🔥👉 As a lawyer, what court case made your head spin and exhausted you?

"✅👉 We represented a defendant in a case where the plaintiff was alleging that our client had stolen their trade secrets. The case lasted for over two years and required us to review millions of pages of documents. It was an exhausting case, but we were ultimately successful in getting the case dismissed."

Deanna Schaden
Deanna Schaden

Why is it so hard to resist someone that you have a crush on? Do people always end up loving their first crush even if they try not to?

There is no definitive answer to this question, as it varies from person to person. Some people find it hard to resist their crushes because they are attracted to them physically or they are drawn to their personality. Others may have strong feelings of love and admiration for their crush and want to be with them all the time. Ultimately, each person is different and will have their own reasons for why they find it difficult to resist someone they have a crush on.

What is the best way to watch NBA online?

There are a number of ways to watch NBA online. Depending on your location and provider, you may be able to watch NBA online through your cable or satellite television provider, through a streaming service such as NBA League Pass, or through a website such as NBA.com.

I am hurt & angry every time my boyfriend likes an Instagram model page who looks similar to me. He does care about me and does a lot for me. Should I confront him about this?

Context is important here - if your boyfriend is consistently liking photos of models who look similar to you, that could be a sign that he's not entirely satisfied with your relationship. However, if this is a one-time thing or if he only occasionally likes these kinds of photos, it's probably not a big deal. If you're feeling insecure about his Instagram activity, the best thing to do would be to talk to him directly about your concerns. He should be understanding and willing to listen to what you have to say.

Do you think it was a dumb idea to bring Darth Sidious back for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker?

I don't think it was a dumb idea, but I also don't think it was necessary.

Are there any Maharashtra Board College In Kota?

There are no Maharashtra Board colleges in Kota.

What is the best tool to detect both WordPress theme and plugin of my competitor?

The best tool to detect both WordPress theme and plugin of my competitor is the Plugin Detective.

What is the Indian election system?

The Indian election system is a process by which citizens of India can elect representatives to the country's parliament. The system is based on a first-past-the-post system, with single member districts electing one representative to parliament.

What does “copy” mean?

to make an exact copy of; duplicate

What was the most devastating news for humanity?

unquestionably, the most devastating news for humanity was the nuclear bombings of hiroshima and nagasaki. these two bombings resulted in the deaths of hundreds of thousands of innocent people, and ushered in the nuclear age.

Does Mark Cuban think that the federal government should introduce underwriting for federal student loans?

I do not know.

Hypothetically, fly on the wall: How mad do you imagine that President Trump got when the Republican-appointed Chief Justice disagreed with the Republican-elected President on the citizenship question on the census issue?

There is no way to know for sure how President Trump reacted when he found out that the Republican-appointed Chief Justice disagreed with him on the citizenship question issue, but it is safe to assume that he was not happy about it.

Prior to the pandemic, were people in China allowed to move to different provinces and change residences, the way Americans can move to different states? Or are there rules where Chinese people can only switch provinces under certain conditions?

There are no rules about moving between provinces, but most people only do so for work or education.

How many levels of paradise is there in Islam? Some people say thousands and other people say 7.

There are 7 levels of paradise in Islam.

How long does it take for the umbilical cord to fall off baby kittens?

It takes about a week or two for the umbilical cord to fall off baby kittens.

What other weapons faux pas are in James Bond movies and posters other than the Walther BB-gun that Connery is holding in several Bond movie posters and the scope for his Armalite AR-7 that won't fit in the stock?

Some bond posters show Connery with a Walther PPK, which is anachronistic, as the PPK wasn't introduced until after the release of Dr. No.
Other posters show Connery with an Armalite AR-7, which again is anachronistic, as the AR-7 wasn't introduced until after the release of Dr. No.

Why do radio hosts use a screen between themselves and the microphone?

So that they can see each other and communicate nonverbally.

Why is Martin Luther King Jr. speech, “I have a dream”, almost impossible to find?

There is no official reason why Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have a Dream" speech is difficult to find. However, some possible reasons for its scarcity include the fact that it was originally given as an oral speech rather than written down, and that it was not widely circulated at the time it was delivered. Additionally, the copyright for the speech is owned by King's estate, which may make it more difficult to obtain permission to reproduce the speech in print or digital form.

How does knowledge of statistics help in education research?

A knowledge of statistics helps in education research by providing a way to collect, organize, and analyze data. It also helps to identify trends and relationships between variables.

Why does self-awareness matter?

