🔥👉 How do I gain muscle if I sleep in 2 segments? My nature of work requires me to be awake every 6 hours, then off for 6 hours and work again.

"✅👉 The two-segment sleep pattern will negatively impact muscle growth. To maximize muscle growth, aim to get 7-9 hours of sleep each night."

Ms. Tracy Maggio
Ms. Tracy Maggio

Would it be weird to ask a random girl out?

It can be weird to ask a random girl out, but it can also be flattering. If you're confident and have a good reason for asking her out, then go for it!

My sister started the PGP Sponsorship process on 2019, an we (my parents and I) are pretty sure that they will soon ask us to send our passports. Once we get our passports back, do we all have to enter Canada together?

My bigger concern is if they will let me enter before my sister finishes her ADR tasks, to begin my University duties.
Basically, have anyone with at least a year left on their ADR worked on their FSW sponsorship in Canada?

How is the student life (campus and also hostel life) in AUT for an international student? How are the faculty towards them?

The student life at AUT for an international student is great. There are a lot of activities and opportunities available on campus, and the faculty are very supportive. The hostel life is also good, and there are a lot of facilities available for international students.

Do AC buses of the Rajasthan government kill air germs & bacteria (like TB and Flu) inside circulating air?

The Rajasthan government does not have a policy specifically regarding the circulation of air in buses. However, the government is committed to ensuring the safety and comfort of all passengers.

Do seniors feel pride watching today's youth, all races protesting on a united front?

Some seniors might feel pride watching today's youth protest on a united front, while others might not have any reaction at all. It really depends on the individual senior's own views and opinions.

How important is it for a cofounder to be excited about solving problems in their company's industry?

It is very important for a cofounder to be excited about solving problems in their company's industry. This excitement will translate into hard work and dedication that will be necessary to grow the company. Additionally, the cofounder's knowledge and passion for the industry will be valuable in attracting customers and employees.

As a child, what was the first thing you did when arriving at the playground?

I would race to the swings and start pumping my legs as fast as I could.

What is the most useless weapon in the Elder Scrolls video game history?

There is no definitive answer to this question as there are a variety of weapons that could be considered useless depending on the individual player's preferences and opinions. However, some of the weapons that have been commonly considered useless include the Whip, Bow, and Poisoned Apple.

How does "Shame on you!" affect those (such as mass shooters) lacking sense of shame?

There is no universal answer to this question, as people react to being shamed in different ways. Some people might feel more motivated to prove themselves worthy of respect, while others might feel deeply embarrassed and withdraw from social interactions. Still others might become aggressive or violent in response to feeling shamed. It is impossible to predict how any individual will react to being shamed.

What is your own theory about origin of universe?

This is a question that has been asked throughout the ages, and there are many differing theories. Some believe that the universe was created by a god or gods. Others believe that it was always here, or that it was created through a scientific process such as the Big Bang.

Is pain tolerance and withstanding pain mostly about your mental state and being mentally strong/resilient?

Some people have a higher pain tolerance than others, but pain tolerance can also depend on your mental state. If you are feeling anxious or stressed, you may be more sensitive to pain.

I used to have hobbies such as exercising, drawing, and building things, but now I am addicted to gaming and watching the news. It is making me depressed and irritated. How do I stop?

It may be difficult to break out of these habits if they have become firmly established, but it is important to try to find other activities that can occupy your time. Talk to your friends and family members about your battle with addiction and see if they can help you find other hobbies or interests that you can pursue. There are also many helpful resources available online and through support groups that can offer guidance and suggestions for breaking out of unhealthy patterns.

What’s the mental process of an INTP trying to figure themselves out and understand what they really are looking for? Can you help me visualize it?

When an INTP is trying to figure themselves out, they are likely to go through a process of introspection and self-examination. They may ask themselves questions about their values and what they want out of life, and they may explore different options and paths open to them. In the end, the INTP is likely to come to a greater understanding of themselves and what they are looking for in life.

What was the Talmudic insight that earned Rabbi Yisroel Zeev Gustman the position of religious judge in the Rabbinical Court of Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzinski?

The Talmudic insight that earned Rabbi Yisroel Zeev Gustman the position of religious judge in the Rabbinical Court of Rabbi Chaim Ozer Grodzinski was his exceptional understanding of Jewish law.

Is being afraid good for us humans sometimes?

The answer may depend upon how one defines "good." Fear can certainly have some positive effects. For example, it can motivate people to take action to avoid potential dangers. Additionally, fear can help people bond together as they work to protect one another from perceived threats. However, fear can also lead to negative consequences such as anxiety, Panic, and paranoia. So, ultimately, whether or not fear is "good" for us may depend upon the specific situation and individual.

