🔥👉 How would a conspiracy of powerful people hiding human contact with aliens actually work logistically?

"✅👉 A consortium of government officials, scientists, and military personnel would work together to keep news of aliens quiet. They would develop a system to track and catalog sightings, and work to debunk any reports that got out. If aliens did make contact, the group would develop a plan to keep it secret."

Cora Terry Jr.
Cora Terry Jr.

Can my own auto insurance be held liable for keeping the other driver's policy from me and not filing a claim?

The insurance companies are exchanging information - but the issue of the other driver being at fault has not been decided yet. My policy says they will defend me and it will not affect my cars insurance rate. When I asked if this meant that my policy would pay if I lost the suit, they said "no."


I am not an insurance company nor an legal expert, so I cannot give you a definite answer. But, since a well understood principle in insurance is indemnification - reimbursement of losses, my understanding is that the expectation is for your insurer to reimburse your losses. In some cases, which do come with various stipulations, the other insurer may be liable for those losses. You should always consult your own insurer any time you have an accident. Your declared purpose for asking is to see if the other insurer did anything wrong or illegal. The failure to advise you that the other insurer was Contacting her does not rise to that level by itself? And it is still unlikely that even would count as fraud on some levels, just misinformation causing you to make bad decisions or incorrectly believe she would pay when her insurer did not respond or required more information before making a determination. The fact there is no response pending further investigation should have implicated cash and something was very wrong there. You may have damage to your credit and funds in Premiums paid out and charges accruing which you may have had cut off under proper handling with notice provided by your agent to both would have stopped all this pending finding out what happened and avoiding many of the issues you are currently facing all together capitalizing on extra premium, late fees and interest running up and creditor contact at minimum. There are options covering almost everything here each employer has different rules on coverage they carry there but COBRA usually can mail in fact say how much it pays from Income who pays best and how much at least documentation of what taking effect if premiums are up front or reimbursement comes later or with qualifying opt out etc... If you get into trouble Congress changes laws all the time nothing staying consistent because power repeatedly changed hands over years especially corrupt like lying stealing blackmailing fraudsters entering politics overseas so many problems now political instability everyone has issues anywhere in word legal rights human rights financial rights crimes violence poor rich big small governments not doing anything helpful always messing things up issues serve themselves never go away look like they put treating now international child slavery trafficking smuggling pandemics prostitution always done throughout history women male children isn't

Shanghai has strengthened its position as one of the world’s leading financial centers. What are the main reasons for it? What is Shanghai's competitiveness as a global financial center?

Shanghai's competitiveness as a global financial center is attributable to a number of factors. First, Shanghai has a large and growing pool of financial and human resources. The city is home to over 200 financial institutions, including the headquarters of the People's Bank of China (PBOC), the country's central bank, and the China Securities Regulatory Commission (CSRC), the country's securities regulator. These institutions attract a large number of financial professionals to the city. Second, Shanghai has a well-developed infrastructure for finance. The city has a large number of banks, insurance companies, and other financial institutions. It also has a well-developed stock exchange, bond market, and derivatives market. Third, Shanghai has a favorable legal and regulatory environment for finance. The city's laws and regulations provide a favorable environment for financial institutions and investors. Fourth, Shanghai has a rich history and culture. The city is home to many of China's leading financial institutions and has a long history of financial innovation.

How can FAQ be branded effectively within organization?

There are a few ways to ensure that your FAQ is branded effectively:

1. Use your organization's logo, colors, and font on the FAQ page.

2. Make sure that the voice and tone used on the FAQ page is consistent with the rest of your organization's communications.

3. link to the FAQ page from your organization's website and social media channels.

Why does Uber stop giving incentives in Malaysia?

Currently, Uber is not giving out any incentives in Malaysia.

What will be the in-hand salary of a JE (ATC) working in AAI, after the implementation of a 3rd pay revision committee report for PSUs?

After the implementation of a 3rd pay revision committee report for PSUs, a JE (ATC) working in AAI will have an in-hand salary of Rs. 56,136.

