joking and did not mean to hurt her daughter's feelings.

For Maharashtra college admissions, will only MHT-CET marks/rank be considered or something else will also be considered along with it?

For Maharashtra college admissions, MHT-CET marks/rank will be considered along with 12th standard marks.

Are there any wedding planners in India who specialize in small weddings?

There are a number of wedding planners in India who specialize in small weddings. Some of these planners include WeddingSutra, ShaadiSaga, and IndianWeddingCard.

Do caliper bolts need washers?

Caliper bolts usually come with washers. however, it is always best to check to make sure that the washers are the right size for the bolts.

Which hair straighteners which will work in US and as well as India?

Some hair straighteners come with a dual voltage option that enables them to work in both the US and India. Alternatively, you can use a converter to adapt the plugs on your hair straightener so that it will work in India.

Why are most water fountains near a bathroom?

A water fountain near a bathroom is usually there because it is required by law. Many states and localities have laws that require businesses to provide a certain number of drinking water fountains, and they often must be located near bathrooms.

Why does a partial student loan want old tax info when I just filed my taxes?

The reason a partial student loan wants your old tax information is because they need to confirm your income. This is used to determine how much of a loan you can qualify for.

The rabbit is 4 weeks old. It would be eating right now but isn't strong enough to eat. What should I feed it? It's already been fed goat's milk.

A 4-week-old rabbit should be able to eat hay, pellets, and vegetables.

What's the difference between alpha males and leaders?

The difference between alpha males and leaders is that alpha males are born, while leaders are made.

If you get your neighbor's mail by mistake (no matter what it is), do you have the right to open it?

There is no universal answer to this question. It would depend on the country or state's laws. Generally speaking, however, it is considered to be a federal offense to open someone else's mail.

Why don't the people asking about selling oil to China understand that the US oil market isn't nationalized and Biden has no say as to where oil companies sell their product?

The US oil market is not nationalized, but the Biden administration does have some control over where oil companies sell their product. The administration can influence the oil market through its policies and regulations, and it can also pressure oil companies to sell to certain countries or restrict their sales to certain countries.

Can we work more than 80 hours per month in Denmark as an international student from an Asian country?

No, you can only work 80 hours per month.

Has the world become more racially biased with every growing decade?

There is no definitive answer to this question as opinions will vary. However, it is widely accepted that racism exists in many forms across the globe and that it is an ongoing issue. Some people may believe that the world has become more racially biased over time, while others may feel that racism is still a major problem but has declined somewhat in recent years. There is no right or wrong answer, but it is important to be aware of the issue and to try to understand the experiences of those who are affected by racism.

Is IE University good for undergraduates?

There is no definitive answer to this question as each student's experience will be different. However, many students who have attended IE University have generally had positive experiences and have found the school to be a good fit for their academic needs.

How can I receive weekly OS updates on Redmi Mi 2?

You can receive weekly OS updates on Redmi Mi 2 by subscribing to the Xiaomi software update channel.

If a rocket has so much lifting force, how are rockets like the Falcon Heavy held during a static fire test?

Typically, a large metal frame is used to support the rocket during a static fire test.

How do app store ratings work? How can I increase it?

There is no surefire way to increase your app store rating, but there are a number of things you can do to try to improve it. One is to encourage users who like your app to leave positive reviews and ratings. Another is to keep your app updated and bug-free, as this can help improve user satisfaction and encourage people to leave positive feedback. Finally, try to promote your app in a way that highlights its strong points and positive user reviews, as this can help attract new users and boost your rating.

My friends, with whom I socialize daily, are really energetic and loud. I love them but they make me cranky at school sometimes and overall really exhaust me. What can I do?

It sounds like your friends are great people that you enjoy spending time with, but that their energy level is not always conducive to a successful school day. There are a few things you can do to manage this situation. First, try communicating with your friends about your needs. Let them know that you love spending time with them, but that you need to focus when you are at school. If they are understanding, they should be able to give you the space you need during the day. Additionally, you can try to schedule some down time for yourself after school or on weekends. This will give you a chance to recharge so that you can better handle being around your high-energy friends during the week.

How is Heli and Jacob the true father of Joseph?

Heli and Jacob are the true father of Joseph because they are his biological father and mother. They are also the legal father and mother of Joseph since they are married to each other.

Are smart people morally obligated to improve society?

