🔥👉 What does Mr Awdhesh Singh think that the UP and Bihar people should do to develop their states, and why?

"✅👉 Mr Awdhesh Singh thinks that the UP and Bihar people should adopt a more proactive and disciplined approach to development in order to improve the standard of living in their states. He believes that this would require a change in mindset and attitude, as well as better planning and execution of development programmes."

Keira Streich DVM
Keira Streich DVM

How do you compute for the derivative of the function below for x = 1.Unfortunatelyy=35–√x+6x2−23x3+8?

The derivative of the function is:

35–√x+6x2−23x3+8 = 35 – (1/2)(x – 6)2(x – 3)(x + 8)

For x = 1, the derivative is:

35 – (1/2)(1 – 6)2(1 – 3)(1 + 8) = -10.5

To what extent would the idea of increasing the British pension to £380.00 a week and reduce the pension starting age for both men and women to 60 be a good set of ideas? If it is how could it be afforded?

This is a difficult question to answer. On one hand, increasing the pension to £380 a week would be a good idea as it would provide much needed financial security for retirees. However, this would be an expensive policy to implement and would require significant funding. It is possible that this could be paid for by reducing other areas of government spending, but it would be a difficult political sell. Alternatively, the government could increase taxes to pay for the policy, but this would be unpopular with many voters.

Is it mean to write an honestly negative review about a product, service, or venue?

No, it is not mean to write an honest negative review about a product, service, or venue.

How would nations prohibit and eliminate all forms of discrimination, including in relation to the enjoyment of political rights, as well as in the conduct of public affairs?

The United Nations General Assembly has adopted various resolutions and declarations calling for the elimination of all forms of discrimination. In addition, the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights and the International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights contain provisions prohibiting discrimination.

Would it be acceptable for the BBC to host a pre-Brexit vote debate with only the leaders of the two main parties, excluding the SNP and the Liberal Democrats?

No, it would not be acceptable for the BBC to host a pre-Brexit vote debate with only the leaders of the two main parties, excluding the SNP and the Liberal Democrats.

In Russian, how do I translate "form-based website authentication"?

Форма- базированная аутентификация веб-сайтов.

Why are trees still being cut down by logging people? Why doesn’t the government make tree logging illegal?

There are a variety of reasons why trees are still being cut down by logging people. One reason is that tree logging can be a profitable business. Additionally, some people may view tree logging as necessary for land management purposes, such as clearing land for farming or development. Some governments may also allow tree logging to occur in certain areas for the purpose of producing timber or other wood products.

How is Twice going to perform “Yes or Yes” without Mina?

Since Mina is taking a hiatus from Twice due to health reasons, the group will be performing as 8 members instead of 9.

Can you climb a tree to escape a tsunami?

No, it is not possible to climb a tree to escape a tsunami because the waves are too powerful and will quickly knock you off of the tree.

What is a cooler for a hot mind?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as different people may find different things to be helpful in cooling down a hot mind. Some potential ideas include taking a break from stimuli, focusing on breathing or other calming activities, and drinking cool water.

What is the essential difference between gestalt and psychoanalytical psychotherapists?

The essential difference between gestalt and psychoanalytical psychotherapists is that gestalt therapists focus on the here and now, while psychoanalytical therapists focus on the past.

Why did Trump ask Kevin McAleenan, commissioner of Customs and Border Protection (CBP), to close the border now - as opposed to his pledge to the American public to wait a year - and promising McAleenan a presidential pardon if he were jailed?

There are a few potential reasons why Trump might have asked McAleenan to close the border now. One possibility is that Trump is concerned about the increasing number of Central American migrants who are traveling to the US-Mexico border in search of asylum. This surge in migration has strained CBP resources and caused significant delays at the border. Trump may believe that closing the border will help to stem the flow of migrants and ease the burden on CBP.

Another possibility is that Trump is responding to pressure from his supporters to take a hardline stance on immigration. Trump has been criticized by some for not doing enough to stop illegal immigration, and he may be feeling pressure to take a more aggressive approach.

Lastly, it's possible that Trump is simply trying to score political points by appearing tough on immigration. With the 2020 presidential election approaching, Trump may believe that taking a hardline stance on immigration will help him win over voters.

In a non-English speaking country, as a 9th grade, which is still secondary school in my country (Viet Nam), how much is a good SAT mark?

There is no SAT in Viet Nam.

Which team will Alastair Cook play in IPL 2019?

Alastair Cook is not scheduled to play in IPL 2019.

On Star Trek Voyager, if the caretaker owes the Ocampa an unpayable debt for destroying their planet, why not just relocate them somewhere else?

