🔥👉 What is the most accurate modern war movie that isn't real footage?

"✅👉 The most accurate modern war movie is Act of Valor."

Dayton Marvin
Dayton Marvin

Other than transitioning to a different field, academia or industrial research what other options exist for someone creative with a high degree of intolerance to the assembly-line treatment of the commoditized software industry full of Agile rituals?

There are many options for someone creative with a high degree of intolerance to the assembly-line treatment of the commoditized software industry. One option is to become a independent consultant. Another option is to become a software developer for a small company.

Has anyone read "Targeted Learning: Causal Inference for Observational and Experimental Data"? If so, what are your thoughts?

I found the book to be extremely helpful in understanding causal inference and how to apply it in both observational and experimental data. The book is well-written and easy to follow. Overall, I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in learning more about causal inference.

Is there any example project explaining the geofencing in Android/HTML5?

I'm looking for a simple geofencing example in either Android or HTML5, but can't seem to find any.

Can you be considered as a true K-pop fan despite not being able to support or catch up to the former members of a group?

Yes, you can be.

Find Out How To Lose Weight Fast With Minimum Side Effects?

The best way to lose weight fast with minimum side effects is to make small, gradual changes to your diet and lifestyle. Instead of going on a crash diet or cutting out entire food groups, try making smaller changes like eating more fruits and vegetables, choosing lean protein sources, and cutting back on unhealthy fats. You should also aim to get at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity exercise most days of the week. While there is no one “magic” solution for weight loss, making these lifestyle changes can help you lose weight safely and effectively.

As a first responders (US), have they ever had a patient who refuses to go to the hospital for fear of the costs?

I cannot speak for all first responders, but I have never had a patient who refused to go to the hospital for fear of the costs.

Someone called me from a landline. How do I check whose number it is?

Phone numbers that come from landlines can be looked up in a phone book or online directory.

What car models do not support getting the VIN from an OBD-II device?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different cars have different OBD-II implementation. Some cars might not support getting the VIN from an OBD-II device due to privacy concerns or other reasons.

How do I decide which prefix (un-, in-, im-, dis-, etc.) should be used to express the antonym of an adjective?

Standard prefixes like "un-" or "in-" are usually used to express the antonym of an adjective. However, there are some cases where a different prefix is used. For example, the antonym of "possible" is "impossible."

How big is Microsoft's office in the Bay Area?

Microsoft's office in the Bay Area is about 1.6 million square feet.

What's the most overrated proverb/saying ever?

The saying "you are what you eat" is overrated.

My boyfriend shared a post of a model on Instagram saying “how is she this beautiful”. Should I be worried?

You might want to be concerned if your boyfriend is spending a lot of time on social media, especially if he is focusing on posting and commenting on pictures of other women. This could be a sign that he is not fully invested in your relationship. If you are worried, talk to your boyfriend about it and see if he has any explanation.

For several years, the U.S. has been pressuring the Chinese government leaders to strengthen the yuan, the Chinese currency. What is the impact of a stronger yuan on the US economy?

A stronger yuan would have a number of impacts on the US economy. First, it would make US exports to China more expensive, and therefore likely decrease demand for them. This would have a negative impact on US businesses that export to China. Second, it would make Chinese imports to the US cheaper, and therefore increase demand for them. This would have a positive impact on US businesses that import from China. Third, it would likely lead to inflation in the US, as imported goods would become more expensive. Finally, a stronger yuan could help reduce the US trade deficit with China.

Instead of giving so much money to ISRO, can the government give this to Muslims for Hajj pilgrims and building mosques?

Why are we continuously sending people to moon? while basic needs of the public of this country is not given.

The government provides subsidies for Hajj pilgrims and there are many mosques built with government funds. However, the government also funds space exploration because it is important for the country's development.

Are BMW OEM brakes better than aftermarket brakes?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a variety of factors, including the specific BMW model, the aftermarket brake manufacturer, and the individual driver's preferences. Some drivers may find that BMW OEM brakes provide better performance, while others may prefer aftermarket brakes for their increased durability or customizability. Ultimately, it is important to choose the braking solution that best meets your needs and driving style.

If economists are for Biden’s infrastructure plan, why aren't republicans? Should republicans listen to economists about the economy considering red states take more from federal tax than they give?

It is difficult to know exactly why Republicans are not supportive of Biden's infrastructure plan. Some possible explanations include: 1) disagreement with the proposed spending levels; 2) disagreement with the focus on infrastructure investment, as opposed to other priorities; 3) skepticism about the economic benefits of the plan; and 4) concern that the plan will increase the federal deficit.

How is D.Pharm course hard or easy?

There is no easy or hard answer to this question. D.Pharm course may be seen as easy or difficult depending on the person's perspective.

How can I get my loss bet return as a bonus by live chat?

