🔥👉 What are nightingales feathers like?

"✅👉 Nightingales feathers are black with a metallic sheen. The tips of the feathers are often paler than the rest of the feather, and sometimes have white spots."

Dr. Hassan Skiles V
Dr. Hassan Skiles V

What line from a poem or a book has stayed with you since the moment you read it?

"So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past."

- F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby

Why won’t the Boss Baby pick up the phone?

The Boss Baby is not picking up the phone because he is busy working.

Which quantum number is related to the orientation of an orbital?

The angular momentum quantum number

Besides the machine learning what else is an incredible breakthrough in the field of artificial intelligence?

Some incredible breakthroughs in the field of artificial intelligence include:

-Natural language processing
-Speech recognition
-Facial recognition
-Predictive analytics

How do you detect support/resistance lines in the stock market?

A support/resistance line is typically formed when the price of a security reaches a high point and then starts to fall, or reaches a low point and then starts to rise. The line is formed by connecting the highs or lows.

What are the differences among the terms "reporting", "joining" & "admission" in MBBS counseling by MCC?

Reporting: The term 'reporting' is used when a candidate reports to the allotted medical college to take admission.

Joining: The term 'joining' is used when a candidate confirms his/her admission in the allotted medical college by paying the required fee.

Admission: The term 'admission' is used when a candidate is finally allotted a medical seat in a college.

If China's Belt and Road Initiative is a debt trap, how will B3W be any different? If countries fail to pay back, will the G7s take their lands? Should they be generous towards debtors who default their loans to prove they are different?

There are a number of key differences between the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) and the B3W proposal that make the latter much less likely to result in a debt trap scenario for participating countries.

First, the B3W proposal is not reliant on loans from China or any other single country. Instead, it is based on a system of risk-sharing among a group of like-minded nations. This reduces the chances that any one country could use its financial clout to exploit participating nations.

Second, the B3W proposal includes a number of mechanisms to ensure transparency and accountability, such as an independent evaluation panel. These features would make it difficult for corrupt officials to funnel project funds into their own pockets, as has been alleged to have happened with some BRI projects.

Finally, the G7 nations have a strong track record of working together to resolve global economic problems. If any participating country did fall into a debt trap as a result of the B3W initiative, it is likely that the other G7 nations would come to its aid.

What is the job profile of assistant social welfare officer Gujarat?

Assistant Social Welfare Officer in Gujarat is responsible for planning, implementing and monitoring various social welfare schemes and programmes. They also conduct surveys and field studies, prepare reports and give recommendations to the government on various issues related to social welfare.

Are those businesses that ask you for $200 to have access to all of their rentals actually worth it or are they a scam?

There is no definitive answer, as it depends on the specific business and what their rentals entail. Some businesses may be legitimate and provide good value for the money, while others may be scams. It is advisable to do some research on the specific business before signing up.

Why do birds fly to the south?

Birds fly to the south because it is warmer there.

How 'good' was the German Army in WWII in spite of the fact it lost the war?

Some people say that the German Army was good in WWII because it had excellent military tactics and strategies. Others say that the German Army was not good because it lost the war.

Why are some colors associated with certain political movements (Socialism=red, Conservatism=blue, Liberalism=yellow, Christian democracy=orange, etc…)?

This is largely due to a quirk of history. In many countries, political parties are formally organized around colors. In the United States, for example, the modern Democratic Party traces its roots back to the Democratic-Republican Party of Thomas Jefferson, which was nicknamed the "red" party. The Republican Party, meanwhile, was founded in 1854 by anti-slavery activists and was thus nicknamed the "black" party.

It wasn't until the 20th century that these color associations became codified. In the early 1900s, Socialist parties in Europe began using red as their official color, partly because it was seen as a color of revolution. Meanwhile, conservative parties in Europe began using blue as their official color, partly because it was seen as a color of stability.

These color associations were later adopted by political parties around the world, and they have become entrenched over time. Today, it is very rare to find a political party that does not use one of these four colors (red, blue, yellow, or orange) as its official color.

A magic trick is to turn water into wine. Two colorless liquids are poured together. The result becomes a liquid that looks like wine. What chemicals would you need to perform the trick?

The chemicals needed to perform the trick are vinegar and food coloring.

TCS is known to send employees foreign very often. Is it true?

From your question, I understand that you wish to inquire about the possibility of being stationed at a foreign location, if employed with Tata Consultancy Services (TCS).

As you may be aware, TCS is a multinational organisation and has offices located in various countries across the globe. Hence, there is always a possibility of being stationed at a foreign location, if employed with the company.