What are some good dog food brands that are under $40, not Purina, ol’Roy or anything bad, something healthy?

IAMS, Eukanuba, Royal Canin, Hills Science Diet

How can I build a round pen?

There are a few different ways that you can build a round pen. One way is to use pre-fabricated panels that you can purchase from a store or online. Another way is to build it yourself using fencing materials and posts.

What is the least amount of time you must boil an egg for it to be safe to eat?

The least amount of time you must boil an egg for it to be safe to eat is 3 minutes.

Does psychopathy exist in common pets? Any cases?

There are no clinical studies that suggest that psychopathy exists in common pets, however there are anecdotal reports of pet owners who believe their animal may exhibit some psychopathic tendencies. One study found that 50% of dog owners believe their pet is capable of showing guilt, and another study found that nearly 60% of cat owners believe their pet has a “secret life” that they are unaware of.

Why did Facebook drop the Hong Kong-US cable plan?

There are a few possible reasons why Facebook decided to drop the plan to build a Hong Kong-US cable. One reason could be that the company felt it was not worth the investment, given the current political climate in Hong Kong. It is also possible that Facebook was concerned about the potential for surveillance by the Chinese government if the cable went through Chinese waters.

How did Bush's relationship with Gorbachev compare with Reagan's?

Bush's relationship with Gorbachev was much friendlier than Reagan's.

What does investing teach you about dating?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the lessons investing teaches us about dating vary depending on the individual. However, some key lessons that can be learned from investing include the importance of doing your research, being patient, and understanding that there is no guarantee of success. Additionally, investing can teach us the importance of diversifying our portfolio, as well as the importance of setting realistic expectations.

How was the ecosystem formed?

The ecosystem was formed over billions of years through the process of evolution.

If I archive my messages can a contact still see them?

Yes, unless you delete the messages.

Is it true that the reason for the Second World War was a horse?

The true reason for the second World War was that the horse had been dead for years.

Why do people like texting more than voice calls?

There are many reasons people might prefer text over voice. Some people might find text easier because they can take their time to respond and think about what they want to say, whereas in a voice call they would have to respond immediately. Additionally, some people might feel more comfortable communicating via text because they can control the environment they are in (e.g., they can be alone in a quiet room) and they can choose when they want to respond, whereas in a voice call they would have to respond in real-time. There are also practical reasons why texting might be preferred, such as if the person is in a noisy environment or if they are unable to speak for some reason (e.g., they are driving).

How did the Israeli Air Force destroy a Syrian Pantsir air defense system?

In July 2018, the Israeli Air Force destroyed a Syrian Pantsir air defense system with a missile from an F-16 fighter jet.

Is planetary orbit-time around its star a crucial issue in determining its livability?

This is a difficult question to answer. There are many factors that contribute to the livability of a planet, and the orbit-time around its star is just one of them. Other important factors include the planet's distance from its star, the composition of its atmosphere, and the presence of liquid water.

When the world population shrinks and humans become extinct, will the remaining governments just say "oops"?

The remaining governments will likely disband and cease to exist.

What is the role of science in a desirable setting of multicultural co-existence?

Science has no concrete answer for this question. However, science can play a role in providing an understanding of how different cultures interact and how to provide opportunities for people of different cultures to coexist peacefully.

Why is the MCQ Pattern bought in the CA Final old course? Will it benefit students?

The MCQ Pattern is bought in the CA Final old course to provide an opportunity for students who wish to attempt the examination in the old course.

What do Americans think of Sir Robert Peel and William Lamb?

Sir Robert Peel and William Lamb are not well known in the United States.

Why did the Trump administration break ethical guidelines by promoting Goya?

The Trump administration broke ethical guidelines by promoting Goya because they gave the company special treatment and allowed them to bypass the usual approval process.

Should I invest all my money at once or spread it out?

Some people believe that it is better to invest a lump sum of money all at once, while others believe that it is better to spread the investments out over a period of time. Some financial advisers recommend investing a lump sum all at once, because this can immediately start earning interest and growing. Others recommend spreading out investments, because this can help to average the cost of the investment over time, which can smooth out some of the market volatility.

My Bernese mountain dog has oral melanoma. I think it’s between stage 1 and 2 and I’m not sure if there’re metastasis. How long does he have? What is the best case and worst case?