Self-awareness is important because it allows us to monitor our own thoughts and emotions. It helps us to understand how we react to certain situations and why we react that way. Additionally, self-awareness can help us to regulate our emotions and behavior.

Does using salted butter in place of unsalted butter for baking make a big difference?

Yes, it can. Using salted butter in place of unsalted butter can change the taste of your baked goods. The saltiness can either be a pleasant addition or it can be too much, depending on your preferences.

Who decides which art is important?

Which art is important is decided by a number of different people and groups. Art historians, critics, and gallery and museum curators play an important role in deciding which artists and artworks are considered to be important.

How can I manage my semester 6-TE (projects, academic curriculum) along with GATE preparations for the GATE 2021?

There is no one definitive answer to this question. Each student's situation is unique and therefore each student will have to find a way to manage their time and resources in order to effectively prepare for both the GATE exam and their academic curriculum. Some suggestions for how to manage both commitments may include creating a study schedule and sticking to it, seeking out support from classmates or professors, and utilizing online resources to supplement your studies.

Is Arjun Tendulkar a product of nepotism?

Arjun Tendulkar is the son of Indian cricket legend Sachin Tendulkar, and there is no doubt that his family name has helped him in his career. However, it would be unfair to say that he is a product of nepotism, as he has worked hard to earn his place in the cricket world.

Do bicycles all have one big ring or multiple small ones?

Most bicycles have multiple small rings.

Is it safe to give a possibly pregnant cat a bath?

As long as the cat is comfortable with it, bathing a pregnant cat is perfectly safe. Be sure to use warm water and avoid getting soap or water in her ears, eyes, or nose.

How fast do you lose weight by making yourself throw up? I know it comes with bad side effects and it’s dangerous but I just would like to know.

There is no one definitive answer to this question.

What makes Jon Hopkins' music compelling?

There are many things that make Jon Hopkins' music compelling. His use of textures and sounds create a unique sonic landscape, while his song structures and melodies are both intricate and catchy. His music has a certain emotional depth to it as well, which can be quite moving.

Why does Quora collapse many answers but never collapse any baseless troll questions?

According to Quora's Help Center, "If a question is sufficiently Answered, and there is no good reason to keep it open, we will close it."

Baseless troll questions are typically skipped over by the community and never gain enough traction to become Answered.

Back in my teenage years, whenever anyone was "happy go lucky", full of life, and a barrel of laughs they would always refer to that person as a "real character". Have you ever heard anyone say that before (real character)?

Well I've seen it used quite a lot for me these past years. People always tell me you are such a character and do you know what the reply is that I give them? It is, "I hope so! If that means I make enough of a lasting impression on you to where your life becomes more enjoyable and remembered, than that's good."

When you think of the word "character", people usually have music or movies in mind, Amadeus and Aristocats come to mind. Music has been part of my life since I was a small child learning piano at the age of four. Later I got my fir…

Is the hiring model of job boards /classifieds broken?

There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the effectiveness of job boards and classifieds varies depending on the specific industry and type of position. However, some experts believe that the traditional hiring model is broken, as it often leads to a large number of unqualified applicants and a waste of time for both employers and job seekers.

Stopping Democrat madness. Biden sexually assaulted Tara Reade which ended "believe all women" & METOO. Bussing migrants is also changing their view on migration. Why are Dems OK with trends until they have to deal with reality of that current trend?


We're under attack at home and abroad. Trump is on the job, building our military and economy while fighting like hell to regain control of our system. The Left's century long plot has kicked into high gear, they will bring out anything, take any risk and make any sacrifice to destroy us all. Barring war or revolution, we only have two options; win the election or feebly mourn America's death.

The crazy witch in 20, Nancy Pelosi, wants to turn our once beautiful country into a third world shit hole like she was born in Baltimore. She picked Baltimore because her dad ran the city and she married a rich guy from there that managed a bank for her dad. NO POLITICAL SKILLS just a forged marriage

It is absolutely sickening to read about the sick-minded left who don't believe Biden molested that girl but still vote for him to be President of the US. If a man sexually assaults his wife thy know it is rape and get it in their minds because he tore up her Democrats Women Lol

How long does a jump starter take to charge?

It depends on the charger type, battery size and the power of the jump starter. A typical charge time is 2-5 hours.

I have a tolerance for risk. That being said, how do I turn my $1000 into $10,000 in 3 years or less?