If you have lost a bet, you can contact the customer service department of the bookmaker to inquire about getting your loss bet back as a bonus.

How should a single mother process negative judgment and criticism from roommate, strangers and friends about their parenting?

A single mother should try to process negative judgment and criticism from roommates, strangers, and friends about their parenting by understanding that not everyone will have the same opinion about parenting. It is okay to have different opinions about parenting, but it is important to respect each other's opinions. If a single mother feels like she is being judged or criticized unfairly, she can try to talk to the person who is making the judgments or criticisms.

If I remember correctly, there’s a term used to identify the theory that the universe was created for humans. What is it?

The anthropic principle is the idea that the universe must have the properties necessary for human life to exist.

Which is correct, “divide the dough in/into half”?

The correct phrase is "divide the dough in half."

What is ethical dilemma?

An ethical dilemma is a situation in which there is no clear right or wrong answer.

What are the benefits of completing 5 amazing head massage?

There are many benefits to completing 5 amazing head massages, including:

1. Increased circulation

2. Stimulation of the nervous system

3. relaxation of muscles

4. reduction in stress and anxiety

5. improved sleep quality.

Can billionaires donate enough to turn the whole world vegetarian in one year?

No, they cannot.

Has anyone, anywhere ever understood anything about a perfume or aftershave advert?


I was never taught to and had to learn on my own, how can I teach my child to eat intuitively?

There is no one answer to this question as different children will respond to different approaches. However, some tips that may be helpful include:

-Encouraging your child to listen to their hunger cues and eat when they are hungry
-Offering a variety of foods and allowing them to choose what they want to eat
-Respecting your child's preferences and not forcing them to eat foods they don't like
-Encouraging them to eat slowly and pay attention to their body's signals of fullness
-Praising them for making healthy choices rather than criticising them for unhealthy ones

How common are contractions in languages other than English?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it varies from language to language. However, it is generally agreed that contractions are more common in languages that have a richer inflectional system, where there are more grammatical rules governing word order and morphology.

Inadequacy of consideration is to itself no ground for avoiding a contract, but it may be evidence of undue influence. Explain?

Inadequacy of consideration is not a ground for avoiding a contract, but it may be evidence of undue influence. If a person is unduly influenced by another person to enter into a contract, then the contract may be voidable.

How can I get my homework back from my teacher?

If you have lost your homework and it is with your teacher, you can ask your teacher for it back.

How is public school considered public when young citizens' private information is accessible privately without transparency?

There is no easy answer to this question. Many people believe that public schools should be more transparent in how they handle student information, while others believe that privacy should be paramount. Ultimately, it is up to each individual school district to decide how to best balance the privacy of its students with the need for transparency.

Does a foreign homeowner in the US have to file anything if they don’t have rental income?

If the homeowner does not have any rental income, they are not required to file anything with the US government.

I think it's illogical to just copy from the observation book and write in our lab records. Can't we just tabulate our readings in the observation and be done with it?

A lab report is more than just a list of data. It should include a summary of your findings, what they mean, and any conclusions you can draw from your work.

What are some good sofa covers for L shape sofa?

Some good sofa covers for an L-shaped sofa may include a quilted throw, a slipcover, or a piece of furniture fabric that can be draped over the sofa. Consider the color and pattern of the sofa when choosing a cover, and be sure to measure the sofa before purchasing a cover to ensure a good fit.

What do you think the newly photographed event horizon of a black hole looks like?

The newly photographed event horizon of a black hole looks like a dark circle surrounded by a bright ring.

My four-year-old prefers him and girlfriend instead of me during his flag practice. I’m encouraging and all when he’s on the field. Is there something wrong with me?

No, there is nothing wrong with you. It's common for four-year-olds to prefer their friends and Peer groups over adults. This is because they are still developing their sense of self and identity, and they are influenced heavily by their peer group. Try to encourage him in other ways, such as through play and conversation.

How do I record screen audio with a screen recorder app?

There are a number of ways to record screen audio with a screen recorder app. Many screen recorder apps will allow you to record your voice along with the screen recording, while others will require you to use a separate audio recording app.

If your screen recorder app does not have an option to record audio, you can try using a microphone to record your voice while recording the screen. Alternatively, you can use the built-in microphone on your device to record your voice along with the screen recording.

If philosophy was a compulsory subject in school, do you think more religious kids would change their beliefs later in life?

This is a difficult question to answer. It is possible that more religious kids would change their beliefs later in life if philosophy was a compulsory subject in school, but it is also possible that the opposite would occur. It is difficult to say definitively what would happen in this situation.

How did Luffy get his tooth back?

Luffy's tooth was knocked out during a fight with Magellan. It was found by Chopper and Luffy had it put back in place.

Is this jewelry against the copyright of Bruno Mars’ song "Leave the Door Open"?

