🔥👉 Does using a frozen cucumber on your skin really work?

"✅👉 There is no scientific evidence that using a frozen cucumber on your skin has any benefits."

Rashad Lynch
Rashad Lynch

What is the real truth behind the economic situation in America during Trump’s presidency?

There is no one answer to this question as the economic situation in America is complex and ever-changing. However, some economists argue that the country is currently in a period of strong economic growth, thanks in part to Trump's policies. Others believe that Trump's policies have actually hurt the economy, and that the current period of growth is not sustainable.

How much are whatever community fees owed each month when you own a mobile home? Is it any better or worse than owning a condo? Please answer more specifically than "it varies".

Again, it varies depending on the size of the lot, whether or not it is leased land, and other factors. You might want to consult a real estate agent in your area who specializes in mobile homes.

You are creating a cult that thousands upon thousands of followers shall join, almost becoming a staple religion. What do you worship and how do you worship it?

We worship the sun. We believe that the sun is the giver of all life, and that it is the most powerful force in the universe. We worship it by offering sacrifices to it, and by singing and dancing in its honor.

Will Facebook Credits generate more revenue for the company than advertising in five years time? Why or why not?


Can the traditional Mongolian script spelling be updated to match the Cyrillic spelling for every day use while keeping the older spelling for calligraphy, art, etc.?

Yes, the traditional Mongolian script spelling can be updated to match the Cyrillic spelling for every day use.

In the event of all-out global nuclear warfare, does 'mutually assured destruction' mean total annihilation of a country and its inhabitants?

Mutually assured destruction (MAD) is a doctrine of military strategy and national security policy in which a full-scale use of nuclear weapons by two opposing sides would cause the complete annihilation of both the attacker and the defender. It is based on the theory of deterrence, which holds that the threat of using strong weapons against a country deters that country's use of those same weapons. The strategy is a form of Nash equilibrium in which, once armed, neither party has any incentive to initiate a conflict or to disarm.

How do you greet two or more officers in the army?

In the Army, you would greet two or more officers by saying, "Good morning,Sir" or "Good afternoon, Sir."

Which infrastructure project in the US is the most critically important area but is in desperate need of federal funding?

The most critical infrastructure project in the US that is in desperate need of federal funding is the repair and replacement of the country's aging water infrastructure.

How do I reply to happy friendship day messages?

You can reply to a happy friendship day message by sending a thank you message, or by returning the compliment.

How do I export member addresses into a spreadsheet for a mailout?

If you need to export member addresses into a spreadsheet for a mailout, the easiest way to do this is to use a mailing list service like MailChimp or Constant Contact. Both of these services allow you to import your member list from BigTent, and then you can export the member addresses into a spreadsheet format from there.

"If opportunity doesn't knock, build a door." - Milton Berle. How do you build such a door?

Have you ever seen a pond? What makes it possible is a life cycle that begins with the family of microorganisms that create the soil.

Microorganisms are tiny creatures that live in your digestive system and on your skin. They are also found in water, soil and air. In fact, there are more microorganisms on your skin than there are people on the planet. These tiny creatures play a vital role in our survival. Microorganisms help us digest food, fight disease and protect our skin.

Most microorganisms are harmless, but some can cause disease. The key to a healthy body is to maintain a balance of good and bad microorganisms. Probiotics are live microorganisms that are beneficial to our health. They can be found in yogurt and other fermented foods.

Is 5 billion for the Spider-Man rights enough? Should Sony settle?

There is no easy answer when it comes to the complicated question of how much Sony should settle for when it comes to the Spider-Man rights. On one hand, five billion dollars is an incredible amount of money, and it would be foolish for Sony to turn down such a large sum. On the other hand, Spider-Man is a hugely popular and valuable franchise, and Sony may feel that it is worth more than five billion dollars. Ultimately, the decision of how much to settle for will come down to what Sony feels is best for the future of the franchise.

Do you think that the household works done by a home maker often go unnoticed and they are underestimated?

There is no doubt that the household works done by a home maker often go unnoticed and they are underestimated. It is a natural tendency for people to take for granted the things that are done for them on a regular basis. However, this does not mean that the work of a home maker is not important. In fact, it is essential for the smooth functioning of any household. A home maker perform a variety of tasks that keep the house clean, organized and running smoothly. Without their contribution, the household would quickly fall into chaos.

