🔥👉 Isn't all the fresh water in the world on a slow migration into the oceans and into becoming salt water? Rain, rivers, melting ice caps, glaciers all are draining into the oceans faster than rain is replacing that water as surface land rainfall.

"✅👉 Yes."

Alberta Larson
Alberta Larson

How do I make a Care Room Both Homey and Utilitarian?

Hang some curtains or a tapestry to add color and pattern, then add in some shelves for storage.

Where is the best place to sell Persian rugs?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. The best place to sell Persian rugs depends on the type of rug you have, the condition it is in, and your personal selling preferences. Some common places to sell Persian rugs include online marketplaces, consignment shops, and brick-and-mortar stores specializing in Oriental rugs.

What does "Project 1 does not exist; specify another project dtw SAP b1 when importing data" mean?

This means that the project you are trying to import data into does not exist. You will need to specify another project in order to import the data.

Is the current property price boom in the US just another way for people of color to lose again as not enough own properties?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some people may argue that the current property price boom in the US is just another way for people of color to lose again as not enough own properties, while others may argue that this is not the case.

As a child of a narcissist, do you find you have some traits of a narc but you aren't necessarily one? And what traits did you pick up?

There is a condition called "narcissistic abuse survivor syndrome" in which people who have been raised by narcissists often develop some narcissistic traits themselves. However, they are usually not full-blown narcissists. Some of the traits they may develop include: being attracted to narcissistic partners, having a strong need for approval, being preoccupied with power and control, being excessively competitive, having a fear of abandonment, being overly sensitive to criticism, and being quick to anger.

What is the general trend of GATE rank cutoffs for M. Tech/M.E. in any computer-based specializations at IISc Bangalore?

There is no general trend of GATE rank cutoffs for M. Tech/M.E. in any computer-based specializations at IISc Bangalore. The university releases a separate cutoff list for each course and specialization. Candidates must secure the minimum prescribed marks in order to be eligible for admission.

How do you support your wife when she has a cancer diagnosis?

The best way to support your wife when she has a cancer diagnosis is to be there for her emotionally and physically. Be a sounding board for her fears and doubts, and provide a shoulder to cry on when needed. If your wife is undergoing treatment, help out with the practical aspects of her care, such as transportation to and from appointments, childcare, and managing the household. Finally, keep the lines of communication open – let her know that you are there for her, and ask how you can help.

Why are so many Uber/Lyft drivers suddenly wearing surgical face masks?

There is no definitive answer to this question. However, it is possible that Uber/Lyft drivers are wearing surgical face masks as a precautionary measure to protect themselves from the spread of illness. It is also possible that drivers are wearing masks to signal to passengers that they are taking precautions against the spread of illness.

Which aspects of the mind interest you?

The workings of the human mind have always been of great interest to me. How we think, why we think the things we do, what drives our emotions and behavior - these are all fascinating topics that I enjoy exploring.

Russia has accused the Western media of lying about the invasion and causing panic, yet the West is still basically saying they are going to invade anytime now. Who’s telling the truth?

RT asked people what they think.

What are some sales appointment setting tips?

1. Make sure you are well prepared for the meeting. This means doing your research on the company and the individual you will be meeting with.

2. Have a solid understanding of what you are trying to sell and be able to articulate it in a way that is clear and concise.

3. Be sure to listen more than you talk. This will help you understand the needs of the potential customer and allow you to custom tailor your pitch.

4. Make sure you are polite and professional throughout the entire meeting. First impressions matter, so make sure you come across as someone who is easy to work with.

5. Finally, always follow up after the meeting. Send a thank you note or give them a call a few days later to touch base.

Where do our prides matter?

In the animal kingdom, a pride is typically a group of lions. The size and composition of prides vary, but typically it is one adult male lion, several lionesses and their young.

What does rooting mean for a baby?

Rooting is a reflex that newborns have to help them breastfeed. When the baby’s cheek or lip touches something, they will open their mouth and turn their head toward the touch.

What is Russia doing to prevent the continuous emigration of its most brilliant minds to the West?

There are a number of programs in place to prevent the continuous emigration of its most brilliant minds to the West. One such program is the "Brain Drain" program which offers financial incentives for scientists and engineers to stay in Russia. Additionally, the Russian government has also established a number of science and technology parks throughout the country which provide state-of-the-art facilities and equipment for researchers to use.