However, it must be noted that being stationed at a foreign location is not guaranteed and depends on various factors such as the requirement of the project, your work profile, etc.

How much does NOOM cost?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the cost of NOOM will vary depending on the individual's specific plan and needs. However, in general, the cost of NOOM will range from $9-$59 per month.

What do guys who tell women over 30 they aren’t attractive expect to accomplish by making these women feel bad? I don’t care what excuse they have there’s no reason to make someone feel bad about something they have no control of such as age.

There is no good reason for this behavior. It is likely that these men are trying to boost their own egos by making women feel bad about themselves. This is a form of emotional manipulation and it is not ok. If you find yourself in a conversation with someone like this, it is best to walk away.

Which Indian actor got typecasted in a single role in most of his movies?

The Indian actor who got typecasted in a single role in most of his movies is Amitabh Bachchan.

What makes the difference between a high quality opera show and a mediocre one?

There is no one answer to this question because there are many factors that contribute to the overall quality of an opera show. Some of the most important elements include the quality of the singing, the acting, the stage design, the direction, and the overall performance of the cast and crew.

What is your view on predictions by the media that there will be a food crisis in China as grain prices soar due to the constant shrinkage of the labor force, as well as the negative impact of the trade war?

There is no denying that China faces some challenges in terms of food security, given the country's large population and relatively limited arable land. However, I do not think that predictions of a food crisis are warranted at this time. The Chinese government has taken steps to improve food security, including investing in agricultural technology and stockpiling grain. Additionally, while the trade war has had some impact on China's agriculture sector, it is worth noting that the United States is also a major supplier of agricultural goods to China.

Teachers: Do you think academic expectations in lower grades are getting too high and thus leading to behavior problems and making it harder to actually teach?

There is no definitive answer to this question since teachers' perspectives will vary greatly. Some teachers may feel that academic expectations in lower grades are getting too high, leading to more pressure on students and making it harder to teach. Other teachers may feel that the higher expectations are necessary and beneficial for students. Still, others may feel that the expectations are just right. Ultimately, it is up to each individual teacher to decide what they believe.

Why didn't Kerala's former health minister K. K. Shailaja get a second chance in the new LDF government? What do Keralites think about this?

One possibility is that the new LDF government wanted to send a signal that it was committed to reform, and so decided to bring in a new health minister. Another possibility is that K.K. Shailaja was seen as too closely associated with the previous government, and the new government wanted to distance itself from that. Keralites seem divided on this issue, with some feeling that she deserved a second chance and others feeling that the new government was right to bring in a fresh face.

Why do millennials have smaller, narrower faces than baby-boomers? Natural selection? Different environment and standards?

It is not entirely clear why millennials have smaller, narrower faces than baby-boomers. One possibility is that it is due to natural selection; another possibility is that it is due to different environmental and standards.

Who wrote the novel Love Story?

Ernest Hemingway

Does Belgium deserve to be #1 in the FIFA football rankings?

This is a difficult question to answer. On one hand, Belgium has shown itself to be a strong football nation in recent years, winning the FIFA World Cup in 2018 and finishing in second place at the UEFA European Championship in 2020. On the other hand, there are other countries that have had more success in international football competitions over the years, including Brazil, Germany, and Italy. Ultimately, it is up to each individual to decide whether or not Belgium deserves to be ranked #1 in the FIFA football rankings.

How much (1 = not at all and 5 definitely) are you persuaded by Adam Schiff's opening arguments in Trump's impeachment trial?


How would one know if one was a narc if one never hardly leaves the house?

If someone is a narc and they never leave the house, they may be a recluse or they may be agoraphobic.

Where can I get World Cruise Story Full Mod Money Free?

There are many websites that offer downloads of World Cruise Story Full Mod Money Free. Many of these websites offer a wide variety of other Android mods as well.

Can I attend AIIMS Pulse without registration?

Unfortunately, you cannot attend AIIMS Pulse without registration.

Why do financial analysts publicly release their research?

Financial analysts release their research publicly in order to build a reputation for themselves, to attract new clients, and to show their existing clients that they are keeping up with the latest market developments.

The newest "cancel" request is for people to stop using the term "Mount Rushmore" as many are finding it offensive. Is there anything left on this planet that someone somewhere won't find offensive?

It's not as if Mount Rushmore is the name of a person. No one is trying to be disrespectful toward it.

It looks like the cancel culture will get their way, but that justifies a replacement term for the iconic mountain for others not to be offended by calling it something different. It has such a great feature of looking like George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Jefferson just got their heads blown to bits.

I just finished "Star Trek: Next Generation" on Netflix. Which ST series should I watch next?