There is no simple answer to this question, as there are a multitude of factors to consider when making investment decisions. However, some basic tips to follow would be to diversify your portfolio across a number of different asset classes and investment vehicles, and to always consult with a financial advisor to get tailored advice for your unique situation. Additionally, don’t be afraid to take on some extra risk if you believe it will lead to greater rewards – just make sure you understand the risks involved before making any decisions.

Does the Israeli Occupation Forces want to occupy Lebanon?

We don’t know, but what we know is that they supported the occupation of parts of it by the Syria regime….

6–At a time when the Syrian regime killed 300,000 people, including over 100,000 children, and destroyed Lebanese homes inzebdani and Arsal,it received Israel’s support.

7–At a time when the Syrian regime burned houses and massacred hundreds of Thousands of civilians and forced millions to flee outside Syria, Israel called for international recognition and cooperated with it….

8–At a time when the Syrian regime used internationally forbidden chemical weapons against its people on Easter Sunday while the international community was led by American President Donald Trump and French President Emmanuel Macron condemned these crimes against humanity and decided to take decisive military action against the Syrian regime to revenge for these crimes done against humanity, Saudi Arabia also took conservative stands at first, as some Arab newspapers close to Saudi Arabia said that we have no information about this attack then it changes its stand after President Donald Trump attacks Assad’s regime militarily and stands neutral…

9–We can easily say that Israel supported tyranny of Assad in both cases i.e. before Attack on civilians with Chemical weapons as well as after it .. Because Israel believes that every problem in the region should be solved by military means. The existence of autocracy fosters security in their country by facilitating its expansion policy under pretext of fighting terrorism; And sexual freedoms threaten moral values there, depriving them from creating generations for Jihad…. Military control is needed for a state which does not never believe in peacemaking department or peace talks between countries…For them wars are our only future….

10–In summary: We have political leaderships that believe in negotiation table as well as we have military leaderships who think through military strength force should be larger 1– Control should be worldwide .2 – Others should worship us keep mouth shut detect secrets 3- If there is any reistnace then destruction shpuld be all across 4 – if anyone tries to harm us then economy should be damaged food shortages create unrest 5 – If failed then military ask nuclear terrorists to attack all big cities 6 – So Israel has asked Nasrallah leaders to sit on negotiation table otherwise next war would be others where civilian population would be attacked directly

Why do I get upset with my boyfriend over little things (gay)?

There could be many reasons why you get upset with your boyfriend over little things. It could be that you are feeling overwhelmed and stressed in other areas of your life and so you are taking it out on him. Alternatively, it could be that you have unresolved issues from previous relationships that are causing you to react this way. If you are constantly getting upset with your boyfriend over little things, it might be a good idea to talk to a therapist to help you figure out what is going on.

How do you create a password that is easy for you to remember, and have an upper case, a symbol and a number, and safe from hackers?

Create a password that is easy for you to remember by using a combination of letters, numbers, and symbols that are familiar to you. For example, the password "Password1!" would be easy for you to remember, and would be safe from hackers because it contains a mix of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and symbols.

When did Dungeons & Dragons come closest to the whole deal: 'role-playing/story-based/game'? In 50ish years, when were those glory days, and why do you see/feel this way?

It's hard to say when Dungeons & Dragons came closest to the whole deal, as there have been many iterations of the game over the years. However, many fans would say that the glory days were during the early days of the game, when it was first released in 1974. The reason for this is that the game was much more focused on role-playing and story-telling at this time, rather than on combat and rules. This made it much more enjoyable for many players and allowed them to really immerse themselves in the game.

How do I recover from PCOS? I have recurrent acne in my face which makes me depressed accompanied with hair fall.

There is no complete cure for PCOS, but the symptoms can be managed. Treatments may include lifestyle changes, medication, and surgery.

Have you ever been certain someone was lying, only to learn that everything they said was true?

Yes, I have been certain someone was lying, only to learn that everything they said was true.

What makes the Golden State Warriors such a beloved team?

There are a number of reasons why the Golden State Warriors are such a beloved team. One reason is that they have a history of success, winning multiple championships. Another reason is that they have a strong bond with their fans and community, which makes them feel like a part of the team. Finally, the Warriors play an exciting and entertaining brand of basketball that appeals to many people.

How many leaves per day of neem are good for diabetics?

There is no recommended dosage of neem leaves for diabetics. However, some people may find that consuming 2-3 leaves per day can help to regulate blood sugar levels.

Is wide plank flooring better?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it depends on personal preferences. Some people prefer wide plank flooring because it provides a more spacious look, while others find it more difficult to clean and maintain. Ultimately, it is up to the individual to decide what type of flooring is best for them.