There is no copyright infringement because the phrase is not used in the jewelry.

Is it healthier to sleep 8 hours or sleep 6 hours and get 1 hour of moderate-high intensity exercise?

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that adults should get at least 7 hours of sleep per night.

Which is the hormone that increases in our body when we take a lot of stress?

Cortisol is the hormone that increases in our body when we take a lot of stress.

Do Nigella Lawson's guests really like her food?

There is no way to know for sure, but it seems likely that Nigella Lawson's guests enjoy her food. Nigella is a experienced and skilled cook, and she takes care to prepare dishes that are both delicious and visually appealing. Her guests are often celebrities or other well-known figures, so it is likely that they are accustomed to dining at high-end restaurants. If they are enjoying themselves and complimenting Nigella on her cooking, then it is reasonable to assume that they like her food.

Is Australia exhibiting double standard over SCS when they are claiming large part of Antarctica based on some vague claim?

There is no evidence of a double standard. Australia's claims to Antarctica are based on solid legal and historical grounds.

Do attention deficit issues increase narcissistic rage towards you?

There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone experiences narcissistic rage differently. However, it is possible that attention deficit issues could play a role in increasing narcissistic rage towards someone. This is because people with attention deficit disorders may have difficulty paying attention to others and may be easily distracted. As a result, they may not pick up on social cues and may inadvertently ignore or dismiss someone. This could lead to the person feeling unimportant and unvalued, which could trigger narcissistic rage.

Why does UTI diagnosis badly need an update?

There are several reasons why the diagnosis of UTI is in need of an update. One reason is that the current methods for diagnosing UTI are not very accurate. This means that many people who do not have a UTI are being diagnosed with one, and many people who do have a UTI are not being correctly diagnosed. Additionally, the current methods for treating UTI are not very effective. This means that many people who do have a UTI are not getting the treatment they need and are instead experiencing recurrent infections. Finally, the current methods for preventing UTI are not very effective. This means that many people who are at risk for developing a UTI (such as pregnant women or people with diabetes) are not taking the necessary steps to prevent themselves from getting one.

What would happen if 4 fully armed United States Marines had to fight their way through 20,000 fully armoured Medieval Knights armed with only swords and shields? The battle takes place in an abandoned town and the Marines have 24 hours to prepare.

The Marines would most likely win, as they have better training and more experience in modern warfare. The knights would be at a disadvantage, as they would be unfamiliar with the Marines' weaponry and tactics.

Can I write the “future work” in a separate chapter instead of include it with conclusion chapter (in a research paper)?

Yes, you can. Future work is sometimes included in a separate chapter, especially in longer papers.

Which should concern parents more: high or low functioning autism?

There is no "better" or "worse" autism diagnosis. Parents should be equally concerned about high and low functioning autism, as both present serious challenges. That said, each child is different, so parents may find that one diagnosis is more difficult to manage than the other. Individualized support and resources are essential for all children with autism, no matter their level of functioning.

Will soda negate any effects from exercise?

There is no evidence that soda negates the effects of exercise.

Where can you purchase street art (prints, etc.) with the author's consent?

There are many places to purchase street art with the author's consent. Some popular places include art galleries, online retailers, and Etsy.

Which is the best cooking oil for kids?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different oils have different health benefits. Some of the most popular cooking oils for kids include olive oil, coconut oil, and avocado oil.

What would happen if the Nine Nazgul tried to enter Lothlorien to attack the Fellowship without Gandalf to protect them?

The Galadhrim would kill them.

Could a country survive without taxes?

A country could conceivably survive without taxes, but it would have to rely on other means of funding government services. These could include fees for services, tariffs, or relying on donations.

How can I prepare for signal and systems and analog electronics types of subjects for the GATE despite being an electrical engineering student?

You should first revise the topics taught in your undergraduate course. brush up your concepts. try to solve as many problems you can from standard textbooks. go through the previous years' GATE papers and identify the type of questions asked from each topic. this will give you a fair idea about the level of difficulty of questions coming from each topic. try to solve maximum mock papers so that you can get used to thepattern of questions and time management required to solve the paper.

What are some of the most and least realistic cinematic depictions of being a stay-at-home parent?

Some of the most realistic cinematic depictions of being a stay-at-home parent include the films "Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna," "The Bandit," "The Break-Up," "The Forgotten," and "In the Bedroom." Some of the least realistic depictions of being a stay-at-home parent include the films "Home Alone," "Juno," " Mrs. Doubtfire," and "What to Expect When You're Expecting."

Humans harvest the products of other animals (Honey, Fish oil, snail mucus) for our own uses. Does the human body produce any chemicals aliens might want to farm us for?

There are a number of chemicals that aliens might want to farm humans for, including adrenaline, dopamine, serotonin, and endorphins.

Would it make sense to tow an extra battery bank of roughly equivalent energy reserves behind your battery powered electric vehicle to significantly extend the distance you can travel?