If someone's PhD research leads to a patent, who will the patent belong to- the university or the individual?

It depends on the country and the university, but typically the patent will be owned by the university.

Why wasn’t God of Destruction Toppo wearing an earring if he was able to use Destruction?

There is no concrete answer, but it is speculated that Toppo may have not needed an earring to use Destruction because he was already incredibly powerful. Additionally, it is possible that the God of Destruction Toppo never wore an earring because he never had a need for one.

Who can suspend a DSP of state government? Is honest police officer doing work independently?

The Director-General of Police (DGP) of the state government can suspend a DSP. Yes, honest police officers are doing work independently.

What is the English meaning of this Persian line "slippe katta ut av sekken"?

"Slippe katta ut av sekken" is Persian for "let the cat out of the bag."

What is an unconventional thing your parents did that you’ll pass onto your kids?

My parents were always very supportive of my sister and I pursuing our passions. My mom was a stay at home mom and my dad worked long hours, so they didn't have a lot of extra time to devote to extracurricular activities. However, they always made sure that we had the opportunity to do things that we were interested in. They sacrifice their own time and resources to make sure that we had everything we needed to follow our dreams. I'll definitely be doing the same for my kids.

What are some obstacles you faced before being diagnosed with PTSD?

Some obstacles I faced before being diagnosed with PTSD were feeling like I was constantly on edge, feeling exhausted all the time, and having difficulty concentrating. It was hard to keep up with school and work because I was always so tired, and I found myself getting angry easily. I would have flashbacks of my trauma and feel like I was reliving it, which made it hard to function in everyday life.

How much metallic hydrogen is expected to exist in the solar system (esp. Jupiter) in light of new findings?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it is not yet known how much metallic hydrogen exists in the solar system. However, recent findings suggest that there may be a significant amount of metallic hydrogen present in Jupiter, which could potentially make up a large portion of the planet's mass.

Business insider reports that the United States disabled 150 vehicles and aircraft when the military left Kabul so they won’t be used again. Couldn’t the military have taken the vehicles and aircraft from there in the same manner they were brought?

What will the military do with them once they get back to their original destination?

The vehicles and aircraft were most likely disabled so that the Taliban or other groups wouldn't be able to use them. It's not clear what the military plans to do with the vehicles and aircraft once they're back at their original destination.

Is there any theory under which time travel would be possible, or is it regarded by physicists as simply impossible under any theory or hypothesis?

There is no scientific theory under which time travel is possible.

Can CPS remove my grandchild?

If you are concerned that CPS might remove your grandchild from your home, the first step is to make sure that your home is a safe environment for the child or children.

How do I stop CPS from investigating?

If you are interested in stopping661-323-2600. Once an investigation has started, it cannot be stopped unless there is no cause of concern found during the investigation. Keep in mind that false reporting is a crime.

What gives someone grounds to call CPS?

Reporting to CPS simply because a child’s parents are not married is not reason enough for a call—at least in Indiana. To face investigation, there must be signs of abuse or neglect (Arkansas, California). Neglect can mean neglect of appearance: for example, often being dirty or having severe body odor.

Can someone make up complaints to CPS?

Yes! The number one source for false CPS reports comes from California’s jealous or disgruntled exes. It would seem we one-upped other countries with this type of problem when we made domestic violence and stalking punishable by law!

What do you say directly to the CPS worker? This can be difficult if you actually believe that the child should be removed but if you make statements that would support his removal and introduce evidence that would support your claims then they will likely have no choice but to direct their energy toward getting him out of …

If liberals believe in evolution, why don't they expect us to adapt to global warming?

The belief in evolution does not necessarily mean that one believes that humans can or will adapt to all changes in our environment. Global warming is a major threat to our planet, and it is unclear whether humans will be able to adapt to the changes it brings about.

Do the beads thrown during a Mardi Gras parade mean anything in particular or are they just for fun?

Most Mardi Gras beads have little or no meaning other than representing the collective good time that is being enjoyed by all. However, some beads can have special significance depending on who is wearing them and why. For example, purple beads might be worn by a member of a krewe (a social club that puts on Mardi Gras shows) to show loyalty to their group, while green beads could be worn in honor of St. Patrick's Day.