Can trauma cause anger issues?

Trauma can cause a variety of psychological issues, including anger. The person may have regrets about what happened or feel guilty, depressed, or anxious. They may also feel isolated and have trouble trusting people.

How do I stop my dad from hitting me hard?

LEGAL NOTE: We are not lawyers, and cannot give you legal advice. The best thing to do is talk to a lawyer, or someone else who can help you figure out what to do.

There is no easy answer to this question. It depends on your unique situation. You may need to get help from a lawyer, or from a domestic violence hotline.

Cats sleep a lot, which leaves them vulnerable to predators. How did cats evolve like this? It seems disadvantageous.

Cats evolved this trait as a means of survival. When they are asleep, they are less likely to be detected by predators. This allows them to stay alive long enough to reproduce and pass on their genes.

Would you hire a personal networker to represent your business at networking events in NY to build new relationships and get leads on your behalf?


Which cover do you use with your iPhone?

The cover I use with my iPhone is an Otterbox case.

What were Theodore Roosevelt's scandals as president?

In 1904, it was revealed that Roosevelt had secretly negotiated to have the Panama Canal built while he was President. This led to allegations of corruption and collusion with business interests. In 1908, it was revealed that Roosevelt's attorney general, Charles Bonaparte, had authorized wire tapping of suspected criminals without warrants. This led to more allegations of abuse of power and civil liberties violations.

What live chat software offers chat history analysis?

Intercom offers chat history analysis.

What is "CP" in remarks for results in the Board of High school and Intermediate Education, Uttar Pradesh Board, India?

CP stands for "compartment paper."

Why do Indian TV channels question opposition more than the ruling party BJP? Do they get paid unethically to support BJP?

There are a variety of reasons why Indian TV channels might question the opposition more than the ruling party BJP. Some possible reasons include that the channels are biased in favor of the BJP, that they receive payment from the BJP in exchange for support, or that they simply believe that the BJP is more deserving of scrutiny.

Why does it take so long to introduce fighters in a main event match? I would think they lose some of the aggression and sweat they have built up prior.

It takes so long to introduce fighters in a main event match because they want to make sure that the fans are fully invested in the match before it starts. By lengthening the introductions, it gives the fans more time to get pumped up and excited for the match. Additionally, it allows the fighters to catch their breath and mentally prepare for the battle ahead.

How do you feel about second trimester abortions?

The decision to have a second trimester abortion is a personal one that should be made between a woman and her health care provider.

I am in a relationship with a guy for last 4 years.He asked me to send a naked picture as we are in a long distance relationship now.What should I do?

There's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question, as the right decision will vary depending on the specific relationship and the comfort level of both partners. However, before sending any nude photos, it's important to be absolutely sure that the recipient is someone who can be trusted with this type of intimate information. Once a photo is sent, it can be very difficult to control how it is used or where it ends up, so it's important to be absolutely certain that there is no risk of the photo being shared without your consent. If you're not comfortable sending a naked photo, you could consider sending a semi-nude or fully clothed photo instead.

How often are TSA personnel attacked requiring local police intervention and possible arrest of suspect?

There is no available data on how often TSA personnel require local police intervention or possible arrest of a suspect.

If the Roman Empire had not collapsed, would our technology, and everything else be more progressed than what it is?

It is impossible to know for certain, but it is possible that if the Roman Empire had not collapsed, our technology, and everything else would be more progressed than what it is.

How hard is a fighter jet glass canopy used to cover the cockpit?

Fighter jet glass canopy is very hard.

Can we check vitamin levels at home?

Yes, there are tests that can be done at home to check vitamin levels. However, it is important to speak with a healthcare professional before starting any new testing or supplement regimen.

Why was the start of the 2019-2020 NBA season moved back one week in comparison to the past season?

The start of the 2019-2020 NBA season was moved one week back in order to line up better with the release of the new NBA 2K20 video game.

Is Snopes really an unbiased source for busting myths?

No, Snopes is not an unbiased source for busting myths.

Why is there a crocodile in the One Republic song "Counting Stars"?

The crocodile in the song is a metaphor. It represents the things that the singer is afraid of.

What are some good LED bulbs for an outside street lamp?

There are a variety of different types of LED bulbs that can be used for an outside street lamp. Some of the more popular options include:

LED light bulbs that resemble traditional incandescent bulbs

LED bulbs that are designed to look like traditional fluorescent bulbs

LED bulbs that are specifically designed for outdoor use

These are just a few of the many different types of LED bulbs that are available on the market today. When choosing an LED bulb for an outside street lamp, it is important to consider the specific needs and requirements of the lamp.