There are a number of reasons why this might not be possible. First, it is possible that the Ocampa cannot survive outside of their home planet. Second, the Ocampa may not want to leave their home planet, even if it is uninhabitable. Finally, the Caretaker may not have the resources to relocate the entire Ocampa population.

Are there any jobs to directly place a government vacancy for SC students?

There are a variety of government jobs available for SC students. To learn more, visit the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's website at https://www.eeoc.gov/employees/job-seekers-sc.

What are some good parttime data science type jobs?

Some good part-time data science type jobs include working as a data analyst, data engineer, or research scientist.

How do I change the product type in Shopify?

To change the product type in Shopify, you will need to first go to your Shopify admin. From there, click on Products and then click on the product that you want to edit. Next to where it says "Type", click on the drop-down menu and select the new product type.

African philosophers believe the West has lost something essential by severing the relationship with nature. Is this justified?

There is some truth to the claim that the West has lost something essential by severing the relationship with nature. For example, Westerners are now more likely to live in cities and work in office buildings, which can lead to a disconnection from the natural world. Additionally, Westerners tend to view nature as something to be conquered and exploited, rather than something to be respected and protected. As a result, the West has caused significant environmental damage in recent years. However, it is important to note that not all Westerners have lost their connection with nature. There are still many people in the West who appreciate and respect the natural world.

In my CBC report, my WBC total & differential count are normal except little bit high polymorph but in remarks at bottom of report it says WBC leukopenia. What does it mean?

Leukopenia is a decrease in the number of white blood cells (leukocytes).

I just think all the time of my future and sucess that will I achieve, read all motivational quotes and kept on dreaming and visualising sucess I am having this habbit from past two yrars, is it okay?

Yes, it is okay to dream and visualize success. However, be sure to take action steps towards your goals so that your dreams become a reality. Additionally, enjoy the present moment and don't get too caught up in planning for the future.

Which government agencies and officials are involved in the regulation of nanotechnology?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, and the National Institute of Standards and Technology are all involved in the regulation of nanotechnology.

Do men know other men?

Yes, men know other men.

Was Heinrich Himmler white? In most pictures, he looks Asian.

There is no definitive answer, as there are no known pictures of Himmler without his trademark mustache. However, many historians believe that he was of at least partially Caucasian descent.

Where can I host my videos so Chinese people may watch (not download this elearning) without bandwidth problems?

There are many potential hosts for video content, but some popular choices for Chinese audiences include Youku and Tudou.

What are some jobs or careers where having seniority offers practically nothing beneficial?

Police, military, and other law enforcement occupations are examples of jobs where having seniority offers practically nothing beneficial. In these occupations, rank is based on years of service, rather than on managerial position or skill.

What does he really mean, when he says that he might not reply, because his phone is about to die?

When a person's phone is about to die, it means that the battery is running low and will soon need to be recharged. The person may not be able to reply to a message or call because the phone will die before they can do so.

Does smoking weed give you menthol in the mind kind of feeling of relaxation?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the effects of marijuana can vary greatly from person to person. Some people may indeed feel a sense of relaxation and menthol-like sensation after smoking weed, while others may not experience these effects at all. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to determine how smoking weed affects them personally.

How to develop a tool for analysis of dynamically generated data and compare it with the fixed standard data which is available using python (pandas)?

There is no standard answer to this question since it depends on the specific data and analysis requirements. However, one approach would be to develop a tool in Python Pandas that can dynamically generate the required data and then compare it with the fixed standard data.

What is the purpose of morning assemblies to begin the school day? Are they still conducted?

The purpose of morning assemblies is to begin the school day. They are still conducted.

In season 3 of Winx Club, bloom’s Enchantix is supposedly “incomplete” but she can still transform and use her powers freely? Why? Shouldn’t she be spontaneously transforming into her Magic Winx? Why is she able to use her fairy dust?

This has never been fully explained, but it is possible that Bloom's Enchantix is incomplete because she has not yet mastered all of its aspects. It is also possible that the Enchantix requires a certain amount of magical energy to maintain its form, and that Bloom has not yet gathered enough magic to sustain it fully.

Is the Panda Express popular in China?

There is no definitive answer to this question as opinions will vary. Some people in China may view Panda Express as a popular restaurant chain while others may not be as familiar with it. However, Panda Express does have over 2,000 locations in the United States and is continuing to expand internationally, so it is safe to say that the chain is growing in popularity.

Is Apple seriously thinking of acquiring Imagination Technologies?

Apple has not made any public announcement regarding its plans to acquire Imagination Technologies. Any speculation about Apple's possible acquisition of Imagination Technologies would be pure conjecture at this time.