Yes, towing an extra battery bank of the same size would double the distance you can travel.

Who is the owner of the website Scroll.in - News. Politics. Culture. ?

The website Scroll.in is owned by The Quarto Group.

Can I let my pet mouse play with my cat?

You can, but it is not recommended. Mice are very delicate creatures, and even the friendliest cat may accidentally hurt or kill a mouse.

What are your morning rituals for a healthy and happy life?

There is no one answer to this question as morning rituals will vary from person to person based on what works for them. However, some possible morning rituals that could promote a healthy and happy life include things like writing in a journal, meditating, practicing gratitude, eating a nutritious breakfast, getting some form of exercise in, and spending time outdoors in nature.

How did Taylor Wilson build a nuclear reactor in his parents' garage?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the specific details of how Taylor Wilson built a nuclear reactor in his parents' garage will vary depending on the resources and materials available to him at the time. However, some key steps that Wilson likely took in order to build a working nuclear reactor in his parents' garage include: researching and studying nuclear physics in order to gain a thorough understanding of how nuclear reactions work; designing and building a prototype reactor using materials that are readily available; testing the prototype reactor to ensure that it is safe and effective; and finally, constructing a permanent nuclear reactor in his parents' garage using more durable materials.

How do you differentiate the positions sub collector, assistant collector, joint collector, deputy collector, and collector?

A sub collector is an officer who is in charge of a sub-district. An assistant collector is an officer who is in charge of a taluk. A joint collector is an officer who is in charge of a district. A deputy collector is an officer who is in charge of a division. A collector is an officer who is in charge of the administration of a district.

What was the hardest mathematical/statistical concept for gwern to learn/internalize - that has paid off dividends for him later?

Differential equations.

Why do many people (and schools especially) insist never to trust Wikipedia?

Some people may not trust Wikipedia because it is a free, online encyclopedia that anyone can edit. This means that the accuracy of the information on Wikipedia can vary, and some articles may not be well-researched or well-written.

What is "half-swording"?

Half-swording is a fencing technique in which the fencer uses both hands to grip the sword, using one hand to grip the blade and the other to grip the hilt.

Why are viking helmets made of steel instead of bronze, won't they rust during sailing?

The helmets are made of steel because it is a more durable metal than bronze. The helmets will not rust during sailing because they are coated with a Protective lacquer.

What is the full form of HB pencil?

The full name of the HB pencil is the hard black pencil.

How much Apple cider vinegar should I mix with 150ml of distilled water to make a skin toner?


I think I'm mentally challenged because even children are smarter than me and I’m 26. What should I do?

I'm sorry to hear that you feel this way about yourself. It's important to remember that everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, and that just because you may not excel in some areas does not mean that you are mentally challenged. There are many things you can do to improve your intelligence and problem-solving skills, including reading books, taking classes, and practicing logic puzzles. Talk to your doctor or a mental health professional if you feel like you need extra help in this area.

What does invisible mean on Upwork?

Invisible means that the freelancer is not actively working on the site and is not available to take on new work.

What is the probability that, of four cards chosen at random from among the twelve face cards: Jack, Queen, King, the cards drawn will be red cards?

There are six red cards and twelve face cards in total, so the probability would be 6/12 or 50%.

Is there any proof that Meghan Markle’s children actually exist with the proof she wore moon bumps, fake birth certificates, lied about the name of the doctor, used a doll and passed off Brynn Gringas’ kid as her own? How come the press have no pics?

Let’s see the child’s face!”

There was no response from Buckingham Palace in relation to these rumours which started circulating shortly after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex confirmed they were expecting their second child.

How do I deal with a father that demands respect yet spends most of his time shouting at and disrespecting the rest of my family, including my mother?

This is a difficult situation. You may want to try to talk to your father about how his behavior is affecting the family and why he feels the need to shout and be disrespectful. It is possible that he is going through a lot of stress in his life and does not know how to deal with it in a healthy way. If you can have a calm and respectful conversation with him, it may help him to see how his behavior is affecting you and the rest of the family. If you cannot have a calm conversation with him, you may want to consider talking to a counselor or therapist who can help mediate the situation.

What does "different animal, same beast" mean?

"Different animal, same beast" means that two different things are actually the same thing.

My birthday just passed 2/10. My one wish was for my twin flame to tell me happy birthday after we haven’t talked in 3 months. She did contact me ! I just couldn’t believe it but It definitely made my day 😇 & I still respected her space. Growth?

It’s amazing how twin flames bring out the best in you .

How does a robot know the correct answer to a captcha if it is a robot itself?

It is impossible for a robot to know the correct answer to a captcha.

When is it better to have staff meetings?

It is better to have staff meetings when you want to communicate with your employees and give them updates on company news or changes.

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