What are alternative fields involving chemistry?

Some examples of alternative fields involving chemistry are cosmetics, cleaning products, and pharmaceuticals.

What is a fair revenue split for a book between author and publisher?

A fair revenue split for a book between author and publisher is typically 50/50.

What is the difference between a notebook and a desktop computer?

Notebook computers are more compact and typically lighter than desktop computers. They are designed for portability, and can run on battery power. Desktop computers are larger, heavier, and not as portable as notebook computers.

What is the hot operating temperature technology?

Hot operating temperature technology is a process or technique used to increase the operating temperature of a system or device. This can be done by using heaters, insulation, or other means.

What is worse than morning breath?

There is nothing worse than morning breath.

How do I get a celebrity to notice a drawing I made?

There is no surefire way to get a celebrity to notice a drawing that you have made, but some things that may help include: tagging the celebrity in social media posts featuring the drawing, using hashtags related to the celebrity or the artist, or sending a direct message to the celebrity through their official website or social media account.

Is it normal to get bored at waiting for someone to get ready entering a relationship?

It is normal to feel a sense of impatience when waiting for someone to get ready for a relationship. However, it is important to remember that everyone has different timelines when it comes to getting emotionally ready for a commitment. If you are feeling consistently bored or frustrated while waiting for your partner to get ready, it may be worthwhile to explore whether or not the relationship is right for you.

How can I prepare for verbal ability, reading comprehension, data interpretation and logical reasoning for the CAT 2018 on my laptop?

Question 13:

There are 10 toppers in a class all of them have secured more than 80% marks. What is the minimum aggregate marks that can be secured by the toppers together?

80.8% 82.5% 85.5% 90%

If someone had a deadly virus and a deadly bacteria inside them at the same time, would the virus kill the bacteria?

If someone had a deadly virus and a deadly bacteria inside them at the same time, it is possible that the virus would kill the bacteria. However, it is also possible that the bacteria would kill the virus.

Are there any women who like useless guys?

I don't know if there are any women who like useless guys, but I'm sure there are some out there.

What is a market-friendly approach?

A market-friendly approach is an approach that is favorable to the operation of markets. It typically involves measures that avoid or minimize government intervention in the economy, and that allow markets to function with as little restrictions as possible.

If there was a 10 degree drop in temperature during the eclipse, then isn't the solution for global warming to just create an artificial moon that will block out the sun every now and then?

This would not be a sustainable or viable solution to global warming, as it would not address the root causes of climate change. Additionally, artificially blocking out the sun would have a range of negative impacts on the planet, including disrupting natural ecosystems, throwing off the Earth's circadian rhythms, and causing droughts.

How will the newly published white paper by the CCP impact the future of Hong Kong?

The newly published white paper by the CCP will likely have a negative impact on the future of Hong Kong. The paper assertively states that Beijing has complete authority over the interpretation and implementation of the Basic Law, which is the mini-constitution that governs the territory. This assertion is in direct contrast to the "one country, two systems" principle that was supposed to be in place when Hong Kong was returned to Chinese sovereignty in 1997. Under this principle, Hong Kong was supposed to enjoy a high degree of autonomy and maintain its own legal and economic systems. The white paper goes on to say that while Hong Kong people do enjoy certain freedoms, these freedoms are not unlimited and are subject to the jurisdiction of Chinese law. This is likely to erode Hong Kong's autonomy even further and could lead to more protests and unrest in the territory.

Does every police grade stun gun or taser that actually shoots the prongs out have to be re-fitted every time in an expensive process as after each use?

No, but they may need to be recalibrated.

Could a ringworld be gravitationally stabilised by tethering heavy satellites independently orbiting the central body to the outer rim of the ring?

A ringworld could be gravitationally stabilized by tethering heavy satellites independently orbiting the central body to the outer rim of the ring. However, the tethers would have to be very strong and the satellites would have to be very heavy in order for this to work.

What other previous move in business was similar to the current eBay/Paypal spinoff and how did it go?

There is no perfect answer to this question, as there are many possible comparable situations. However, one example may be when Yahoo! spun off its Alibaba Group in 2012. This move was seen as controversial at the time, as it was unclear what value the Alibaba Group would bring to Yahoo!'s core business. However, the move ended up being successful, as Alibaba Group is now one of the largest and most successful companies in China.

