🔥👉 What are some hacks/clever tricks to increase you tube real subscriber number that really work perfectly other than making good vids eg promoting vid?

"✅👉 There is no surefire way to increase your YouTube subscriber count other than creating great videos that people want to watch and share. However, there are a few things you can do to give your videos a boost:

1. Create engaging titles and descriptions.

2. Use keywords and tags to help people find your videos.

3. Promote your videos on social media and other websites.

4. Provide value in your videos by teaching viewers something or entertaining them.

5. Collaborate with other YouTubers to cross-promote each other's videos."

Alvis Bednar
Alvis Bednar

What are ten points of great teaching?

1. Teachers should be knowledgeable about their subject matter.
2. Teachers should be able to keep their students engaged in learning.
3. Teachers should be able to assess their students' understanding of the material.
4. Teachers should be able to adjust their instruction to meet the needs of individual students.
5. Teachers should be able to create a positive learning environment.
6. Teachers should be able to establish strong relationships with their students.
7. Teachers should be able to differentiate instruction.
8. Teachers should be proficient in technology.
9. Teachers should be able to use data to inform their instruction.
10. Teachers should be reflective practitioners.

Does anyone out there, in possession of serious credentials in economics, think it is a good idea to widen the gap between government spending and tax revenue right now?

I don't have serious credentials in economics, but I do believe it is a good idea to widen the gap between government spending and tax revenue right now. The reason is that the economy is still in a fragile state and needs all the help it can get. Government spending injects money into the economy and stimulates economic activity, while tax cuts put more money into people's pockets and give them more purchasing power.

How did US Cyber Command develop an unmatched offensive capability in the world even though it was only founded in 2009?

It is unclear how US Cyber Command developed an unmatched offensive capability in the world.

Is this voltage transformer good for daily various electric items (hair dryer, mini griddle, etc) using around the world? Is there lighter weight option instead of 500 W transformer weight 6.5kg? A s I buy electric products from different countries.

There are lighter weight options available, but they may not be as reliable.

Has anyone given a Maltese only 30 minutes to 2 hours of few people human companionship daily, no other dogs, just toys, homing home and have they been fine?

There is no definitive answer, as each dog is different. Some dogs may be fine with 30 minutes to 2 hours of few people human companionship daily, while others may become lonely or anxious without more interaction.

"The Shining" movie: What is the story behind the lady ghost in bathroom?

The Shining is a 1980 horror film directed by Stanley Kubrick, adapted from Stephen King's 1977 novel of the same name. The film's central character is Jack Torrance (portrayed by Jack Nicholson), an aspiring writer and recovering alcoholic who accepts a position as the off-season caretaker at the Overlook Hotel in Colorado. His young son Danny (played by Danny Lloyd) possesses "the shining", an ability to see into the hotel's horrific past. Wendy Torrance (Shelley Duvall), Jack's wife, struggles to cope with Jack's deteriorating sanity.

The story behind the lady ghost in bathroom is that she was a previous guest at the hotel who died in the bathroom.

I called 911 on someone smoking inside the as it is a health hazard to the other members inside but they refused to dispatch, telling me that they can’t force someone to go smoke outside. Should I keep calling?

Yes, you should keep calling.

If I applied to one thousand scholarships, what are the chances that I'll have the remaining three years of college paid for?

There is no definite answer to this question since it depends on a number of factors, including the number and types of scholarships you apply for, your eligibility for each scholarship, and the competition for each scholarship. However, increasing the number of scholarships you apply for will certainly increase your chances of having your remaining college expenses covered.

Why does Tamil Nadu have high job reservation levels?

Tamil Nadu has high job reservation levels to encourage the economic development of the state and to improve the social and economic status of its citizens. The reservation levels vary from time to time and are reviewed periodically.

If you move houses and reset your WiFi router, can you view the WiFi history while rebooting it?

You will not be able to view the WiFi history while rebooting the router.

I thought the future was going to look more like something we saw in science fiction movies. It seems like sci-fi movie sets are closer to living in that future. Why can't use the same futuristic ideas for our own cities?

Instead, it looks like we're moving backwards.