There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone may have different opinions on what defines "smart people" and what counts as "improving society." Some people might argue that individuals with higher intelligence should use their talents to make the world a better place, while others may believe that everyone has a responsibility to contribute to society in their own way, regardless of intelligence. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide whether or not they believe they have a moral obligation to improve society.

During the Mahadasha of a planet, what is more powerful, the aspect the mahadasha planet is receiving or the aspect it is casting?

The aspect the mahadasha planet is casting is more powerful.

When you squeeze (squint) your eyes, does both the cornea and the eye lens change shape during that moment?

No, only the eye lens changes shape when you squint.

Is it worth getting my cats a blood test to detect early evidence of liver disease, diabetes or kidney disease? They are 9 and 12 years old and generally healthy.

I'm not a big fan of routine blood testing in asymptomatic animals. If your cats are acting and eating normally, I wouldn't recommend it.

If I want to be a good fiction author, what books should I read and learn from?

If you want to be a good fiction author, you should read and learn from books such as The Catcher in the Rye by J.D. Salinger, The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, and To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee.

Are all beans low in carbs?

No, not all beans are low in carbs. For example, a cup of black beans contains around 42 grams of net carbs, while a cup of green beans contains around 10 grams of net carbs.

What is the future of the global building stone market in 2023?

In 2023, the global building stone market is expected to continue to grow. Innovation and the increasing popularity of natural stone as a construction material are expected to drive market growth. Additionally, the growing demand for green buildings is expected to create opportunities for growth in the market.

How can I easily understand and learn math faster? Are there any websites or apps for that?

There is not one answer to this question since everyone learns differently and what works for one person might not work for another. However, some general tips that may help include: breaking down Math into smaller manageable pieces, practicing regularly, setting achievable goals, seeking help from a tutor or teacher when needed, and using helpful resources such as websites and apps. Additionally, there are many different websites and apps available that could potentially help with learning Math. Some popular Math websites include Khan Academy and IXL Math, while some popular Math apps include Photomath and Math Ref Free.

Hello everyone… I have a question about prototypes and sketches in games… Is it necessary, before starting your game, to develop a paper prototype in which you explain the mechanics, general designs, rules, etc. and how much time it takes?

I’m new in the industry and right now I’m just developing a paper prototype and it’s crazy to see that I spend as much time on that as on a sketch getting really headache both with rewards, rules and how people are going to connect visually with my game.



What does the word "comprehensible" mean?

capable of being understood; intelligible

The surface area of a baseball is approximately 127 square centimeters. What is the volume of the baseball?

volume = (4/3) * 3.14 * ((6.35/2)^3)

volume = (4/3) * 3.14 * (1.59375^3)

volume = 21.7441 cubic centimeters

How hard have you ever tried to be noticed by one special person?

I have tried pretty hard to be noticed by one special person. I have done things like write songs, make paintings, and cook meals for this person. I have also gone out of my way to be friendly and talk to them as much as possible.

What is life like for you (perhaps as a Christian, Jew or Muslim), being married to a member of the opposite sex out of duty to your family while you're still secretly in love with a member of the same sex perhaps due to fearing social reprisals?

This is a difficult question to answer. Each person's situation is unique. In general, however, it would be difficult to be married to someone out of duty to your family while secretly being in love with someone else. There would likely be a lot of tension and conflict in the relationship. It would be difficult to maintain a healthy and happy marriage under these circumstances.

What will be the CSIR dec2018 chemical science expected cutoff?

The expected CSIR cutoff for chemical science for the December 2018 exam is around 55-60%.

How is the job market in NZ for wellness and rehabilitation courses? I'm planning to study a postgraduate diploma at SIT for 2021 intake, I'd like to know how likely am I going to find a work after finishing my studies?

There is high demand for wellness and rehabilitation courses in NZ.

Has anyone done a review of Gerrit and Phabricator? Which is better in terms of ease of use, comprehensiveness in features, activity by the community, and adoption?

I haven't done an in-depth review, but I would say that Gerrit is probably better in terms of activity by the community and adoption (at least, it seems to be more popular). I can't speak to comprehensiveness of features or ease of use.

What are some legitimate apps to make money or receive real prizes off of?

There are many legitimate apps that allow users to make money or receive real prizes. A few examples include:

1. AppNana - allows users to earn points by completing various tasks, which can be redeemed for real prizes such as gift cards.

2. Cashmoji - a keyboard app that allows users to send emojis in exchange for cash rewards.

3. Field Agent - pays users to complete short tasks, such as visiting a store and taking pictures of products.

4. Lucky Day - offers users the chance to win real prizes, such as gift cards and electronics, through daily lottery drawings.