Why do Trump and DeSantis believe that they are protecting free speech with Florida’s new law but opponents say that it actually does the opposite? Where is the middle?

There is no clear answer, and both sides likely have some valid points. Florida's new law could be seen as protecting free speech by making it harder for social media companies to censor or remove content. However, opponents could argue that the law actually does the opposite by giving these companies more power to regulate speech on their platforms. It is difficult to say definitively which side is correct without further information about the specifics of the law.

Wikipedia's article about the history of Israel started with the very beginning of archaeologically confirmed history of Israelites, while Encyclopedia Britannica began it with the rise of Zionism. Which approach is more appropriate?

The answer to this question is subjective.

Are there any books which explore morality as a social construct?

The Construction of Morality by Ashley Crossman is one book that explores morality as a social construct.

I want to record music in my room but the walls are thin and I don't want to be a disturbance to the family. How can I soundproof the room?

There are a few ways to soundproof a room, but they will all require some construction and/or added materials to your room. Some ways to soundproof are by adding thicker walls, adding insulation to the walls, or adding a second layer of drywall. You can also add carpet or rugs to the floor and walls to help with sound absorption.

Why can't a rocket gradually fly away from the Earth at 10 mph?

A rocket cannot fly away from the Earth at 10 mph because it would not have enough force to escape the Earth's gravity.

I broke up with my boyfriend. I kissed a boy that had feelings for me and tried to kiss me previously (I rejected that kiss though). It made me realise I want my ex back and we’re now back together. Should I tell him what happened or is it pointless?


If you decide that telling him about what happened is the right thing for you then be honest about it. Don’t try and make excuses or blame anyone. Simply explain your feelings at the time, apologise and express how much you would rather be with him. It’s a decision only you can make but when if you do tell him it clearly won’t be an easy conversation for either of you.

Does someone’s phone choice (iPhone or Android) change your perspective of them?

Some people might judge someone based on the type of phone they have, thinking that an iPhone indicates wealth while an Android indicates poverty.

Does an art major look good for law school?

There is not one type of student that law schools are looking for. However, an art major may give you an advantage in the admissions process if you can show how your creativity will help you succeed in law school and as a lawyer.

In trying to thwart Brexit by any means, are Remainer MPs threatening to fundamentally undermine the nature of UK democracy itself in the future?

As the government says, MPs have voted numerous times on leaving the EU. What next – striking out all decisions they don’t like in future? Referendums are there because assemblies really struggle to come to a decision, and rather than face a third public vote and having possibly to conform to a Remain result as many MPs frankly wish, could Parliament simply vote not to have any more votes of consequence?

These constant threats by politicians and senior brinksmanship at the eleventh hour in relation to basic democracy are truly alarming and terribly dangerous. Organised psychopaths are usually masters of manipulation, which is exactly what many of these powerful people seem so very adept at.

Trumping democracy

That said, why does the president of this country need to be at odds with the prime minister over Brexit? Is it because he thinks a ‘no deal’ is what a pious Brexiteer like him should want (apart from ever-repeating that he’d find ‘deal making’§ much easier)? You hear this weaponised phrase quite often: “the people knew what they were voting for when they voted Leave!” Did they really?votes take place regularly according to both Acts of Parliament or Referendums. If MPs now decide that they no longer want to abide by those democratic processes, then something very serious has gone wrong. They make them law, remember. No matter that the processes were devised long ago – Parliament professed then to being in favour of these processes. Now, it seems, it is canning them for convenience sake.

This isn’t just some side show either; what you might probably think is merely another unfortunate plotline from an adaptation of The Thick of It # . It almost seems as if we are witnessing a game of chicken played by Trump against . . . us. In fact we know Glastonbury Festival hosted Wikileaks founder Julian Assange last week during his inaugural Sunday refreshments coffee spot discussion with actress Maxine Peake ( Jackie lookalike?) about his legal struggle for freedom and justice. During his conversation with Maxine Peake in front of thousands of Worthy Farm ticket holders, Assange reportedly issued a last minute challenge: As it was being speculated by pundits everywhere that Lord Ashcroft’s research had focused on questions asked about immigration and leadership alone as nothing else really registered or mattered as far as previous official-type polls were concerned (and Lord

Is being a lawyer bad for your mental health?