The next series in the Star Trek franchise is Deep Space Nine.

To the people on Quora who knows about Japanese cars: If Daihatsu merges with Subaru, should the Japanese 4WD/4x4 specialist (behind the Impreza and others) rather drag the smaller car specialist (Daihatsu) into demise just like Nissan did to Prince?

The answer may vary depending on who you ask but my thoughts are that if Daihatsu was to merge with Subaru it would be a good thing. Both companies make great cars and together they would be able to make an even better product. There is always a risk when two companies merge that one may try to take over the other and this could happen with Daihatsu being the smaller company. However, I think that if the two companies were to merge they would be able to create a great product and both company's would benefit.

Why do some people think Elvis Presley had Jewish heritage?

Some people think Elvis Presley had Jewish heritage because he was born in Tupelo, Mississippi, which has a small Jewish community. Also, his middle name, "Aron," is a Hebrew name.

Where do you change a wheelchair-bound adult diaper at an airport?

A wheelchair-bound adult diaper can be changed at an airport restroom.

I'm a 12-year-old male, my height is 5'8 now. Can my height end at 6'1? My dad is 6'3 and my mom is 5′10″.

It is possible to reach 6'1″. However, it is more likely that you will end up somewhere between your father's and mother's height.

Why would a girl go from being totally into you and introducing you to her friends, to 'I don't feel a spark towards you, let’s stay friends' in a few months?

There could be any number of reasons. It's possible that she simply changed her mind, or that she met someone else and is more interested in them. It's also possible that she had different goals or expectations for the relationship than you did, and when it became clear that those weren't going to be met, she decided to end things.

How does a whipped cream charger work?

A whipped cream charger is a small canister of compressed nitrous oxide that is used to charge a whipped cream dispenser. When the nitrous oxide is released into the dispenser, it expands and whips the cream, making it light and fluffy.

How can I learn all the terms to fill an e-tender?

Unfortunately, we cannot provide a comprehensive answer to this question as it would be beyond the scope of a single Quora answer. However, we would recommend conducting a Google search for key terms related to e-tendering, and reading relevant articles/guides from reputable sources. Additionally, you might find it helpful to consult with a business/legal professional who is experienced in submitting e-tenders.

Would ladies let a guy sniff their pantyhosed feet?

There is no hard and fast answer to this question, as different women have different preferences. Some women may enjoy having their feet sniffed by a guy, while others may find it creepy or off-putting. Ultimately, it is up to the individual woman to decide whether or not she is comfortable with a guy sniffing her pantyhosed feet.

Can you show us your piano?

Here is a picture of my piano.

What is the reason behind the high incidence of rapes in India, is it our patriarchal mindset or something more sinister?

There is no one answer to this question as the incidence of rape in India is likely due to a variety of factors, including the country's patriarchal mindset, economic disparities, and a general lack of respect for women's rights. Additionally, some experts believe that the high incidence of rape in India may be due to the fact that the country has a higher rate of unreported rapes than many other countries.

Why is a mentor or a counselor important in a teenage kid's life?

A mentor or counselor can help a teenage kid work through personal issues and figure out how to make positive changes in their life. They can provide guidance and support that can be beneficial during this time of transition and growth.

Will sodium hypochlorite kill grass?

Yes, sodium hypochlorite will kill grass.

Who played the role of Chief Minister in the Bal session organized on Children's Day?

The Chief Minister in the Bal session organized on Children's Day was Mr. Rajnath Singh.

How much time elapsed from the 9.0 Japan earthquake to the time when the first tsunami wave hit the Japanese shoreline?

It is estimated that the first tsunami wave hit the Japanese shoreline about 30 to 40 minutes after the 9.0 Japan earthquake.

Can you run Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty on Windows or a Mac PC? How?

There is no official release of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty for Windows or Mac, however, the game can be run on these platforms using the PCSX2 emulator.

What streams can I get in Jadavpur University in the counsellings including the spot around with a CRL 896 in the WBJEE 2018 and being a general category home state student?

The streams that the candidate can get in Jadavpur University are:
1. Electronics and Communication Engineering
2. Computer Science and Engineering
3. Electrical Engineering
4. Information Technology

Can I get The Hindu Delhi edition hard copy subscription in Chennai?

No, you can't.

How can "range names" help develop a spreadsheet?

Range names help develop a spreadsheet by allowing the user to specify a name for a cell, or range of cells, which can then be used in formulas. This makes it easier to understand and use formulas, as well as make changes to them later on.

Update: Afghanistan has fallen. The President has fled the country. What will Biden break next?

How do I check hardware information on an iPhone?