The stage of the cancer will affect the prognosis, but in general, oral melanomas are aggressive tumors with a poor prognosis. The best case scenario is that the tumor is caught early and can be removed surgically with no evidence of spread. The worst case scenario is that the tumor is aggressive and has already spread to other parts of the body, which may not be detectable until the cancer is far advanced. In general, dogs with oral melanomas have a life expectancy of less than one year.

How is sound captured without any air in the atmosphere?

Sound is captured without any air in the atmosphere through a process called soundproofing. Soundproofing is the creation of an enclosed space or barrier between two objects that absorbs sound.

Is brahmos a nuclear missile?

Yes, the BrahMos missile is a nuclear-capable missile.

Which would be the right NOC code for Canadian immigration if I have prior work experience in Amazon as a catalog associate?

The NOC code for a catalog associate at Amazon would be 5223.

If fewer people in the United States own guns, would there be less crime?

The simple answer to this question is no. The research on gun violence is clear: more guns mean more gun violence. It’s not just that more guns make it more likely that someone will be shot in an altercation—there’s also convincing evidence that the mere presence of guns makes violence more likely.

If you had to choose between going through hurricanes or snowstorms, what would it be?

If I had to choose, I would rather go through hurricanes than snowstorms.

What are the exemplary designs of TV units to promote the beauty of a living room?

There is no definitive answer to this question as everyone has different tastes, but some possible designs of TV units that could promote the beauty of a living room include sleek and minimalist designs, floating shelves or cabinets, and decorative displays.

Why do companies say "4 minute hold time" and 25 minutes later, you are still on hold?

It is a way to manage customer expectations. Customers are more likely to be patient if they know how long they will be on hold.

How has an inappropriate urban land use policy accounted for undesirable development in and around metropolitan cities?

Some undesirable effects of inappropriate urban land use policies include: uncontrolled urban sprawl, increased traffic congestion, air and water pollution, and loss of agricultural land and open space.

How will the US civilian population react to the new tax cut?

The reaction of the US civilian population to the new tax cut will likely be positive. The tax cut will put more money in people's pockets and encourage spending, which will boost the economy. The main concern is that the tax cut could add to the country's debt burden, but most people are likely to support the measure.

Why can’t the farmers in India sell their products at their own price?

The government of India has a minimum support price (MSP) system in place for agricultural commodities. This means that farmers are guaranteed to receive a minimum price for their commodities from the government. The MSP is determined by taking into account the cost of production, as well as other factors such as market demand and supply. Farmers are not allowed to sell their products below the MSP.

How long can someone stay with a narcissist?

There is no maximum time limit, but most people will eventually get tired of the abuse and leave.

Can low voltage cause clipping?

Clipping occurs when an amplifier is overwhelmed by an input signal and can no longer accurately reproduce the waveform. facets that can cause clipping are volume (of course) if its turned up too loud, the wattage rating of your amp, and if you are trying to push your speakers beyond their safe limits.

Is audio clip lossy?

The term “clipping” implies that something is being removed or clipped off, so when you’re clipping audio to trim it down, that means you’re removing data that would otherwise be there during playback. … Audio codecs compress data and then decompress it back into its original format before playback.

Does clipping damage speakers?

When clipped for periods of time without being paused there is a good possibility of speaker failure – although this could also be caused by other factors (i.e. incorrect impedance). In more cases than not it is not the speakers that fail but the motor assembly within the active sub- woofer itself.

According to the quantum field theory, everything consists of fields. Particles are spatially expanded quanta. How does the quantum field theory work with chemical or triboelectric processes where the materials exchange electrons?

As far as I know, quantum field theory only treats particles, not chemicals or materials.


Quantum field theory is a theory of how particles interact with each other. One aspect of how particles interact is how they share electrons between them, which then causes a chemical reaction. So in that sense, chemical reactions are included.
Of course, the theory just describes what happens in an interaction and doesn't explain why certain kinds of interaction (e.g. sharing electrons) happen – that description is given by the underlying forces in nature, namely electricity and magnetism for this example.

Is it dangerous to carry a smartphone when homeless?

There is no definitive answer, as each situation is unique. Generally speaking, however, carrying a smartphone when homeless may pose some risks. For example, if the phone is stolen, the individual may lose a valuable communication tool and/or personal belongings stored on the device. Additionally, if the phone isn't charged regularly, it may become inoperable, making it difficult to call for help in an emergency situation.

How does an airplane effectively sanitize their air?

Airplanes sanitize their air by filtering it and circulating it throughout the cabin.

What will we have to live without after Brexit?