The mental health of lawyers has been the subject of research and commentary for many years. Some studies suggest that lawyers have higher rates of depression, anxiety, and substance abuse than other professionals.

How do you define everything is energy, vibration, and frequency?

Everything is energy, vibration, and frequency can be defined as the three interconnected qualities of existence. Energy is the stuff that everything is made of, vibration is the movement or oscillation of energy, and frequency is the rate of vibration.

Why don't more midsize sedans (like the Camry or Accord) offer all-wheel drive? Only the Subaru Legacy (where it's standard) and the Ford Fusion seem to even offer this option.

Midsize sedans are generally geared towards a more budget-conscious audience, and all-wheel drive generally adds a significant amount to the price of a car. In addition, all-wheel drive generally comes at the expense of fuel economy, so it is not as attractive to buyers who are looking to save money at the pump.

What mistakes did you make in your first relationship that you never repeated again?

I believe that every relationship is unique and therefore has different mistakes. I don't think I ever made the same mistake twice.

Has anyone used Purely Hosting before?

I have not used Purely Hosting before, but I have heard good things about them.

Who is the first woman described as a prophetess in scripture?

The first woman described as a prophetess in scripture is Miriam, the sister of Moses.

What's the best way to drive away a troublemaker in a community?

There is no one answer to this question as it depends on the nature of the troublemaker and the community. Possible methods include asking the troublemaker to leave, calling the police, or setting up boundaries that the troublemaker is not allowed to cross.

Is Satya Nadella a better CEO than Tim Cook?

It is difficult to compare the two CEOs because they have different approaches and philosophies. However, if we look at their performances, it would appear that Satya Nadella is a better CEO than Tim Cook. Under Nadella's leadership, Microsoft's stock has increased by over 150% while Apple's stock has only increased by around 50% under Cook. Nadella has also managed to turnaround Microsoft's culture and make it more innovative, which has resulted in the company regaining its position as one of the most valuable companies in the world.

How did Moses Malone become 6 foot 9 even his father and mother are just 5 foot 6 and 5 foot 2?

No one is sure how Moses Malone became 6 foot 9. His parents are of average height, so it is possible that he had a growth spurt during puberty. It is also possible that he was just tall for his age.

What can someone do if they noticed police officers pulled someone over at the same spot every week?

If someone notices police officers pulled someone over at the same spot every week, they can report it to the police department.

What happens when someone actually says they are unwilling to help in case of an emergency sitting at the emergency exit on an aircraft?

If someone says they are unwilling to help in case of an emergency while sitting at the emergency exit on an aircraft, the airline may choose to re-seat the passenger in another location.

Can I use a denoising autoencoder to synthesize new digit images?

Yes, a denoising autoencoder can be used to synthesize new digit images.

I understand that some of the long term effects from COVID-19 include scarring of lung tissue and other organs. Is it possible that Drs could utilize stem cells to replace the scar tissue with newly formed tissue?

There is potential that stem cells could be used to replace scar tissue, but this is still an experimental treatment.

Where can I find a good guide about online casinos?

A good guide about online casinos can be found on websites such as Gamble Online, Casinomeister, and Wizard of Odds. These websites offer information on a variety of topics related to online gambling, including reviews of popular casinos, games, and software providers.

What type of rock is normally used in road construction?

The type of rock used in road construction is normally granite.

Why is it that the Singaporean media is heavily controlled by their government in spite that Singapore is a non-totalitarian state?

Singaporean media is heavily controlled by their government in order to maintain stability and preserve the country's image. The government wants to avoid any type of content that could create social unrest or reflect poorly on Singapore. This includes news stories that are critical of the government or that could potentially stir up ethnic or religious tensions.

Is there an apartment in Bangalore with rain-water harvesting, a swimming pool and a basketball court?