The iPhone does not have a dedicated hardware information tool. However, you can check the battery health and performance, storage capacity, and other basic hardware details from the Settings app.

How many times can I be stung by a bee before I become anaphylactic (it gets worse every time and I get fever and sore muscles after being stung)?

You can be stung by a bee multiple times before you become anaphylactic, but eventually, the reactions will become worse and you may develop a fever and muscle soreness.

Did anybody raise a demand for the resignation of Mayawati as the president of BSP?


What is the best Bi polar 1 antidepressant?

There is no one "best" bipolar I antidepressant. Instead, treatment typically involves a combination of medication and therapy, with each person responding differently to various treatments. Some common antidepressant medications used to treat bipolar I disorder include selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), mood stabilizers, and atypical antipsychotics.

Whose report should we believe now?

The latest report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reflects a more accurate account of Tesla's Model S crash rates.

What are some of the job profiles in software industry that involve less work pressure and more learning?

There are a number of job profiles in the software industry that involve less work pressure and more learning. Some of these include software engineer, software developer, software testing engineer, and quality assurance engineer. These positions typically involve working with new technologies and developing new applications, so there is plenty of opportunity to learn new things. Additionally, these positions usually have more flexible hours and may even offer telecommuting options, which can further reduce work-related stress.

Will hair loss from diabetes grow back?

Hair loss from diabetes can grow back, but it may be thinner and more fragile than before.

Where could I buy a QR code parking gate arm similar to the one that is in the video on the ParkWhiz: Guaranteed Parking | Find and Book Parking Anywhere site: How It Works ?

A similar QR code parking gate arm can be purchased on Alibaba.

When rock climbers ascend a route, how do they retrieve their safety equipment (carabiners, ropes etc.) afterwards?

When a climber reaches the top of a pitch, they will typically build an anchor. The climber will thread the rope through their anchor system and then back down to their partner. The partner will then pull the rope up, taking all of the gear with it.

The Boston Globe has put out a six part article calling out Trump's numerous crimes while in office, and petitioning for his prosecution for those crimes. As a deterrent to future wanna-be authoritarian presidents, should that advice be heeded?

Yes, Definitely

81 years ago, was there widespread looting by the Germans in the Ukraine? Did they also specifically target wineries, beer & vodka making factories to steal local drinks & other produce to send back home? Did troops also go on the beaches of Crimea?

I've started to look up information about the holiday village that my grandmother's cousin used to live by the Black Sea at Yalta, and decided it was time to locate any other ancestors who lived in Russia since my other relatives came over in the late 19th & early 20th centuries. I've added quite a few people to my FTM genetic tree, now up to 705 people (700 last week), if you want someone for added cousins & matches. And geez, when I look at my list of ancestors, I still have MANY gaps of missing birth years, lots of maiden names not disclosed or just assumed. You can follow along with me at: ftDNA tree: www.familytreedna.com/public/oliver-moliver/default.aspx?section=gresults&group=315303 (open to relatives*' suggestions) MyHeritage tree: https://myheritage.com/site-288225501/moliver Well mixed ancestry: English, Scottish Paternal / maternal haplogroups are H11c (H-L162; Teviotdale / East Lothian Scotland),J1c2c1a2a2b (J-M340; Irish/Ulster Scotland) *Are you related to me? Please let me know \(TFTT\) *If your surname is Oliver, or any variation of Oliver like Olliver and Oellerich, I am probably related--please contact me! Given name James MADDOX aka JAMES OWER aka JAMES OWNBY aka JAMES OVERBY aka JAMES Oliver Born 1783 Goochland, Orphaned aged 1 year > Adopted by family Cornett Father: Peter MADDUX; Mother rec: Elisabeth Barnwell Grandparents: Ezekiel MADDOCK [Spelling?] birthplace unknown ; Elizabeth Kerwin "Additional Specific Details? no separate obit lists specific children other than extensive George description leaves emotionally drained viewer needing throat lozenge and Kleenex "who bore him ten children." Did he marry more than once? Every Mansion has A Story : The old Clement Mansion in Tarboro Now a writing home It was called “The Bloodiest Duel” on September 7th 1829 between Colonel Sparks and Mr Slade over Mrs Slades fidelity Henry Lee III 4th cousin 8× removed Henry Strode Barrow slavery abolitionist with George Clemens Ring harrison from the

Why do celebrities rarely endorse anything but popular products?