There is no certain answer to this question as it will depend on the final outcome of negotiations between the UK and the EU. However, some of the potential areas where changes could occur include:

-Freedom of movement: currently, citizens of EU member states have the right to live and work in any other member state. This could change after Brexit, meaning that British citizens may need a visa to live and work in EU countries (and vice versa).

-Trade: the UK currently benefits from trade agreements between the EU and other countries. After Brexit, the UK will need to negotiate its own trade agreements with both the EU and other countries around the world.

-Regulation: currently, many areas of UK law are determined by EU legislation. After Brexit, the UK will have to decide which of these laws to keep, change or scrap altogether.

-Funding: currently, the UK receives substantial funding from the EU for a variety of projects, including agriculture, research and regional development. It is not clear if this funding will continue after Brexit.

Will automation kill computer jobs?

The automation of computer jobs may eventually put some people out of work, but it will also create new higher-skilled jobs to replace them.

How do you keep your sanity being constantly around assholes and the things they say about you?

There is no surefire answer, but one approach is to try to remember that not everyone is an asshole, and that the people who are assholes are likely saying similar things about others. Additionally, it can be helpful to try to find humor in the situation, and to take comfort in the fact that, in most cases, the things that assholes say about you are not true.

What are the thought processes or thinking skills involved with contemplation?

There is not just one thought process or thinking skill involved in contemplation. Some people may use logic and reasoning, while others may use intuition or imagination. Some people may also use creative thinking or critical thinking.

How much did the standard infantry equipment change in the different Chinese dynasties?

The standard infantry equipment changed very little in the different Chinese dynasties. The main changes were in the size and weight of the shields, spears, and swords.

Why do all computer languages or software have animals in their logo (for example, Hadoop and Perl have an elephant and a camel)?

There are a lot of possible explanations for why this trend started, but one popular theory is that animals in logos make the products seem more approachable and friendly.

How is it that a computer is so much faster when booted in Safe Mode, in spite of almost all the hardware acceleration being blocked then?

A computer is faster in safe mode because only the most essential drivers and services are loaded. This means that there are fewer programs running in the background, which frees up resources and makes the computer run faster.

Are there any shop signs in the USA that mention the products, services, or the business owner's identity together with words of other languages rather than English (for example: Rose Déjà vu)?

Yes, there are several shop signs in the USA that mention the products, services, or the business owner's identity together with words of other languages rather than English.

Has everybody turned "soft" inasmuch as the wind and rain keeps them indoors or forces them to drive instead of walk?

Fortunately, the wind-chill factor in the mist of wind, rain and sidewalk isn't nearly as much as when it's only freezing cold. Still, I walk (the path by the lake) whenever possible and get out of the house for other reasons anyway. (Note how some local businesses closed today.)

What seems strange to me is a few days ago I walked outside to grab something and felt a pain over my right eye that lasted maybe five minutes but quickly passed -- just like one of those neural flashes. Yesterday examined what I knew was not a bruise -- there wasn't anything on the surface below skin level or above -- nor a small lump without firmness and it seemed in the "right" place for an eyeball injury (upper lid crease inside). None-the-less, I didn't really feel quite well with what seemed to be a "disconnected" patch of sinusitis behind my right eye. (The canal works!) Still, no big deal and nothing really bad came from it after yesterday so probably most likely just minor sinusitis. (Logically spontaneous recovery from full-blown sinusitis or eye problem during cold weather isn't plausible.)

Does almost going into deep sleep dream? It doesn't seem that way but sometimes something unusual happens before sleep arrives. Last night while being sleepy but staying awake (watching CNN), partly thinking maybe too much had been eaten earlier, noticed strange severe whirring noises in both ears lasting short periods of time with some regularity as though mine were amplified effects of hundreds/thousands of bugs flying by either side at once? No idea but perhaps complete relaxation provides subtle awareness of sounds normally ignored? Very relaxing noises until they became too repetitive! Random sounds often certain rhythms? Might have dreamed but don't recall doing so.

Like Anne Boleyn was known as Ana de Bolena or Ana Bolena in Spain, what was the rest of the Tudor Queens (including Elizabeth of York and Margaret Beaufort the King Mother) known as in Spain?

The rest of the Tudor Queens were known as the Reyes Católicos (the Catholic Kings) in Spain.

Have you joined your department (2016 ITI), as I have heard that candidates of CBEC and CBDT haven't got their placement yet?

No, I have not joined my department yet.

To wealthy people with kids: if your kids attend(ed) a magnet public school, do you feel as if you're taking undue advantage of something?