Recently, I am being faced with the problem of getting registered as a seller on GEM (Government E-Marketplace). Since 15 days I am facing the overload service issue, complaint ticket generated still no response. How my problem can be solved?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to solve your specific issue may vary depending on the situation. However, some tips to solve an overload service issue on GEM include contacting customer support, using a different browser or device, clearing your cache and cookies, and resetting your internet connection.

How do I create a WhatsApp group link?

To create a WhatsApp group link, open WhatsApp on your phone and go to the Chats screen. Tap the New Chat button, then tap New Group. Tap the participants field, then select each contact you want to add to the group. Tap the Done button, then type a name for your group and tap the Done button.

How do you handle global, local, and linearized observability (control theory, nonlinear system, Kalman filter, math)?

Global, local, and linearized observability are handled by using the Kalman filter. This filter provides a way to estimate the state of a system from measurements that are corrupted by noise. The Kalman filter is able to do this by using a model of the system and making assumptions about the noise in the measurements.

What is the proof for Gauss's law for electricity for general closed surfaces?

Gauss's law for electricity states that the flux of the electric field across any closed surface is equal to the charge enclosed by the surface. The proof for this law is as follows:

Let Q be the total charge enclosed by the closed surface S. Then, by definition, the flux of the electric field across S is given by

Φ = ∫_S E⋅dA

Now, let's take an infinitesimal patch of area dA on the surface S. Then, the component of the electric field E perpendicular to dA is given by

E⋅dA = E⋅ndA = E_n dA

where n is a unit vector normal to the surface at that point. Therefore, we have

Φ = ∫_S E_n dA

Now, using the definition of the electric field, we have

Φ = ∫_S E_n dA = ∫_S (Q/4πε_0) / r2 dA= (Q/4πε_0) ∫_S 1 / r2 dA
since E_n = (Q/4πε_0) / r2 .

The last integral is just the solid angle subtended by S at the point where the charge Q is located. Therefore, we have

Φ = (Q/4πε_0) ∫_S 1 / r2 dA = (Q/4πε_0) 4π = Q/ε_0
thus proving Gauss's law for electricity.

What is it like to comfortably retire below the age of 60?

Assuming one has enough money saved up, it can be quite pleasant to retire before the age of 60. One would have plenty of time to pursue hobbies, travel, and spend time with family and friends. There would be no need to worry about work-related stressors or concerns.

What will push the US embassy to visit a visa applicant's home?

There is no definite answer to this question as each case is different. However, some reasons that may push the US embassy to visit a visa applicant's home include if the applicant has a criminal record or if there are concerns about the applicant's ties to their home country.

Which book helped you improve your life quality?

The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle.

People made fun of me for being skinny for years and when I gained weight, those same people are now calling me fat or commenting on my new weight gain. It’s confusing and quite discouraging. Maybe even depressing….. Any thoughts on this?

It bothers me every day.

There is no pleasing everyone, so you need to please yourself. Focus on your own happiness and don’t let the negativity of others bring you down.

What incentive do pirates get for uploading movies in Telegram illegally?

Pirates may upload movies to Telegram illegally in order to earn money from advertisements or subscriptions. Additionally, some pirates may release movies on Telegram in order to gain popularity or attention.

What does 999 mean? I’m seeing it the closer I get to deliver date in pregnancy & sometimes the number 911 will follow right after seeing 999.

999 is the code for a life-threatening emergency.

What color is Beetlejuice when he's human?

human = light tan/brown

Which is better, a concrete business or a hospitality business?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on a variety of factors, including the location, target market, and type of products or services offered.

Do I report it if I found a pocket knife on school grounds?

You should report it to a teacher or administrator.

Where do you play badminton in Bangalore? Please provide your suggestions, especially for places around Indiranagar.

There are a few places where one can play badminton in Bangalore. Some of these places are:

1. Indiranagar Club

2. Basavanagudi Gymkhana

3. Karnataka Badminton Association

4. Mountaineering Club of India

5. Bangalore Turf Club

How do I get money on coinpayu.com? Is the site really legit?

To get money on coinpayu.com, you need to complete tasks and offerwalls. Once you have reached the minimum threshold, you can withdraw your earnings to your PayPal account. The site appears to be legitimate, although there are some complaints about delayed payments.