Do year back students get jobs in an MNC?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it largely depends on the student's qualifications and experience. However, many MNCs are willing to consider year back students for entry-level positions if they meet the necessary criteria.

I can't setup auto forwarding on yahoo mail as the forwarding option is disabled, Does anyone know what is the reason and how to solve it?

There could be a few reasons why the forwarding option is disabled. One reason could be that your account has been flagged for suspicious activity. Another reason could be that you have not logged into your account in a while and Yahoo has disabled certain features.

If you believe your account has been suspended for suspicious activity, you will need to contact Yahoo directly to resolve the issue. If you have not logged into your account in a while, try logging in and see if the forwarding option is enabled. If it is still disabled, you may need to contact Yahoo customer support for further assistance.

Will sub-urban white women support Trump in the US elections?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it depends on the individual woman's views and opinions. However, some polls have suggested that Trump has support among suburban white women, although this is not universally the case.

What happens when I hard reboot my iPhone vs regular off and back on? Am I potentially damaging the hardware or software?

There is no real difference between a hard reboot and a regular power off/power on. In either case, you are not damaging the hardware or software.

Can a president issue a preemptive pardon? Can the US President pardon a person for a crime for which they have not yet been indicted or convicted?

The President can issue a preemptive pardon for any federal crime, but not for a state crime.

Edgar CEO why don't you follow Illinois patient statue laws? Is it because Governor Pritzker appointed you? $$$

https://t.gov/drm/sites/default/files/Code%20of%20Ethics%20Summary%2016-PROCEDURES.pdf As an educated citizen of the State of Illinois, I find the Illinois Administrative Code, set forth in this site...

Are ongoing projects covered under RERA in Bangalore?

Yes, ongoing projects are covered under RERA in Bangalore. All real estate agents, developers and builders have to register their ongoing projects with the Karnataka Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA).

Why did missionaries convert Native Americans to Christianity?

The main reason missionaries converted Native Americans to Christianity was to save them from eternal damnation.

Did Pant play a rash shot which cost him his wicket against New Zealand on the World Test Champion Final?

No, he did not play a rash shot which cost him his wicket against New Zealand on the World Test Champion Final.

Can anybody give detailed onformation about JHOOLA"- the semi classical form of indian music exclusive information on jhoola relted artists states instruments historical background etc and not on related forms like thumri?

Jhoola is a semi-classical form of Indian music that is traditionally sung by artists from the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. It is typically performed on instruments such as the sitar, sarangi, and tabla. The historical background of jhoola is unclear; however, it is thought to have originated in the 16th century.

Can I stop putting gauze in my mouth three days after a wisdom tooth extraction?

If your dentist says it's okay, then you can stop.

Why is religion so widespread? To me it makes absolutely no sense that people blindly follow something of which there is zero evidence.

There are many reasons why religion is widespread. People may feel comfort in believing in a higher power, or they may like the community that comes with being part of a religious group. Some people may believe that religion gives them a sense of purpose or meaning in life. Others may find solace in the rituals and traditions associated with their faith. Ultimately, there is no one answer to this question - everyone has their own reasons for believing in a religion.

Is Lewis Hamilton leaving Formula One?

No, Lewis Hamilton is not leaving Formula One. As of September 2020, he has signed a contract extension with Mercedes to stay with the team until the end of the 2022 season.

What are some obvious issues with state-run media?

Some state-run medias can be biased due to the government's preference or control over the media. This can result in a lack of objectivity and present an inaccurate portrayal of events. Additionally, state-run media can be used as a tool for propaganda to control and influence the public.

Is a sectional cloud kitchen becoming popular?

There is no definitive answer to this question as popularity can vary from place to place. However, it is safe to say that sectional cloud kitchens are certainly becoming more popular in many parts of the world. One reason for this popularity is that these types of kitchens can be very efficient and cost-effective, especially for businesses that do a lot of catering or delivery. Another reason is that they offer a lot of flexibility in terms of design and layout, which can be very appealing to many people.

What is the difference between mastering something and perfecting something in martial arts? Which one is over the other?

Mastering something in martial arts means having a complete and total understanding of it. This means that you know all the ins and outs and can execute it perfectly. Perfecting something in martial arts means that you have refined your technique to the point where it is nearly flawless. There is no one perfect way to do things in martial arts, so perfecting something means that you have found the best way for you to do it.

Why is my Labrador constantly hungry even when I feed him according to the instructions and give him snacks from time to time?