5. Shopkick - rewards users for completing various tasks, such as scanning items and making purchases, with points that can be redeemed for gift cards and other prizes.

How strong is Canadian military on scale from 0 to 10?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it can be viewed from many different perspectives. However, most experts would agree that the Canadian military is quite strong and capable, especially when compared to other nations of similar size. Typically, the Canadian military would likely rank somewhere around a 7 or 8 on this scale.

Can a business succeed without a business plan?

Yes, a business can succeed without a business plan, but the chances of success are much lower without a plan. A business plan is a road map for success, and without one, it is much easier to get lost or veer off course.

Are Jazz Standards (such as Real book) considered "Trad Jazz"?

Not really. Trad jazz is a style of jazz that developed in the early 20th century, typically involving groups of musicians playing lead and rhythm instruments together. Jazz standards are a type of popular song that have been widely performed and recorded by jazz artists over the years.

Does President Trump dye his hair?

There is no concrete evidence to support this claim, but some people believe that President Trump dyes his hair.

What are the best Persian movies?

The best Persian movies are those that reflect the culture and history of Iran. The top Persian movies include "The Deer Hunter," "A Separation," and "The Color Purple."

Can Coursera/edX courses be used to show mathematical proficiency when applying for a PhD in economics if my undergraduate syllabus didn't have advanced mathematical courses like linear algebra? Is there any other way to show proficiency?

Coursera and edX courses can be used to supplement your application, but may not be able to replace more advanced mathematical courses. You may want to consider taking additional mathematics courses at a local college or online to demonstrate your proficiency.

What is the best business to start in NY?

There is no definitive answer as to what the best business to start in New York may be. However, some factors that could be considered when determining the best business to start in New York include the state's business climate, business environment, and infrastructure. Additionally, it may be beneficial to consider the needs of the local community when choosing a business to start in New York.

What kitchen tricks did your mother-in-law teach you?

My mother-in-law taught me the value of fresh, seasonal ingredients. She also taught me how to cook simple, yet flavorful, meals.

How likely is it that Aaron Judge will sign with a different MLB team for the 2023 baseball season than the New York Yankees?

There is no way to accurately predict the future, but it seems very unlikely that Judge would sign with a different MLB team for the 2023 baseball season than the New York Yankees. Judge is currently under contract with the Yankees through the 2022 season, and it seems highly unlikely that he would leave the Yankees after just two seasons.

Why do people prefer kissing over hugging?

Some people prefer kissing over hugging because they feel like it is more intimate. Others may prefer hugging because it is more platonic and less intimate.

What would happen if you soak parmesan crisps in water? Would it become parmesan cheese again?

If you soaked parmesan crisps in water, they would soften and become pliable. However, they would not turn back into parmesan cheese.

What is it like to be an MS student at Technion if you don’t speak Hebrew? I got accepted to Technion, but I don’t speak any Hebrew. Will I be fine?

Since Technion is located in Israel, the primary language spoken on campus is Hebrew. However, there are plenty of resources available for international students who don't speak Hebrew, such as classes, clubs, and support groups. In addition, many of the professors and staff members at Technion are fluent in English, so you should be able to get by just fine.

What is the best Harry Potter book, film, and game including the cursed child rate them in order?

The best Harry Potter book is The Deathly Hallows, the best Harry Potter film is The Deathly Hallows Part 2, and the best Harry Potter game is Hogwarts Mysteries.

What single picture gives the greatest insight into Jennifer Aniston?

A single picture of Jennifer Aniston that gives the greatest insight into her would be a photo of her with her friends and family. This would show that she is a down to earth person who loves spending time with the people she is closest to.

What are all the calculation need for a 5kWh solar system running for 24hrs and 5hrs of full sunlight (between 9am -4pm) with battery numbers, panel numbers, charge controller size, and inverter needed?

There is no set answer to this question as it depends on a number of factors, including the specific panel and battery used, the efficiency of the charge controller and inverter, and the local climate. However, a rough estimate of the components needed for a 5 kWh solar system running for 24 hours with 5 hours of full sunlight would be:

-30 solar panels
-1 battery bank capable of storing at least 5 kWh of energy
-1 charge controller rated for at least 30 amps
-1 inverter rated for at least 5 kW

When it upsets you just walking into a dentists office, let alone needing to get dental work done . How do you deal with it ?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. Some people may find it helpful to talk to their dentist about their fears and concerns, while others may find it helpful to see a therapist who specializes in treating anxiety disorders.