How can I crack the NEET 2020 in 1 year? I am a 12th result awaited student.

It is not possible to crack NEET in one year. You should start preparing from now onwards and focus on your weak areas. Once you get your 12th results, you can start applying for colleges.

How can I play on CS:GO community servers? Whenever I connect to a server it completely freezes and later crashes when I'm selecting if I wanna be on the terrorist or CT side.

There could be a number of reasons why this is happening. It could be an issue with your internet connection, or it could be an issue with the game itself. If you are able to play on other servers without any issues, then it is likely that the problem is with the server you are trying to connect to.

Can an RH negative and an O+ have a baby of RH negative too?

No, an Rh negative and an O positive can not have an Rh negative baby.

Is it considered professional courtesy for people who drive RVs to not park them at truck stops for the night too much?

Professional courtesy for people who drive RVs generally dictates that they should not park their vehicles at truck stops for extended periods of time. This courtesy is typically extended to other motorists as well, and is based on the assumption that trucks need access to these facilities more often than RVs.

Is Magnus Carlsen directly qualified for the Candidates Tournament 2022 as he secured third place in the FIDE World Cup 2021?

Yes, Magnus Carlsen is directly qualified for the Candidates Tournament 2022 as he secured third place in the FIDE World Cup 2021.

Who was wrong in the whole slapping scenario between Chris Rock and Will Smith at the Oscars?

Neither person was wrong in the slapping scenario.

Do you think that there is an urgency to give additional attention to water resources in a “changing climate”?

Yes, I think there is an urgency to give additional attention to water resources in a changing climate. One reason is that climate change is causing more extreme weather events, such as floods and droughts, which can impact water availability. Additionally, as populations grow and demand for water increases, it is important to ensure that there is enough water to meet everyone's needs.

How would you settle Chrome to find out if you are writting in English or in French and to correct the spelling accordingly?

Install the spell checker extension for Chrome.

How do you feel about Gorka’s behavior in the Rose Garden following the mostly alt-right and conspiracy promoters social media meeting with Trump?


What behavior are you referring to?

Where are Sansa and Arya's suspicions against Daenerys based, given that they have murdered people in horrible and self-righteous ways themselves when it came to revenge? How did she differ from them in their eyes?

Sansa and Arya's suspicions against Daenerys are based on the fact that Daenerys burned King's Landing to the ground, killing hundreds of thousands of innocent people in the process. Arya and Sansa both know what it feels like to kill in revenge, and they believe that Daenerys is no better than they are.

What is your safe word to tell people you're okay and/or not in trouble?


What does being in an interview for a software development role feel like?

Being in an interview for a software development role may feel like a daunting task, as you are likely to be interviewed by someone with technical expertise. However, it is important to remember that the interviewer is also interested in your ability to communicate and work within a team. The interviewer will likely ask you questions about your experience with coding, designing software, and working on teams. They may also give you a problem to solve or a project to work on during the interview.

Been feeling pretty down lately. I don't know why. All seems to be right but I'm just very sad and upset most of the time. Help?

What is a sample picture of MRSA?

One possible sample picture of MRSA can be seen here: https://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/commons/d/dd/MRSA_lesion_on_hand.jpg

In WW2, why did Americans seem to be not crazy with using indirect fire (artillery, mortars) and uses a lot of it but Soviet seem to be crazy but didnt use a lot of it?

American forces in World War II generally had better access to artillery and other indirect fire support than Soviet forces. This was due in part to superior logistics and industrial capacity, and in part to the fact that the Americans were fighting on multiple fronts while the Soviets were mainly focused on the Eastern Front.

Artillery was a key component of American combat doctrine in WWII, and American forces made extensive use of it in both offensive and defensive operations. In contrast, the Soviets placed less emphasis on artillery, relying instead on massed infantry assaults supported by tanks and aircraft. This difference in doctrine was due in part to the different geographical conditions on the Eastern and Western Fronts. The vast open spaces of the Eastern Front made artillery much less effective, while the more confined battlefields of the West lent themselves to its use.

Is it possible for a NATO member country to leave the alliance? If so, how can NATO deal with such a situation since there's military data sharing among them that can be compromised if a member country left the alliance?