There is not an apartment complex in Bangalore that has all of those features. However, there are many complexes that have rain-water harvesting, swimming pools, and/or basketball courts.

Who would win between Aloy (Horizon: Zero Dawn) and 2B (Nier: Automata)?

Assuming that Aloy and 2B are fighting in their respective games' universe, I would say Aloy would win. Aloy is a skilled hunter who is proficient in using various types of weapons, while 2B is an android with powerful weapon, but she is not as experienced as Aloy in combat.

How effective is the Feynman technique for learning?

The Feynman technique is considered an effective way to learn material. It involves breaking down a subject into small pieces, and then teaching each piece in a simple and easy-to-understand manner. This allows students to gradually build up their understanding of a subject, and eventually be able to apply it to more complex situations.

What are your views on the people who never earn a single penny but spent their whole life enjoying their ancestor's money?

There are a few different ways to look at this. On one hand, you could say that these people are fortunate to have been born into wealth and that they should be grateful for what they have. On the other hand, you could say that they're not doing anything to contribute to society and that they're essentially living off of the work that their ancestors did. Personally, I think it's okay for people to enjoy the fruits of their ancestors' labor, but I also think that they should use some of that wealth to help others who are less fortunate.

Who is a better director, J. J. Abrams or Christopher Nolan?

That is a difficult question. They are both great directors.

What kind of pay raises and stock refresh does one get in software/hardware engineering at Apple?

The last known public information regarding employee compensation at Apple was from 2013, when the company revealed that its software and hardware engineers made a median salary of $125,000. However, it is likely that compensation has increased since then, given the general trends in the industry. In terms of stock refresh, Apple does not publicly disclose its policies on this matter.

Can someone take your domain name away from you if you registered it first?

No. Once you register a domain name, it is yours as long as you continue to renew it.

Why do particles have dual natures?

Quantum mechanics tells us that particles like electrons do not have a definite location until they are observed. This means that they exist in a state of superposition, occupying all of the possible locations that they could occupy until an observer causes them to collapse into a single location. Therefore, we say that particles have a wave-like nature.

At the same time, when we observe particles, they always have a definite location. This means that they also have a particle-like nature.

How do you decide if surgery is necessary for herniated disk?

If a herniated disk is causing severe pain, numbness, or weakness, surgery may be necessary.

What is the best phrase that sums up Donald Trump's comments about President Biden destroying our country with his border decisions? What is your unedited opinion about it?

Donald Trump's comments about President Biden destroying our country with his border decisions are unfounded and irresponsible. President Biden has not done anything to destroy our country and Trump's comments are simply an attack on the new administration.

What are the main competitors robots for Pepper, a robot developed by Softbank?

The main competitors for the Softbank Pepper robot are the Blue Frog Robotics Twendy-One robot, the KUKA Roboter LBR iiwa robot, and the Boston Dynamics SpotMini robot.

Is it true or false that there is no such thing as an honorable president or politician?

This statement is false. While it is true that there have been many corrupt presidents and politicians throughout history, there have also been many honorable ones.

What are the different types of assault under California law?

The different types of assault under California law are:

1. Assault with a deadly weapon: This is when someone uses a weapon to try to physically harm someone else.

2. Aggravated assault: This is a more serious charge that can be brought when someone causes great bodily harm or tries to commit a robbery or rape.

3. Sexual assault: This is when someone commits a sexual act against another person without their consent.

Where does science live?

Science lives in the heart of every curious person.

Are complicated mathematical economic models realistic? If not, what is the merit in constructing them?

There is a debate among economists about the realism of mathematical economic models. Some economists argue that complex models are not realistic because they do not reflect the way the real world works. Other economists argue that complex models are useful because they allow economists to study how the economy works without being distracted by the noise and chaos of the real world.

How do I let my wife know I appreciate her?

The best way to let your wife know you appreciate her is to express your gratitude directly and often. Thank her for taking care of the household, for her Cooking, for her support, and for being by your side. Let her know how much you appreciate all that she does for you and the family.

Do Germans buy Tesla cars? Why or why not?