How does the EU’s waste legislation work? If a substance is hazardous, can it be recycled?

The European Union's waste legislation is based on the principle of the " Waste Hierarchy ", which obliges waste producers to take all possible measures to avoid and reduce waste. If waste cannot be avoided or reduced, it should be reused or recycled. Hazardous substances can be recycled if they are treated in order to remove the hazardous properties.

Two waves represented by y= a sin (wt - kx) and y= a cos (wt - kx) are superposed. What is the phase difference?

The phase difference is pi/2.

Is a marriage officer a commissioner of oaths?

Yes, a marriage officer is a commissioner of oaths.

Your kid falls to sleep for hours after immunization, would you stop immunization?

No, immunization is important for protecting children from disease.

When will humans colonize the Moon? How long will it take until space agencies establish human settlements on the Moon?

Some experts believe that human beings could establish colonies on the Moon within the next few decades. However, it is difficult to say how long it would take for space agencies to establish permanent settlements on the Moon. It is possible that it could take many years or even centuries to establish viable human settlements on the Moon.

Is Russia still an exceptionally dangerous place to lead political opposition against Putin?

Yes, Russia is still an exceptionally dangerous place to lead political opposition against Putin. The Russian government has been shown to be willing to violently repress any and all forms of dissent, and individuals who attempt to organize against Putin and his government have been kidnapped, tortured, and murdered.

Who is more handsome, Joseph Stalin or Adolf Hitler?

Both Joseph Stalin and Adolf Hitler were equally handsome.

When will my career in music start if I was born on 14 March 1989 at 9:37 PM in Dehradun, Uttarakhand?

Your career in music will start around the age of 28.

Is Eye of the Tiger or Burning Heart a better song?

Eye of the Tiger is a better song.

Why is the number of faculties in CSE at SNU comparatively lower than other branches?

CSE at SNU is a relatively new department and it is still expanding.

Why doesn't Afghanistan claim its territory beyond the Durand Line occupied by Pakistan?

There is no one answer to this question. Some possible reasons include:

-Afghanistan has never officially recognized the Durand Line as the border between the two countries.
-Pakistan has control of the strategic Khyber Pass, which gives Pakistan access to the Arabian Sea.
-The Afghan government is weak and does not have the resources to take on Pakistan militarily.
-Pakistan has nuclear weapons, while Afghanistan does not.

Can you use PhD Flopper on Die Rise Black Ops 2 Zombie Map by using hacks? If so, how much will it cost?

Yes, but it is not recommended as it may lead to ban.

What does the term star as in two star, three star, or four star mean in high school sports?

In high school sports, the term star typically refers to the number of athletes on a team who have been named to the all-state team.

How does a speaker inform an audience?

A speaker informs an audience by providing them with facts, data, and information.

If there were an indestructible, undeformable rod of negligible mass with a radius of 5cm, with one end at the centre of the Earth and the other above the surface, and a 50 kN rocket attached, how long would the rod need to be before Everyone Dies™?

Assuming that the rocket exhaust is pointing vertically, the initial velocity of the rocket would need to be approximately 7.6 km/s in order for it to reach 50 kN of thrust. The exhaust velocity of a typical rocket is on the order of 2-4 km/s, so this would require a very long rod.

Even though the COVID cases in China have barely increased for a year,there are still some people in Quora who use "CCP cover up data" to deny the premise of my question. Why don't they believe anything?

There are a few reasons why people might not believe that the data from China is accurate. One reason could be that the Chinese government has been known to cover up information in the past, so people may not trust that the data is accurate. Another reason could be that there are still cases of COVID-19 occurring in China, so people may not believe that the data is accurate if there are still cases occurring.

What are some of the worst programming languages created?

There are too many to count, but here are some of the most commonly cited: Brainfuck, INTERCAL, Malbolge, Befunge.

For marriage of daughter called outdoor catering, what percentage of the GST is to pay?

In outdoor catering, the GST is to be paid at the rate of 18%.

Which woman was an escaped slave who worked as a “conductor” on the Underground Railroad, and served as an armed scout and spy for the US Army during the Civil War?

Harriet Tubman.