Yes, it is possible for a NATO member country to leave the alliance. If a member country left the alliance, NATO would lose access to that country's military data and would have to rely on other means to collect that information.

Game Theory: Is the paper, "Iterated Prisoner’s Dilemma contains strategies that dominate any evolutionary opponent," important, trivial or flawed?

The paper "Iterated Prisoner's Dilemma contains strategies that dominate any evolutionary opponent" is important.

Do teachers marry students in India?

No, teachers do not marry students in India. While there are no laws preventing such a marriage from taking place, it is highly frowned upon and considered inappropriate.

For those which schizophrenia, how do you deal with having an episode in public?

If you think you may be experiencing an episode of schizophrenia, it is important to seek professional help immediately. There are a number of hotlines and crisis services available to help you through this difficult time. In the meantime, here are some tips for dealing with an episode in public:

• Find a safe place to go. If you feel like you are in danger or are having a difficult time coping, find a safe place to go. This may be a friend’s house, a relative’s house, or even a public place like a library or community center.

• Avoid drugs and alcohol. Drugs and alcohol can make symptoms worse and can also interact negatively with medications.

• Stick to a routine. Schizophrenia can be unpredictable, so it is important to have a routine to help you feel more in control.eating and sleeping at regular times, taking medications as prescribed, and participating in activities that you enjoy can help you cope with an episode.

• Talk to someone you trust. Talking to someone you trust about what you’re going through can be helpful. This person can provide support and understanding.

Explain what source of finance is available for small to medium-sized companies and explain why they sometimes face difficulties raising finance?

small to medium-sized companies may find it difficult to raise finance from traditional sources such as banks due to the higher risks associated with these businesses. However, there are a number of alternative sources of finance available, such as venture capital, angel investors, and government grants.

Where do road builders go to get their asphalt?

Some road builders get their asphalt from an asphalt plant, while others may get it from a quarry.

He comes into my life to share the most beautiful love and then we become toxic and we break up again. Somehow we find each other again to reunite.This has happened for 4 times (~3y each time) in the past 15 years. What is it? How to break that bond?

Why did no one accept the challenge of the election commission of India to tamper with the EVM?

There are several reasons why no one accepted the challenge of the election commission of India to tamper with the EVM. First, the election commission of India is a government organization, and tampering with government property is a serious offense. Second, the challenge required participants to have a specific skill set in order to be able to tamper with the EVMs. Third, the time frame for the challenge was too short for most people to prepare. Finally, the prize money for the challenge was not enough to incentivize people to participate.

Is the eligibility criteria same for all IIIT's?

There is no common eligibility criteria for all the IIIT's.

Will the intersection at George Floyd Square ever be open to traffic again?

The future of George Floyd Square is still unknown, but the intersection will most likely not be opened to traffic again.

Why did Joe Biden make statements that suggest he believes African Americans all think alike, and aren't culturally diverse?

Joe Biden has a history of making racist and offensive remarks about African Americans. In May 2019, he made a series of comments that suggested all African Americans think alike and are not culturally diverse. He has since apologized for his remarks.

Putin says western military backing of Ukraine threatens Russia. Is there really a threat from the western military backing of Ukraine?

No, there is no real threat from the western military backing of Ukraine. However, Vladimir Putin and other Russian officials have used this as a justification for their aggressive actions in Ukraine and elsewhere.

How does Shiva as Mahakal propel me towards Mukti?

Shiva as Mahakal offers protection and guidance on the path towards mukti (emancipation). He is often considered to be the supreme guru, or teacher, who can offer insights and knowledge that lead to spiritual liberation. In this way, Mahakal can help to propel one towards mukti.

How do I tell the voltage of a baseboard heater I need to replace if it has no label or anything marked on it?

There should be a label on the breaker box that tells you the voltage.

What marketable skills are most sought after right now?

Some marketable skills that are most sought after right now include:
-Web development
-Graphic design
-Digital marketing
-Content creation
-Data analysis

Why is Google (assistant) voice typing 1000 times better than Gboard (system-wide) voice typing (on my Pixel 3aXL keyboard)? Can I install Google voice typing system wide (on the keyboard)?

1) Google voice typing is powered by Google's speech recognition technology, which is more accurate and up-to-date than the speech recognition technology used by most keyboards.