Germans do buy Tesla cars, but not as many as other countries. The main reason for this is that Tesla cars are still quite expensive, and Germans are generally quite price-sensitive when it comes to cars. Additionally, the German car market is already quite saturated with high-quality, luxury cars, so Tesla has to compete with some very established brands.

What do you think Elizabeth Warren has done that entitles her to your support in the 2020 Presidential election?

I believe that Elizabeth Warren has done a lot to help the middle class and working families. She has fought for consumer protection and student loan reform, and she has proposed bold plans to level the playing field in our economy. I think she would be an excellent president, and I would be happy to support her in 2020.

Is there a role of technology in abolishing slave industry? Did automation create less need for manual work performed by slaves?

There is no clear role of technology in abolishing slave industry. Automation may have created less need for manual work performed by slaves, but it is not clear how significant this was in the overall decline of slavery.

How did you catch the colleague who was stealing your lunch, office supplies, etc.?

The colleague who was stealing my lunch, office supplies, etc., was caught because I set up a hidden camera in my office.

Is it in sight to build a rapid screening test for cancer diagnosis?

Yes, researchers are working on developing rapid screening tests for cancer diagnosis. However, these tests are not yet available for clinical use.

When will China outstrip the U.S. to claim the top spot in the world economic rankings?

China is expected to outstrip the U.S. to claim the top spot in the world economic rankings by 2030, according to a report by accounting firm PwC.

Why do people say Lebron has a bad shooting form?

Lebron has a reputation for not being a great shooter, and people say his form is part of the reason why. His shot is often compared to a jump shot, which is less accurate than a standard shooting form.

My Sea of Thieves limited edition controller has a broken button, could I get the button replaced?

If your controller is within its 1-year warranty, you may be able to get the button replaced by contacting Microsoft Support.

Who was the actor that received the first Golden Globe nomination for voicing a character in a Disney animated film?

The actor that received the first Golden Globe nomination for voicing a character in a Disney animated film was Robin Williams.

What is the appeal of "Open World" games?

The appeal of open world games is that they give the player a sense of freedom and allows them to explore the game world at their own pace. Additionally, open world games often have a large number of side quests and activities to keep the player busy for many hours.

How do I test for asbestos in a ceiling?

There are a few ways that you can test for asbestos in a ceiling. You can hire a professional asbestos testing company to come and take samples of the material in your ceiling. You can also purchase a home asbestos test kit from a hardware store or online retailer.

Since they mainly care about themselves, are narcissists less likely to recycle?

Narcissists are not typically known for their generosity or concern for others, so it's possible that they would be less likely to recycle than people who are more altruistic. However, it's also possible that narcissists would recycle if they believed it would make them look good or boost their ego in some way. There is no definitive answer, and it would depend on the individual narcissist.

Which refresher you used for IIT prepration? I have already taken addmission in an coaching institute though would their would be enough?

I took admission in an IIT coaching institute and used their refreshers to prepare for IIT JEE.

I have a full-time job. If I run a startup side business and it ends up losing lots of money, would I be able to deduct taxes from those losses out of my earnings from the full-time job?

Generally, no. losses from a business can only be used to offset income from that same business.

In D&D 5e, I want my character to teleport around a lot and have lots of illusions/copies of himself etc. Which spellcaster class and race should I choose?

There is no one "right" answer to this question, as it depends on what other goals and preferences you have for your character. However, some classes and races that might be good choices for a character who wants to focus on teleportation and illusions include the sorcerer (especially if you choose the wild magic or draconic bloodline origins), the warlock (particularly if you choose the fey or void patron options), and the wizard (particularly if you choose the school of transmutation). As for race, consider choices like the elf (particularly if you choose the high elf subclass), the gnome, or the changeling.

When we compress files on a computer we tend to lose some data (although the data we lose is significantly less that it can be ignored) the same thing happens when you send a file over to someone. Why is that?

Compression algorithms work by identifying patterns in the data and representing those patterns using fewer bits. When a file is compressed, some of the data is lost because it can't be represented as a pattern.