Is GATE preferable for IT students?

This is a difficult question to answer as it depends on the specific interests and goals of the IT student. Some IT students may find GATE to be a better fit for their interests, while others may find another graduate program to be a better match. It is important to speak with advisers and other students in order to make the best decision for oneself.

What did someone do in a gallery that made you say “You gotta be kidding me”?

I was once at a gallery where someone had put their feet up on a chair and was leaning back against the wall. I thought it was incredibly rude and disrespectful.

We want to open an IIT-Jee coaching institute. We are a team of two people who want to be equal partners in the company. Should we register it as a private limited company or a firm? Step by step procedure to register would be appreciated. Thanks in Advance.

I would recommend registering it as a firm. The main benefit of a firm is that it is much easier and less expensive to set up and maintain than a private limited company.

What happens when foot fungus meets a wooden soled shoe, like a clog?

Foot fungus usually thrives in dark, moist places. Therefore, when foot fungus comes into contact with a wooden soled shoe, it has the potential to cause the wood to rot. In severe cases, the foot fungus can even cause the shoe to fall apart.

Can I measure the distance from the surface of a pond to the bottom using a laser?

Yes, you can measure the distance from the surface of a pond to the bottom using a laser.

Is 150 lbs (total together) of resistance band resistance enough to get ripped? I'm about to buy some and would like to know before I do.

There is no definitive answer to this question since it varies based on individual fitness goals and levels. However, many experts recommend using resistance bands with a minimum of 30 pounds of resistance for people who are looking to get ripped.

What type of psychology should I learn?

There isn't a single answer to this question as it depends on your specific goals and interests. However, some popular areas of psychology that you may want to consider include clinical psychology, counseling psychology, industrial-organizational psychology, and child psychology.

How has being simple helped you in life?

Being simple has helped me in life by making things easier for me to understand and remember. Additionally, it has helped me to be more organized and efficient with my time.

Should the US foreign policy be what the founding fathers envisioned?

The foreign policy of the United States should be based on the principles outlined in the country's founding documents. These include promoting democracy, championing human rights, and protecting American interests while respecting the sovereignty of other nations.

How many pieces do you form with five cuts of pizza, where all cuts go through the center?

A total of 20 pieces can be formed.

We are planning to launch a website in early Aug, and our target audience is global manga/comics readers. How should we send out Facebook request?

Send out a request to your Facebook friends list asking them to Like and Follow your page.

What do you know about facing consequences without you doing anything wrong?

The phrase "facing consequences" usually refers to experiencing negative repercussions as a result of one's actions. However, it is also possible to face consequences without doing anything wrong. For example, if someone else breaks the law and you are associated with them, you may face legal consequences even though you did not commit any crime. Similarly, you may face social consequences if you hold views that are unpopular with others, even if you have not done anything to offend them. In general, then, facing consequences means experiencing negative consequences due to circumstances beyond your control.

I am dog sitting, and the owner has us feeding him raw chicken legs. Is this safe and a healthy diet?

Chicken is safe for dogs to eat, and is a healthy part of their diet.

What percentage of "Hindus" believe the stories about the gods as literal events that actually happened?

There is no one answer to this question as Hindus have diverse beliefs. Some Hindus may believe that the stories about the gods are literal events that actually happened, while others may not.

Would you like to be left alone about John Wick 3?

If you do not want to talk about John Wick 3, please let me know and I will respect your wishes.

How long does it take to sponsor a brother to the USA in 2020?

The average time it takes to sponsor a brother to the USA in 2020 is around 10-12 months.

How do I repair the Samsung air conditioner having an E154 error?

Firstly, try to restart the air conditioner. If the error persists, then you will need to reset the unit. To do this, simply unplug the air conditioner from the power outlet and plug it back in again after 30 seconds.

Given that “cosmological horizon” means that light from some galaxy clusters will never reach us, that causality will never reach us, can these areas be considered “closed systems” in terms of entropy or maybe as completely separate universes?

For simplicity we can consider the case where some cluster is moving away from us at superluminal speed and will thus never be in causal contact with us again.
Yes, one can consider those areas as separate universes or as closed systems in terms of entropy.