I don't feel as if I'm taking undue advantage of something, but I do feel like I'm benefiting from a system that's unfair to other families. I know that there are a lot of families who would love to send their kids to the same school as my children, but they can't because they don't live in the right district or they can't afford the tuition. It's not something that I take for granted, and I'm grateful that my kids have had the opportunity to attend such a great school.

Who would win in a battle of wits, Light Yagami or Blank?

There is no clear winner in this battle of wits. Light Yagami is a skilled strategist and thinker, while Blank is a master of deception and manipulation. Each one has the ability to outsmart the other, making this battle a close call.

Does Kim Jong-un have close relations with ISIS or Al-Qaeda, and is it possible he would supply either organization with WMDs?

There is no known connection between Kim Jong-un and either ISIS or Al-Qaeda, and it is unlikely that he would supply either organization with WMDs.

Would a transparent glass construction on Mars equator, trap enough heat from the Sun to keep the temperature inside, tolerable during the night with no other heating source?

No, a glass construction would not be able to trap enough heat from the Sun to keep the temperature inside tolerable during the night.

What are the wittiest replies (comebacks) to "shut up"?

1. I'm sorry, were you talking to me? I couldn't hear you over the sound of my awesomeness.
2. If I wanted to hear from an asshole, I'd fart.
3. Your mouth is writing checks your ass can't cash.
4. I'll stop talking when you start making sense.
5. Well, this conversation was a real joy. Can't wait to do it again sometime soon. NOT!
6. Yeah, shut up or you'll wind up like the other people in your life: Alone and talking to yourself.

What is the life cycle of a cloud? Do they drop rain consistently until they're depleted?

The life cycle of a cloud is: 1) Evaporation 2) Condensation 3) Precipitation. Warm air rises and cool air drops. When the warm air rises, it cools and water vapor in the air condenses. This forms a cloud. When the cloud gets too full, it will drop rain (precipitation).

How do baseball play-by-play commentators pull up videos of past events on demand?

The commentators are generally able to request any video from the team's library of past events. They communicate with a producer in the booth who then cues up the requested video.

What are the places in Vienna to visit according to a local?

There is no definitive answer to this question since everyone's preferences are different. However, some popular tourist destinations in Vienna include the Hofburg Palace, the Belvedere Palace, the Vienna State Opera, the Museum of Fine Arts, and the Maria-Theresien-Platz.

What does my teacher mean by "Design a robot in AutoCAD"? Does she want me to draw it at once or draft each side of it separately?

If your teacher wants you to design a robot in AutoCAD, she probably wants you to create a three-dimensional model of a robot using theAutoCAD software. This might involve creating a separate drawing for each side of the robot, or it might involve using the software's modeling tools to create a more complex model. Your teacher will likely provide more specific instructions on what she wants you to do.

Are CO2 emissions proportional to MPG figures?

There is not a definitive answer to this question as it can depend on a number of factors, including the specific vehicle, the driving conditions, and the gas mileage rating. Generally speaking, CO2 emissions will be lower for vehicles with higher MPG ratings.

My laptop screen flashes white every now and again at random times. What does it mean? Should I be worried?

There could be various reasons for your laptop screen to flash white. It could be a sign of a hardware issue, such as a loose connection, or it could be a software issue. If the problem persists, you should take your laptop to a computer repair shop to have it checked out.

What are the striking differences between Bihari and Bengali cultures?

There are many differences between Bihari and Bengali cultures. For example, Biharis are traditionally more conservative than Bengalis. Bengalis are also generally more educated and have a more sophisticated culture. Additionally, Bengali cuisine is typically spicier than Bihari cuisine.

What is the difference between topper study technique and failure study technique?

There is a big difference between topper study technique and failure study technique. Topper study technique includes making a schedule, setting goals, and studying regularly. Failure study technique includes procrastination, studying only when grades are due, and not setting any goals.

How do I stop Facebook search bar from making suggestions? I have tried clearing search history as well as clicking “Clear browsing data”, yet I still get suggestions based on my previous searches that I supposedly cleared.

There is no certain way to stop the suggestions from appearing, but you can try a few things. First, make sure that you are logged out of Facebook when you clear your browsing data. You can also try using a private browsing window. Finally, you can try using a different browser altogether.

Did you see people at the rally preceding the capital riot like Senator Ron Johnson described, for example, families with small children, or elderly people, jovial, friendly, and earnest attendees?

No, I did not see anyone that fit that description at the rally preceding the capital riot.

I got an offer letter from TCS yesterday. Experience 3 years 10 months. CTC offered 9.5 lakh. Is there any other way to increase salary after on-boarded? Like clearing assessments or trainings for incentives… Guys please through some lights..

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