There are several reasons why your Labrador may be constantly hungry. It may be that he is not getting enough food, or that the food you are giving him is not nutritionally complete. It is also possible that he has a medical condition that causes him to feel hungry all the time. If you are unsure why your Labrador is always hungry, you should take him to the veterinarian for a checkup.

Is war considered a game of strategy?

Yes, war is a strategy game.

What are some Islamic countries that have law ordering restaurant establishments including the ones owned by non-Muslims must be closed down during fasting hours in fasting months?

During the holy month of Ramadan, all Muslim-majority countries have laws ordering restaurant establishments to close down during fasting hours. This includes both Muslim-owned and non-Muslim-owned restaurants.

Is there a good library in Kanpur?

There is no definitive answer to this question as different people have different opinions on what constitutes a "good" library. However, some possible contenders for a good library in Kanpur include the Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth Central Library, the Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur Central Library, and the Kanpur University Central Library.

Can someone who chose the USA UG path instead of the much trodden JEE path tell why they chose that path?

There are many reasons why students choose the United States over the Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). Some students may feel that the JEE is too competitive, while others may believe that the United States offers more opportunities for research and experimentation. Additionally, some students may prefer the individualized attention they receive from professors in the United States.

Is it normal in America to find people asleep in public lavatories?

It is not common to find people asleep in public lavatories in America, but it does happen on occasion.

Who is the best sugar doctor in Navi Mumbai?

The best sugar doctor in Navi Mumbai is Dr. Vijay Diwakar. He is a specialist in endocrinology and diabetes.

Is upper second-last tooth extraction painful/risky?

The answer may depend on the location of the tooth. Generally, teeth that are farther back in the mouth tend to be more difficult to remove. Additionally, the amount of bone around the tooth can also affect how difficult it is to remove a tooth. Therefore, it is difficult to say definitively whether or not an upper second-last tooth extraction would be painful or risky without knowing more about the individual case.

Is it true about Iraqi Dinar RV? https://dinartimes.com/economic-predictions-2020-gurus-opinion-on-rv/


There is a lot of predictions about the Iraqi Dinar RV, and it is hard to say for certain if any of them are true. It is possible that the RV could happen in 2020, but it is also possible that it may not happen at all. Ultimately, only time will tell.

How do I train my ear better to recognize intervals?

Interval training is a great way to improve your ear's ability to recognize intervals. Start by singing or playing simple intervals (such as thirds or fourths) on your instrument. Then, gradually increase the difficulty by adding more intervals or by extending the range of the intervals. You can also try listening to intervals being played and identify them yourself.

Men, married or divorced only. Do you recommend marriage to men? Comment as to why?

Most men would say marriage is a good thing, although there are some who would recommend against it. The main reason why marriage is often recommended for men is because it is a stable and committed relationship that can provide many benefits, such as companionship, support, and security.

The police have taken an original driving licence after FIR. How can I get it back?

After filing an FIR, the police may take your original driving license for investigation purposes. However, you should be able to get it back after the investigation is complete. You can try contacting the police station that took your license to inquire about getting it back.

When do I use a "dash"?

A dash is used to emphasize a word or phrase or to indicate a sudden change in thought.

When the Warriors’ reign of terror comes to an end, what will be the next dynasty in the NBA?

The Los Angeles Lakers are currently in the midst of a rebuild, but they have the potential to be the next dynasty in the NBA. With young stars like Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram, and Kyle Kuzma, the Lakers have the pieces in place to compete for championships for years to come.

Is China's H-20 stealth aircraft very similar to the B-21?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as the extent of similarity between the two aircraft is currently unknown. However, it is widely speculated that the H-20 is indeed quite similar to the B-21, given that both are stealth bomber aircraft designed for long-range strategic bombing missions.

Why do models lift their arms to show their armpits while at the same time making their breasts appear less-rounded?

There are a few reasons for this. For one, it can make the arms look more toned. Additionally, it can make the chest appear more lifted, which can be flattering for some people. Additionally, it can help to create the illusion of a smaller waist.

Is it true that our brain can create colors that in reality are not there?

Yes, it is possible for the brain to create colors that are not actually present. This can happen due to various neurological conditions, or it can be a normal part of the human visual experience. For example, people with synaesthesia might see colors when they hear certain sounds, even though there are no actual colors present.

According to Josephus, Goliath was four cubits and a hand. This makes him 6’4” which is not particularly tall compared to the emphasis in the text. Does this mean the Israelites were small people?

Most commentators think the statement “six cubits and a span” represents his total height and refers to the fact that he had armor on him.