It could be argued that celebrities rarely endorse anything but popular products because they are trying to sell to the largest audience possible. In other words, by only endorsing products that are popular, celebrities are more likely to reach more people and, as a result, make more money. Additionally, it could be argued that celebrities want to avoid endorsing products that might alienate or anger their fans. For example, if a celebrity were to endorse a product that was not popular, there is a chance that the celebrity's fans would not be interested in the product and might even stop being fans of the celebrity altogether. Therefore, by only endorsing popular products, celebrities can avoid losing fans and potentially making less money.

Who was the most dutiful US president?

George Washington is considered to be the most dutiful US president. He is known for his integrity and leadership during the American Revolution and his tenure as the first president of the United States. Washington set the standard for future presidents with his dedication to the country and its people.

Is there a true full-featured payment solution for marketplaces?

Yes, there are a number of true full-featured payment solutions for marketplaces. Some of these include: Stripe, PayPal, Braintree, 2Checkout, Authorize.Net, and many others.

Is the Atrangi Re movie a hit or a flop?

There is no consensus on whether or not Atrangi Re is a hit or flop. However, the movie has received mixed reviews from critics and audience members.

How would you describe Maxime Vachier-Lagrave’s chess style and his chance to become a world chess champion?

MVL has a classical style of chess, which is characterized by sound positional understanding, combined with tactical sharpness. He has good chances to become a world chess champion, as he is currently ranked #2 in the world.

What is Didi designated driving?

Didi designated driving is a service provided by Didi Chuxing, a Chinese transportation company, that allows users to book a drivers to take them home after drinking.

Why is metal finishing important?

Metal finishing is important because it can improve the durability, corrosion resistance, and appearance of metal products. It can also make them more resistant to wear and tear.

I have a fear of being touched very lightly or very hard. What, if anything, is the term for this phobia?

There is not currently a specific name for this phobia, but it may fall under the umbrella of haptophobia (the fear of being touched).

How much did level3 and Qwest spend to build their fiber backbone networks?

I'm not sure how much they spent, but it was a lot.

Do you enjoy small, intimate family holidays better than big reunions?

I prefer small, intimate family holidays. I feel like I can connect with my family members better when there are fewer people around.

Why do moderators set up difficult rules for creators?

There is no one answer to this question as moderators may have different reasons for setting up difficult rules for creators. Some possible reasons include wanting to challenge creators to produce their best work, or hoping to weed out those who are not serious about creating content. Additionally, difficult rules may help to ensure that only high-quality content is published on a given platform.

The original icon of an Android app is not showing, showing default apk green logo. I have tried to change the icon with APK Editor Pro but it didn't change. How can I fix it?

I want to just change the main activity icon and name only, do I need to decompile the APK file before I use the APK editor? What are the general steps to change an app icon/name (for instance in Nova Launcher)?

Why is my RE-signing a transformed apk showing this error?

I had modified package name and have changed it back. n became v again but The productFlavor change to app_number1 (the using checking code is
productFlavors {
app_number0 { //it's mean no action (Keep don't anything, default)
app_number1 {//use it check show AdMob or not. Don't know why it's show that :S? Applicaion id is "packageName.app_ncucoter1"

ApplicationId "$packageName".app_ncucoter1 ...

}})(usernameInfo{ })(sdkInfo{android # Pkg.Revision = 3344180; }) . ). That line of text is like at here. So how can I can show app_ncuocotrenlop1 instead of app_number1. ?

Possible duplicate: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/25920452/develop-multiple-apks-for-one-project-in-androidstudio. Done Develop multiple APKs for one project using Gradle in Android Studio I really forgot it because when ask question email i wrote wrong question, you still refer me ^^

How is the professor related to Fry on the TV show Futurama if Fry was frozen presumably before he had offspring?

Fry is his great (x30) nephew

I struggle with grief and depression. My mother told me happiness is a choice. Is that true? Can I choose to be happy and that will lessen the symptoms?

Your mother is right, happiness is a choice. If you are feeling grief and depression, it may be difficult to choose happiness, but it is possible. Talk to your doctor or a therapist to help you make the choice to be happy.

Do you think that rich women would still be able to access abortions in other states or countries but "poor women will end up in a back alley" for illegal procedures?

There is no definitive answer to this question. While it is possible that some wealthy women would be able to access abortions in other states or countries, it is also possible that some would be forced to seek illegal procedures in back alleys. Ultimately, the availability of abortion services for rich and poor women would likely vary depending on the specific circumstances of each individual case.

How come OnePlus 7 mobile price is cheaper than its predecessor model when it comes with more features, enhancements, better cameras, and high performing chipset?

OnePlus 7 mobile is cheaper than its predecessor model because it uses the same Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 chipset that was used in last year's OnePlus 6T. This allows OnePlus to keep the cost of the phone down while still offering high-end features and performance.