Why do my face, arms, and back burn or tan but my legs remain pale?

This is a common sun tanning issue. The legs are often the last places on the body to develop color because the skin on the legs is thicker than on other parts of the body.

Why does the sand tend to fall right near the slip face?

One reason the sand tends to fall right near the slip face is because of the angle of repose. The angle of repose is the angle at which a material will naturally rest when deposited. For example, if you were to pour a pile of sand, it would naturally form a cone shape with a steep angle. This is because the sand has a relatively high angle of repose.

How long can lens last?

A lenses can last for a few weeks to a few months.

I saw an unmarked van, but how do I know if it is an FBI van?

Only FBI agents can confirm whether or not a van is an FBI van. If you have concerns about a particular van, you may contact your local FBI office.

Oscillation and waves - Problem 023:: A uniform rod of length 98cm and width 22cm is swinging in a vertical plane, as a pendulum, about a point ‘A’ at some distance from one end. If the time of swinging is least, find the distance of A from the end of the rod. a) 12 cm b) 15 cm c) 17 cm d) 20 cm

The distance of point A from the end of the uniform rod is 17 cm.

How come I "see" several things at once, although general relativity implies that particles in my brain can't have an instantaneous connection to each other?

Only those particles that are strongly interacting with each other are constrained by general relativity to have a limited connection. The particles in your brain that are responsible for sight are only weakly interacting with each other, so they can have an instantaneous connection.

What do you think of Mitch McConnell refusing to work with President Obama because he felt President Obama saw himself as the "smartest person in the room"?

I think it's a shame that Mitch McConnell refused to work with President Obama because he felt President Obama saw himself as the "smartest person in the room." I think it would have been beneficial for both parties to work together.

Everybody knows how good Michael Jordan was in his prime, but how good was Wilt Chamberlain in his Prime? Most of the young generation haven’t had the ability to watch him play.

In his prime, Wilt Chamberlain was an unstoppable force. He was a physical specimen unlike anything the NBA had ever seen before. He stood 7-feet tall and weighed over 300 pounds, yet he was incredibly agile and quick for his size. He was a dominant scorer and rebounder, and was nearly impossible to stop one-on-one. Chamberlain also possessed a rare combination of strength and finesse, which allowed him to finish around the basket with ease. In addition to his physical gifts, Chamberlain was also an extremely intelligent player. He had a great feel for the game and always seemed to be one step ahead of his opponents.

What are some movies on fights (e.g undisputed),inspiration (e.g pursuit of happiness) extra ordinary concepts (e.g wolf of wall street),boxing (e.g southpaw)?

The Fighter
Million Dollar Baby
The Boxer

Why does the apps installed from playstore in my chromeos keep loading but never ultimately open in my chromeos?

There could be a few reasons why this is happening. One possibility is that your device is not compatible with the app. Another possibility is that there is a problem with the app itself. Finally, it is also possible that there is a problem with the Chrome OS itself. If you are experiencing this issue, we recommend contacting the app developer or Google for help.

Which all products a Nothing company can come with?

A company called "Nothing" could come out with products that are considered to be worthless, or it could produce products that are designed to be used for nothing in particular. It could also create products that have a minimalistic design.

Why are all the US generals that we see in the media white people?

There is no one answer to this question. The U.S. military is a large and diverse organization, and the demographics of its leadership vary widely. Additionally, the media typically focuses on senior military leaders when covering stories related to the Department of Defense, which tend to be disproportionately white.

What plane is on the Top Gear test track?

The car on the Top Gear test track is a Porsche.

What is the difference between domain forward, email forward, and the DNS management settings available in Web Host's member panel, and are the same settings available in cPanel?

The Web Host member panel provides access to the DNS management settings for your domain, while cPanel provides access to the email forward and domain forwarding settings for your account. Both interfaces allow you to manage your domain's DNS records.

What's the point of acknowledging the Aboriginal land? Aren't we basically just saying "oh, we stole your land"?

There are a couple of reasons for acknowledging the traditional Aboriginal land on which a city or town is built. First, it is a way of recognizing the history and culture of the first people to live in an area. Second, it is a way of acknowledging the dispossession of Aboriginal people from their traditional lands.

What CEO in Silicon Valley plays chess?

The CEO of Microsoft, Satya Nadella, is known to play chess.

What does the acronym "RIM" stand for in USN missile designations, such as RIM-7?

RIM stands for "Radar Intercept Missile".

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