Was Kerala, in reality, part of the ancient Tamil (Chera) dynasty?

Kerala was never part of the ancient Tamil (Chera) dynasty.

Are there anyways for teens to bulk up at home without workout equipment?

There are plenty of ways for teens to bulk up at home without workout equipment. Bodyweight exercises, such as pushups, situps, and squats, are a great way to build muscle without any equipment. Additionally, using household objects as makeshift weights, such as milk jugs or bags of rice, can help add resistance to exercises. Finally, many exercises can be done without any equipment at all, such as sprinting, jumping, and calisthenics.

Let's say a married couple has had a very difficult phase in their relationship. They have children, but the husband is not sure to be the biological father to all of them. How can he have a paternity test without hurting the children's feelings?

The first step would be to talk to your spouse and see if they are willing to have a paternity test. If they are not, then you may need to consult with a lawyer to see if there are any legal options available to you. If your spouse is willing to have a paternity test, then you should work together to choose a testing center and make sure that the children understand what is happening. You should also ensure that the results of the test are kept confidential between the two of you.

How is genetic variation uncertain and inherited during reproduction?

During reproduction, genetic variation is uncertain and inherited because it is determined by which genes are randomly selected to be passed on to the next generation.

How do I get my 5 yo female cat to stop chasing my 2 yo male cat upstairs every time he tries to come down? They do ok upstairs mostly but I feel bad for him. He's really passive and timid with her and won't stand up for himself.

The best way to stop your 5 year old female cat from chasing your 2 year old male cat upstairs is to provide him with an escape route. A cat door or window that he can use to get away from her will give him the chance to get away from her when she starts chasing him. You may also want to consider getting a second litter box for him so that he has a safe place to go to the bathroom.

If a shower of rain appears to be falling vertically downwards with a speed of 12 km/h to a person Walking due east with a speed of 5 km/h, what is the actual velocity of rain?

Resultant velocity = (12^2 + 5^2)^(1/2) km/h


Is heart attack more common in winter season?

Heart attack is more common in the winter season.

Is receiving/experiencing someone else's emotions through a daydream possible? Am I hallucinating or doing something like astral shifting?

There is no definitive answer to this question as it remains currently unproven. Some people believe that it is possible to receive or experience another person's emotions through a daydream, while others believe that this is not possible. If you believe that you are experiencing someone else's emotions through a daydream, it is possible that you are hallucinating or doing something similar to astral shifting.

What makes night into a cloudless sky?

A cloudless night sky is typically caused by high pressure in the atmosphere which inhibits the formation of clouds.

Does the Indian cricket team have no shame of losing in the semis for the 4th time?

The Indian cricket team has lost in the semi-finals 4 times.

What are the major reasons for choosing sole proprietorship instead of incorporation?

There are several reasons why someone might choose to form a sole proprietorship instead of incorporation. The main reasons are:

1. Ease of formation - forming a sole proprietorship is typically much simpler and less expensive than incorporating. There is usually no need to file any special paperwork or pay any fees to the government.
2. Complete control - the sole proprietor has complete control over the business and can make all decisions without having to consult with anyone else.
3. Flexibility - the sole proprietor can easily change the structure of the business or even sell it if they wish.
4. Tax benefits - in many cases, the sole proprietor will be able to take advantage of certain tax breaks that are not available to incorporated businesses.

Could Batman win in a fight against Thor or Spectrum (Monica Rambeau)?

There is no clear answer, as it depends on many factors such as the environment of the fight, the combatants' abilities and previous experience, and their mental state.

How would CurrentC process credit cards if they don't want to use network rails?

If CurrentC does not want to use network rails, it is likely that the company would process credit cards through a third-party provider. This would involve setting up a merchant account with a bank or payment processor, which would then allow CurrentC to accept credit card payments from customers. Alternatively, CurrentC could use a mobile payments platform such as Apple Pay or Google Wallet, which would also allow the company to accept credit card payments without using network rails.

Would I do any harm if I plant 800 winter hard palm tree seeds in a Dutch forest?

No, you would not do any harm if you planted 800 winter hard palm tree seeds in a Dutch forest.

Is anyone free to chat? I need someone kind to talk to me. I’m going through a lot and am thinking of hurting myself.

If you need someone to talk to, feel free to message me.

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