What was the reported number of anti-Gaddafi protesters killed by the regime in 2011?

The reported number of anti-Gaddafi protesters killed by the regime in 2011 was over 7,000.

How do you calculate projectile motion in space? Say you want to send an object from one part of the solar system to another using a mass driver, like celestial toss-and-catch (actual mathematical equations please!)

Motor torque formula:
T= ((2*pi*N)/60) * 95 * 1.02 * 10-6
T is the torque (in Newton meters)
N is the motor speed (in RPM)
95 is the coefficient of friction for the gearbox
1.02 is a misc. efficiency factor ( overload, windage, etc)
10-6 is to convert from micrometers to meters (10-6 m = 1 μm)

When designing a high-rise building, what are the tasks required of an architect in the preliminary design and final design phases?

-The tasks required of an architect in the preliminary design phase are to determine the building’s purpose, needs, and function; to develop a concept and program; and to create initial sketches and plans.

-The tasks required of an architect in the final design phase are to refine the plans and details; to develop specifications for materials, systems, and finishes; and to oversee the construction process.

How is the clinical exposure in AIIMS Bhopal?

The clinical exposure in AIIMS Bhopal is very good. The hospital is attached to a medical college, so the students get ample opportunities to interact with patients and learn from experienced doctors.

I understand that racism has no place in society, but what about twisting someone's words/ intentions? I have been accused of things by people who never spoke to me at all.

There is no definitive answer to this question. It depends on the situation and context in which the accusation is made.

How do ancient bronze artifacts age in terms of colour? I have some very old bronze coins some slightly silvery others almost black or with hints of the other.

As bronze ages, it slowly changes color. First, it turns a greenish-brown color (verdigris), then it slowly turns black.

What programming languages generally produce the least buggy code?

There is no definitive answer to this question as much of it depends on the programmer's ability and the quality assurance process. However, some languages are generally considered to be more robust than others, such as Ada, Erlang, and Haskell.

How do I teach reading to a young student?

There is no single answer to this question as different students will require different approaches, depending on their age, ability, and interest level. However, some tips that may be helpful include making sure that the material is age-appropriate, providing opportunities for practice, and using a variety of teaching methods (e.g., modeling, reading aloud, and guided practice). Additionally, it is important to be patient and encourage the student to persevere when encountering difficulty. Finally, it can be helpful to praise the student's efforts and successes along the way.

Is there something you've done in the bedroom that you'd like to erase?

I can't think of anything.

Which are some of the best cities to live around the New York state Finger Lake area?

The best cities to live around the New York state Finger Lake area are Seneca Falls, Waterloo, and Geneva.

What steps should the medical community take to see that men who are BRCA gene carriers are tested sooner, to keep men from having a much worse breast cancer prognosis?

Some steps that the medical community could take in order to test men who are BRCA gene carriers sooner include:

1. Increasing awareness of the importance of testing for the BRCA gene, especially among men who have a family history of breast cancer.

2. Encouraging doctors to discuss the possibility of genetic testing with their male patients, especially those with a family history of breast cancer.

3. Making genetic testing more accessible and affordable.

4. Conducting more research into the prevalence of the BRCA gene among different populations.

The United States of America: Would the candidate that has attracted least controversy but is not exactly popular be most likely to be President in compulsory voting?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it would depend on a number of factors, including the candidates' platforms and the overall political climate at the time of the election.

If someone is middle aged and has no savings toward retirement, is it best to be conservative and try to save more money with your current pay or be risky and try to secure a much higher paying position or start a business?

If someone is middle aged and has no savings toward retirement, it is best to try to save more money with your current pay.

What is the reason for density of an object?

An object with a greater density has more mass per unit volume than an object with a lower density.

Is Cilantro a beneficial herb to use long term for health purposes?

Cilantro is a beneficial herb to use long term for health purposes. It can help to detoxify the body, remove heavy metals from the body, and improve digestion.

Why would a caregiver of a self-harming child ignore the signs and not take her to the doctor?

There are a number of reasons why a caregiver of a self-harming child might ignore the signs. They could be in denial about the problem, or they may not be aware of the child's self-harming behavior. Additionally, the caregiver may feel helpless to change the situation or may not know how to get help.