2) Google voice typing supports a wider range of languages than most keyboard apps.

3) Google voice typing can be used anywhere on your phone, not just in specific apps.

4) You can install the Google keyboard app on your phone to get access to Google voice typing.

Why were Dr. Seuss books pulled from publication?

Dr. Seuss books were pulled from publication because they were found to contain racist and insensitive imagery.

Has anyone been seriously injured on alone?

There have been a few people who have died while filming alone, but I don't know of anyone who has been seriously injured.

Is it said in the holy Quran not to listen to music?

There is no mention of music specifically in the Quran, but there are passages that discuss the general idea of permissible and impermissible entertainment. For example, in chapter 31, verse 6, it is said that believers should "Avoid vain talk." This could be interpreted to mean that all forms of entertainment that are not directly related to worship or other religious activities are discouraged.

What are the bad effects of studying late at night?

Some bad effects of studying late at night are that it can lead to poorer quality sleep, and it can also make it harder to focus and retain information. Additionally, studying late at night can lead to increased stress levels and anxiety.

Why is breast cancer mortality down 40 percent?

The most likely reason for the decrease in breast cancer mortality is the increased use of mammography to screen for the disease. Earlier detection of breast cancer allows for less invasive and more effective treatments. Additionally, advances in treatment options, such as targeted therapies, have improved outcomes for patients with breast cancer.

Is there anything that is a curiosity today that will be tomorrow's history?

There are many things that could be considered a curiosity today that may be tomorrow's history. With technology advancing rapidly, certain devices or gadgets that are popular today may become obsolete in the future. Other things that may be viewed as curiosities now, such as alternative methods of medicine or energy, could become more mainstream and commonplace in the years to come.

I see these gang member students smoking and dealing drugs around my high school and they disgust me. Why aren't cops doing anything about them?

The police are likely aware of the situation but may not have enough evidence to make an arrest. They may also be working on a larger investigation that involves these students.

What is the reason behind the BJP's massive defeat in Delhi Assembly Elections 2015?

The main reason behind the BJP's defeat in the Delhi Assembly elections was its inability to form a government in the state after the last elections in 2013. This led to a perception among voters that the party was not interested in governing the state. Additionally, the party was also accused of being divisive and making communal remarks during its campaign.

What are some examples of excellent layouts/functionality for content heavy sites?

Examples of excellent layout and functionality for content-heavy sites include The New York Times, Vanity Fair, and Wired. These sites feature content that is easy to navigate and search, with a clean and simple design that makes it easy to find the information you're looking for.

Which President best represents what America is?

There is no definitive answer to this question.

Is sales deed copy required for registration of private limited company?

A sale deed copy is not required for the registration of a private limited company. The company can be registered with the Registrar of Companies without a sale deed copy.

What is the best thing to do to fight evil police officers that steal money?

The best thing to do is to report them to the police department.

Can the military police arrest someone who broke a law off base (near a base)?

The military police can arrest someone who broke a law off base if the person is subject to the Uniform Code of Military Justice.

What is socially acceptable for a woman, but looked down upon in men?

A man wearing makeup is looked down upon, while a woman wearing makeup is socially acceptable.

Is it normal to argue with my mom every day, sometimes for hours?

It's not uncommon to argue with your parents on a daily basis, especially as you get older and start to form your own opinions. However, if you find that you're arguing more often than you're getting along, it might be worth trying to talk to your mom about why this is. See if there's a way to resolve your differences or come to a compromise.

According to the 1984 Soviet medical education video, it's possible to determine location of neoplasms (tumor foci) as small as 4 mm in diameter, if using CT scan (new method at the time). What is the minimal size of tumor which can be located now?

According to the 1984 Soviet medical education video, it's possible to determine location of neoplasms (tumor foci) as small as 4 mm in diameter, if using CT scan (new method at the time). What is the minimal size of tumor which can be located now?

Nowadays, newer and more sophisticated CT scanners can detect tumors as small as 1-2 mm in diameter.

Which​ layout will be the best to arrange a closet, washbasin and bath area in the bathroom plan attached?