How do you compare files in a directory (diff, Unix)?

The diff command is used to compare files in a directory. The command takes two arguments, the first is the file to be compared and the second is the reference file. The diff command produces a report that lists the differences between the two files.

Some veterans do talk of their war experiences. Is it not true for everyone?

No. Not everyone does. Some who do, find it very helpful in talking about their war experiences to others who have had a similar experience of war.

What are the benefits of talking about war experiences?

The benefits of talking about war experiences can include helping the individual to process and make sense of their experiences, to share memories with others who understand, and to provide support and validation. Additionally, talking about war experiences can be cathartic and lead to positive outcomes such as healing, growth, and empowerment.

When soldiers (US) aren't deployed, are they in forts/bases in the US, or do they go home?

When soldiers are not deployed, they are typically in forts or bases in the US. However, some soldiers may go home if they are on leave or have been given permission to do so.

Are air fryer chips free on slimming world?

There are a variety of air fryer chips that are free on the Slimming World plan.

In Aristotle’s Nicomachean Ethics, how could you argue that friendship of utility supports becoming happy?

In Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, you could argue that friendship of utility supports becoming happy because it is based on a mutually beneficial relationship in which each party gains something from the friendship. This type of friendship is often transient, but it can still provide happiness and satisfaction while it lasts.

To actors and actresses in online adult-only video, does your appearance day-to-day, such as going to stores, resemble your online image enough that you are recognizable?

This is a difficult question to answer because it depends on the person and their online image. Some people who star in adult-only videos may have a very different appearance when they are not performing, while others might look similar to their online persona. In general, though, it is probably safe to say that most people who appear in adult-only videos are not easily recognizable in their everyday lives.

What kind of hip pain improves after walking for a few minutes yet produces a consistently reproducible, painless crack/popping/ratcheting sound on thigh rotation?

The pain is most likely due to a degenerative hip condition and the cracking sound is likely due to the joint surfaces grinding against each other. Walking may temporarily reduce the pain by lubricating the joint surfaces.

Should I choose Nissan Kicks over Hyundai Creta?

If you are looking for a vehicle that is stylish and offers great fuel economy, the Nissan Kicks would be a great choice. The Hyundai Creta is a great choice if you are looking for a vehicle that offers more space and comfort.

In the book Little Women, what is the sister’s surname?

The four March sisters in the book Little Women are named Meg, Jo, Beth, and Amy. Their father’s name is Mr. March, so their surname is March.

For a 2-storey commercial and residential building, should I plan first the columns in my first floor plan before proceeding to the second floor plan?

Or should I plan all the column layout first from the 4 corners of the building, then prodceed to both floor plans (1 & 2)?

It is generally easier to start with the column layout on the first floor and then work up to the second floor.

How does hunger affect eating habits? After having a couple of hungry months I can’t stop eating when I have food, constantly feeling hungry. How does it work? How can it be fixed?

Hunger can affect eating habits in a few different ways. First, when someone is hungry, they are more likely to overeat or eat more than they normally would. This can lead to weight gain and/or obesity. Additionally, hunger can lead to cravings for certain foods, which can then lead to unhealthy eating habits. Finally, hunger can also lead to increased stress levels, which can then impact eating habits.

How do I study only once and become well thorough in a topic?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Some people may find that studying a topic once and becoming thoroughly familiar with it requires them to study the material multiple times. Others may find that they can study a topic once and retain a great deal of information if they focus their attention and use effective study strategies. Some specific tips that may help include: breaking the material down into manageable chunks, focusing attention while studying, using note-taking and summarization strategies, creating practice questions, and testing oneself on the material.

What is the land next to the sea called?

The land next to the sea is called the coastline.

Why are the United States and Canada extremely developed in Americas?

The United States and Canada are extremely developed because they have a long history of stable democracy, a well-educated population, abundant resources, and a tradition of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Will the appearance in both the phases of neet 2016 be considered as 2 attempts according to new rules of neet 2017?

The Attempt in 2016 will not be considered as per new NEET rules.

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