What's the word for connecting something live and causing the connection to make and break several times rapidly, possibly damaging the equipment?

This is called "crashing."

In Hong Kong with the withdrawal of legislation allowing suspects to be sent to China, do you think now things will settle down, or will there be on-going protests for more democracy?

There is no doubt that the withdrawal of the extradition bill has been a major concession by the government, but it is unlikely to be the end of the protests. The demonstrators are demanding far more than just the withdrawal of this bill, they are calling for an end to police brutality, universal suffrage, and an independent inquiry into the police response to the protests. It is unlikely that the government will agree to all of these demands, so it is likely that the protests will continue.

Should mankind start stocking oil to generate rocket fuel for powering heavy space planes and lifting heavy equipment into space to build gaint space ships while transitioning gradually to alternate energy sources for our daily requirements?

The answer may vary depending upon who you ask, but it seems that the general consensus would be no. While it may be beneficial to have oil reserves in order to create rocket fuel and other necessary materials for space exploration, it is not really necessary to do so in order to transition to alternate energy sources. There are plenty of renewable energy sources available that can be used instead, and it would actually be more beneficial to focus on investing in those rather than oil. Not only would this help to reduce reliance on fossil fuels, but it would also help to create jobs and spur economic growth.

Is Earth’s atmosphere mostly oxygen and hydrogen?

No. Earth's atmosphere is mostly nitrogen and oxygen, with smaller amounts of argon, carbon dioxide, water vapor, and other gases.

What are some song titles that are also questions?

-What's Going On
-What's Up
-Where's the Love
-Who Are You

Why do urban planners' criticisms/mockery of sameness & conformity in suburban housing never seem to be applied to apartment dwelling?

There are a few reasons for this. First, apartment dwelling has historically been associated with poverty and poor living conditions, while suburban housing has been seen as a sign of affluence and middle-class status. Second, suburbs are often designed around the car, with wide streets and large parking lots, while apartments are usually located in densely populated areas with limited parking. Finally, apartments are often more diverse in terms of their architecture and layout than suburban homes, which tend to be very similar in appearance.

Have you ever worked on large team projects using dynamic weak programming languages? How did it go?

I have not worked on any large team projects using dynamic weak programming languages.

How come some suburban neighborhoods in the US have group mailboxes while others have individual mailboxes for each house? Who determines this, the home builder or the post office or the city or someone else?

It is typically the developer or homeowner's association that determines whether a neighborhood will have individual mailboxes or a group mailbox.

Who knows books about Albert Einstein?

"Einstein: His Life and Universe" by Walter Isaacson and "Albert Einstein: A Biography" by Denis Brian are two examples.

What effect would nitrite (NO2-), a common constituent of polluted water, have on (DO) dissolved oxygen results? Write a balanced equation for its interaction.

the presence of nitrite would decrease the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water because it would bind with the oxygen to form NO3-

How can you tell when a guitarist is good at playing guitar but is not a well-rounded musician?

There are a few things that can clue you in that a guitarist is good at playing guitar, but may not be a well-rounded musician. Firstly, if they only play guitar and don't seem to know much about other instruments or music theory, it's likely that they're only good at guitar. Secondly, if they only play one type of music, or only know a few songs, it's likely that they're not well-rounded. Finally, if they don't seem to be able to improvise or create their own music, it's likely that they're only good at playing guitar.

What is the secret of passing the CA foundation in the 1st attempt because everyone does hard work but a few passes?

There is no specific secret of passing the CA foundation in the 1st attempt. However, a few things that can help increase the chances of success are: staying focused and dedicated to studies, developing a proper study plan, and seeking guidance from experienced professionals. Additionally, it is important to note that the CA foundation exam is not an easy exam, and thus, hard work is essential for success.

Which entertainer always brings it whether it’s on the singing stage or movie screen?


Can the US Senate stop the filibuster by silencing the minority?

The debate over whether or not to silence the minority in the US Senate through a procedural change known as the "nuclear option" has been a hot topic in American politics for years. Some argue that such a move would be undemocratic, while others argue that it would allow the Senate to get more work done. There is no clear answer, and it ultimately depends on how the Senators themselves feel about the issue.

Why is Quora automatically adding questions I never asked for, to those I follow already?