Option 3 is the best layout to arrange a closet, washbasin, and bath area in the bathroom plan attached. In this layout, the closet is located next to the bath area, which allows for easy access to both the bath and the sink. The washbasin is located next to the bath area as well, which makes it easy to access for both washing and bathing.

If your ear was blocked with wax then opened by itself, but since then it occasionally blocks and reopens for short periods, should the ear be flushed?

If your ear was blocked with wax, and it opened by itself, there is no need to flush your ear. However, if your ear blocks and reopens for short periods of time, you may want to see a doctor to have your ear checked.

Which simple dish(any cuisine/pastry etc..) did you learn to cook during a lockdown that deserves to be posted on a food blog?

My grandmother's apple pie.

How am I supposed to rinse with Listerine for 30 seconds if it burns my cheeks?

You may experience a burning sensation when using Listerine. This is normal and should subside within a few seconds. If the burning persists, rinse your mouth with water.

What are your miserable moments during UPSC preparation?

There were many miserable moments during my UPSC preparation. I felt depressed and helpless at times. I was not able to focus on my studies and my mind was always foggy. I felt like giving up many times but I never did. I am glad that I persevered and finally cleared the exam.

How can I change my lonely attitude?

Loneliness is not necessarily an attitude - it is more likely to be a feeling. To change your feeling of loneliness, try to spend more time with people, join social clubs or groups, and make an effort to be more outgoing when you are around other people.

Is it possible to know which atoms are on the surface and which are more internally in quantum dots? For example, a quantum dot made of ZnS with Zn atoms on the surface and S more internally.

Yes, it is possible to know which atoms are on the surface and which are more internally in quantum dots. However, it is not possible to determine this information with absolute certainty. There is always some uncertainty associated with any measurements that are made.

Which religions suggests men should wear skull caps?

Some men in the Jewish and Muslim faiths wear skull caps, also called yarmulkes or kippahs.

What does the name of a place, village, town, or city indicate?

The name of a place village, town, or city may indicate the area's history, culture, or geographic features.

Which is the latest motivational case study of Dr. Vivek Bindra?

The latest motivational case study of Dr. Vivek Bindra is "How to be a Successful Entrepreneur".

Assuming is waiting for earthlings to achieve something specific before happens, do you think they are waiting for a technological or an evolutionary event?

Some people believe that Extraterrestrial Intelligence (ETI) is waiting for earthlings to achieve something specific, such as developing better technology or evolving into a more advanced form. However, it is impossible to know for sure what ETI is thinking or what they might be waiting for.

Is the United States morally obligated to accept immigrants (both legal and illegal)?

No, the United States is not morally obligated to accept immigrants.

How do I tell my 34 year old daughter I want her to get married? She knows I love her and prioritize her more than anybody, but even if I try to force her, she doesn’t listen. She isn’t having it. Is there anything I can do? I want a grandchild badly

You might try asking her directly why she does not want to get married. If she is not interested in marriage, there may not be much you can do. You could try talking to her about your desires for a grandchild and see if she is open to the idea of having children without being married.

What are the IB grades needed to get into the Technical University of Munich?

There is no specific IB grade requirement for admission to the Technical University of Munich, but applicants are typically expected to have strong grades in order to be competitive. Additionally, the university has a holistic admissions process and considers factors such as essays, letters of recommendation, and extracurricular activities when making admissions decisions.

I have an Aquaguard water purifier. My green light keeps on blinking, but water gets purified. What should I do?

There could be a number of reasons why your Aquaguard's green light is flashing. The most likely cause is that the unit is not properly seated on the water pitcher, so water is not being able to flow through the filter. Another possibility is that the filter itself needs to be replaced.

My boyfriend constantly tells me that he would put me as his priority only once we are married. Is this normal?

It is not entirely normal, but it is not unheard of. Some men do want to wait until they are married to make their partner their top priority. It may be something that he feels strongly about or something that he is just comfortable with. If it is something that you are not comfortable with, you may want to talk to him about it.

How do I make notes for Prelims and Mains while studying?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the best way to make notes for Prelims and Mains may vary depending on the individual's learning style and preferences. However, some tips on how to make effective notes for Prelims and Mains include:

- Organizing information in a logical and concise manner
- Highlighting key points and main ideas
- Using abbreviations, symbols, and visual aids to aid memory recall
- Reviewing notes regularly

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