This makes him ten-feet tall, which is about average for an ancient Egyptian warrior, based on reconstructions of Egyptian armor worn at the time. Ancient Egyptian statues of gods, which are often of giants, are often seventeen feet tall. And these sculptures generally operate on a five-to-one ratio with life-size areas.

Moreover, Goliath looks tall compared to normal human proportions because the and “the text intends the image of Goliath in close proximity with the Israelites to convey fear and dread…That’s why ancient statuary follows those ratios never one to one proportions.” More humans were usually depicted smaller than life. Goliath will also be shown with other giants in pieces of art that anticipate where this reading is going to head with our future discussion onoliath compare to them as giant or giantini right so David can kill a giant Goliathi by slinging a pebble at him who hit his forehead and now you’re going to hear how david comes across these other giants who were kinda like use goliaths but not quite as big as David claimed in Western artwork especially literature they will be designated as Giants or called gigantic while the concept of Giants has been deleted from Christianity it was once taught that God created different types of beings that ultimately became angels humans and giants, who may have been able to change attitudes but not taller for example whether sure as a scholar reviewed one hundred ninety+ descriptions and illustrations of giants found in european artwork from 1300 all the way forward containing several themes such as Physical Size Extreme Strength courage intelligence monstrous behavior mysterious origins Volcanic activity creation fear resistance heroic opposition supernatural impact [supernatural: above nature; size, strength..] although at their core true giants display physically superior superior attributes largely invisible hidden spirits such as goddesses when you look at a goliath in Europe or Christianity what are you seeing [depicted]? You don’t see anything Mentioning his spirituality unless you zoom out into the landscape way behind He won’t tell you anything about god But he will give you a glimpse Of some terrorizing features Who he is very clear that he is not human paint the idea that you could meet something today But god created many different types Of Beings including let me call them superhumans other spiritual Beings

Is man dog's best friend?

No, man is not dog's best friend.

With US influence and power seemingly in decline, how will China deal with it over the next 5-10 years?

There is no one answer to this question as China will likely deal with US influence and power in a variety of ways over the next 5-10 years. Some possible ways include continuing to grow its own economy and military, engaging in more international diplomacy, and investing in more infrastructure projects around the world.

What makes the Corrupt practices Investigation Bureau of Singapore so good?

There is no one answer to this question, but several factors may contribute to the Corruption Investigation Bureau's (CIBS) reputation as an effective anti-corruption agency. These include the CIBS's investigative and prosecutorial independence, its well-trained staff, and its use of modern technology and forensic techniques. The CIBS also benefits from Singapore's generally low levels of corruption, which makes investigating and prosecuting corrupt practices easier.

If tires are made to be tubeless, does that mean you only need the liquid sealant or the complete “tubeless conversion set” with tapes?

Yes, the sealant is the only product that you need in order to make tubeless conversions. Tubes can still be used in tubeless-compatible tires if desired.

When will the NIFT student permanent transfer results get declared this year in 2020? Are there any expected dates?

The NIFT student permanent transfer results are expected to be declared in May 2020.

Is taking advanced classes in high school worth it?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some students benefit greatly from taking advanced classes while others find them too challenging and prefer to stick to more traditional courses. Ultimately, it is up to the individual student to decide whether or not they feel like taking advanced classes is worth it.

What are negative pressure ventilation and non-invasive positive pressure ventilation techniques?

Negative pressure ventilation and non-invasive positive pressure ventilation are methods of mechanical ventilation.

Negative pressure ventilation delivers air to the lungs by way of a mask or similar device that covers the mouth and nose, while non-invasive positive pressure ventilation involves the use of a machine to deliver air to the lungs through a mask or nasal cannula.

How hard can it be for freshman year mechanical engineering students to learn reverse engineering by themselves?

This depends on the student's prior knowledge and abilities. If the student has a strong background in mechanical engineering, it may not be difficult for them to learn reverse engineering on their own. However, if the student does not have a strong background in mechanical engineering, it may be more difficult for them to learn reverse engineering without assistance.

When visiting the RMV in my state, I presented personal mail, and other enveloped documents as proof of residence. Why is it that government workers will not touch, open or remove paper documents inside (I noticed the same thing at the post office)?

The main reason government workers will not touch, open or remove paper documents from envelopes is to protect the privacy of the individual. By opening the envelope, the government worker would be violating the individual's right to privacy. Additionally, if the envelope contained any confidential information, such as a Social Security Number, the government worker could be held liable for any misuse of that information.

Do athletes like footballers get sick?

There is no definitive answer to this question as athletes can get sick from a variety of things, ranging from common colds and viruses to more serious conditions. However, footballers in particular may be more susceptible to sickness due to the intense physical nature of the sport.

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