It is most likely that you have accidentally clicked on the "follow" button for a particular topic or question. When you do this, Quora automatically adds any new questions that are asked about that topic to your feed.

Regarding the nationwide "great ammo shortage", why don't ammo manufacturers follow the practice of "supply and demand"?

i.e the shops aren't selling enough, so manufacture barrels and barrels of ammo to sell to the shops, eventually they (the shops) will either have to buy all our product or go out of business. Most Ammo Manufacturers are from America, so why can't they help American customers......

I'm not a spokesman for any ammo manufacturer, but I'll take a shot at this one...

Aside from the right that many gun owners believe they have to own guns and ammunition, there is also currently a very real possibility that the federal government might enact laws that severely restrict their ability to manufacture certain types of ammunition. So they have to make as much as possible now, while they still can.

Secondly, the current administration has not been good for gun owners (to put it mildly). But Dems are saying that the majority aren't interested in taking away people's guns (at least not yet). So most ammo manufacturers must be careful about how high profile they want to make themselves at this time in history.

Thirdly, in a free market capitalistic society, businesses seek to maximize profit by selling product at the highest possible price. One could argue that traditional supply and demand logic would drive prices down if there were no ammo shortages. The fact that prices are staying high shows that there is still a healthy demand for gun ammunition, even at current prices.

Finally, even though we're talking about "barrels and barrels" trying to keep up with current customer demand is not always that simple. For example, if I understand correctly what goes into making brass cased pistol ammunition (I know very little), you need brass shells and bullets plus powder and primers (which are regulated chemiccal substances). Bullets may have lead cores which makes disposal more difficult/costly than bullets with FDA approved composites like Teflon or some fancy artificial metal alloy available only from China or India. Any long-term effects from exposure to smoke from burniing these may not be fully understood for years or decades. You also need locally sourced water for cooling during production which can be limited during times of drought like 2010 has been in many parts oif the country ( AZ Colorado Texas ). These are just off-the-top-of-my-head concerns that I think might make it difficult/impossible to simply produce "barrels and barrels" at will should another large order roll in tomorrow morning...

Are the Demo-lunatics under heavy pressure to behave since their goofy J6 hearings are going on in the background?

This attack was not your typical Demo-lunatics behavior. They almost looked restrained or something, at least most of them did. That really worried me (the one who yelled out the death wish to Sarah) is still missing on action, but hopefully had his lunatic card revoked and will be on a short leash in the future.

Again I want to thank Sarah for being so calm, direct and respectful with these loonies and I do hope she stays close to the rule of law and the Constitutional Republican form of government.

To: lainie

Finally too many liberals are being called out in public...their arrogance is amazing sometimes but enough is enough...it's time to shut them down! Remember when Joy Behar called people who supported our troops a “Nuts” on the View?? That broad was taken off for a couple weeks....if someone in the conservative movement said something like that they would never be heard from again!

To: TheGeezerSlayer

The answer is simple.Politicians are political.Many politically inclined people will not say or do anything to offend anybody.As long as they have or perceive core support,the're content to let their opponents be steamrollered,sometimes literally.All you've got to do is view Federal buildings decorated by snowflakes at this time of year to know it's true.Democrats can rely on purely partisan support simply because they have partisans and Republicans have only vague policy platforms since Nixon and Reagan were both betrayed by their own party feathers.Both were evangelists until their leadership clubbed them behind closed doors,so now we're arguing about abortion laws which there are more liberal than it does any good not to notice and people's rights vary based upon race or ethnicity depending upon circumstance.I'd also develop a very clear Amorican foreign policy context with essentially one practical result: no more American foreign policy except for trade agreements where American interests aren't lessened and then only as far as necessary but not too much further,simple as that because in America there should be only one America first party,and our young men and women should be home with their families not lining up in the queues at recruiting stations with empty pockets looking up at us saying “I see that poor kid doesn't have money for college” & we should walk right over him smiling broadly & telling him we're sorry & here he goes anyway(no all

What are the Cisco privilege levels?

The Cisco IOS has 16 privilege levels. The levels range from 0 to 15, with 15 being the most privileged.

What hotel in Delhi would be safe for unmarried couples, without the harassment of police, hotel staff, and moral police?

The Park New Delhi would be a safe hotel for unmarried couples without the harassment of police, hotel staff, and moral police.