What is the most economic way to move and store family antique furniture until the grandchildren want them in a few years (from Alabama to South Carolina)?

The most economic way to move and store family antique furniture until the grandchildren want them in a few years would be to rent a storage unit.

What kind of influence will Donald Trump have on U.S. politics once he leaves office?

Donald Trump is likely to have a significant influence on U.S. politics even after he leaves office. Trump has shown that he has a loyal base of supporters who are willing to follow him and his agenda. Trump is also likely to continue to use his platform to shape the political discourse in the United States.

How does a solid-state transformer (aka "smart transformer," I believe) work?

A solid-state transformer (SST) is a type of transformer that uses semiconductor devices instead of windings and magnetic cores to provide isolation between input and output circuits. This allows for a much smaller size, lighter weight, and higher efficiency than conventional transformers. SSTs can also provide other unique capabilities such as the ability to regulate voltage, frequency, and phase independently.

Why does parallax method cannot be employed for measuring the distance of a very away star?

The parallax method requires that the target object be relatively close to the observer. For stars, this generally means within a few hundred light years. For objects beyond that distance, the parallax shift is simply too small to measure.

What is the correct way to adjust the electronic driver's seat such that it would be most comfortable?

There is no single answer to this question as comfort is subjective. Some people may prefer to have the seat close to the steering wheel while others may prefer to have it further back. Some people may also prefer to have the seat higher while others may prefer to have it lower. Ultimately, it is up to the driver to adjust the seat until it is in the most comfortable position for them.

School is so draining. What am I supposed to do?

Well, first of all, try to get into a good sleep schedule. That means going to bed at a reasonable time every night and waking up at a reasonable time every morning. This will help you feel rested and ready to face the day. Secondly, try to eat healthy and stay hydrated. Drinking lots of water and eating healthy foods will help you stay focused and energized throughout the day. Finally, make sure to take some time for yourself every day to relax and de-stress. Whether that means taking a hot bath, reading your favorite book, or taking a walk outside, doing something that you enjoy will help you feel refreshed and ready to tackle whatever comes your way.

Why does a plane mirror form image size half the size of an object? Provide some relevant image with relevant answer (not briefly).

A plane mirror forms image size half the size of an object because the light reflects off the mirror at the same angle that it hits the mirror. This causes the image to be upside down and backwards from the object.

Is having tattoo at the back a problem for the CPO medical test? Is it allowed for a sub-inspector Delhi police?

There are no specific regulations regarding tattoos for Delhi police sub-inspectors, but generally visible tattoos are not permitted.

Is it correct that absent unforeseen changes in factual or legal circumstances, there is little for the Justice Department to do but decide whether to wait until after the midterms to formally seek an indictment from the grand jury for Donald Trump?

Due to the principles of prosecutorial discretion and the department's policy of not indicting a sitting president, the department is unlikely to take any formal action against the president absent a change in either the facts of the case or the applicable law.

How would a Cylon Basestar fare against a Borg cube? Could a Borg simulate a Cylon skin job?

I don't know.

What were the circumstances in which you used the INFJ door slam?

There are a few circumstances in which I would use the INFJ door slam. One is if I feel like someone is deliberately trying to hurt me or another person emotionally. I would also door slam if someone is being excessively negative and bringing me down. Finally, I would use the door slam if I feel like someone is violating my personal boundaries in some way.

What is Google Map's algorithm on recommending routes?

There is no official word from Google on how their Maps app chooses which route to recommend, but there are some general guidelines that can be deduced from user reports. It is likely that the app considers factors such as distance, traffic conditions, and any predetermined preferences set by the user (such as avoiding highways).

Is it normal to feel happy and relieved after the death of your spouse?

There is no easy answer to this question as everyone experiences grief differently. While it is normal to feel a range of emotions after the death of a spouse, including happiness and relief, it is important to allow yourself to grieve in whatever way feels right for you. If you find that you are struggling to cope with your emotions, it may be helpful to speak with a counselor or therapist who can provide support and guidance.

What would Eckhart Tolle say if asked who is your god?

There is no personal god in Eckhart Tolle's teachings. He believes that God is an impersonal force or intelligence that pervades and animates the entire universe.

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